Gilraen: Giver of Hope – Chaper 14

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Chapter 14

Panic rose up into Gilraen’s chest as she heard the scream coming from the direction the children were playing. She grabbed her sword not know what she would find and ran as if her feet had wings. She was the first one on the scene and saw a crying Estel kneeling beside a deathly still Sermë. Gilraen put her sword on the ground and cradled Sermë’s head on her lap.

The men came up a second later and Raion dropped down beside Sermë calling her name trying to get her to open her eyes. Elrond immediately went to checking her for her injuries. She had fallen out of a tree and hit her head on a rock that was flush with the ground but it had a pointed edge. Her head was cut open and swollen around the cut area. Elrond also noticed that her elbow was dislocated. Elladan and Elrohir found two sturdy branches and made a stretcher from them stretching their shirts across making a nice stretcher.. They carried her back to the tents and put her onto the cot in Elrond’s tent. He stitched her head and wrapped it in a bandage. He then told Elladan to brace her at the lower half of her body and Elrohir to brace her at the upper half of her body. Then he picked up her hand at her wrist and took a deep breath and pulled. There was a loud pop. From behind them came sharp yell like a puppy whimper and then a thud as Estel fainted.

Elrond turned sharply surprised to see him lying there, and picked him up put him on another cot and went back to tending Sermë. He wrapped her arm and told Raion the only thing left to do is to wait.

He went over to Estel then and gave him some smelling salts. Estel startled as he woke up. He started to cry.

“I am so sorry father. I just did not expect such a thing when you fixed her arm.”

“It is ok. There have been bigger men that have fainted at smaller things than that before. I did not realize that you were in the tent with us.”

Estel sighed in relief. “Will she be alright?”

“I do not know, Estel, we will have to wait and see.”

“Father I was so scared when I heard that branch break, and I really started to shake in fear when she did not wake up. I don’t think I was ever so scared in my life until momma showed up. I knew you would help her and it helped me to get calm until I saw you fix her arm.”

“I know son it is a scary thing to see something like this happen to a friend, but she is not out of danger yet. I know that her father is just as scared if not more scared than you.”

“Father I know that I did not do so well back there, but I really want to learn how to help with her care and what to do for her. She is my best friend and I need to help her.”

“Well, I do know a few ways you can help that are not as drastic as anything you saw.”

“Thank you, father, you are the best.” Estel said as he gave him a big hug.

“You know there is one thing you can do right now for Sermë.”

Estel looked at Elrond expectantly and asked, “What is it?”

“You can ask Elbereth to help her regain her strength.”

Estel did that right then, and then went back to sit with Sermë so she would know he was there for her. Every morning he was by Elrond’s side as he changed the bandage on her head. He would help to keep a cool rag on her forehead to keep her fever down. He sat with her whenever her father had to sleep. The party could not move until she had awoken. So they sat and waited.


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