Gildern, Lady of Lindon

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***Hey all…I’m new to writing stories…I’ve had the idea for this plot for a long time…but neve sat down to write it. I hope you enjoy! Now I KNOW Gil-Galad didn’t have children…but thought I’d see how this would work out, anyways***

Author’s note: Ivie, is pronounced EE-VEE~

“My Lord!? Please, if I go then I might be killed even if we succeed, just as you might, then again, both of us would die if the war failed. So either way both of our lives are in great peril,” I said calmly and coolly, waiting for the storm that I knew was coming. “My Lord?”
“No, you will NOT go to the war! And that is final!” shouted my king as he stormed through the great doors of the audience chamber.
“Well,” said I as my maidservant came up to me to hand me a glass of wine, “That went extremely well. I’ll have another tranquil chat with him later.”
“Yes, m’lady,” she answered with a curtsy and then left. After a few minutes, I myself left the audience chamber, and decided to go for a stroll in the magnificent gardens that surrounded our Palace. I had heard that there was going to be visitors, and I had no wish to meet them until I had to. It was probably some silly suitor coming to ask for my hand, or other such nonsense.
The Gardens were spectacular at this time of year, the autumn breeze gently blowing the leaves around me, sometimes getting stuck in the bottom of my dress. It only seemed like minutes before I heard Methia calling my name.
“My lady! Lord Gil-Galad- your father -wishes to see you in the counsel chamber. He says it is of great importance. He would probably like you to greet the Lord and Lady from Lothlorien.”
“The Lord and Lady from the Golden Wood are here? Oh my, am I in trouble now,” said I as blamed myself for not going to greet them. “Iluvatar, speed me on my way!” I ran back into the palace, and down the corridors, making my way to the counsel chamber. Many new faces were to be seen, and many of them had blonde hair, so I supposed they were from Lothlorien, as most of the Elves of Lindon had dark hair.
As I finally came to the chamber doors of my goal, I stopped and made sure I was presentable. I smoothed out my hair, and pressed down the skirt of my dress, and then composedly asked the door wardens to open the doors for me.
“Ah, daughter, I’m so glad you could make it,” said my father -the King- as I walked in.
“Yes, I was out in the Gardens, I’m sorry if it took me too long to arrive here, but-” I apologized, but was cut off by a great Lady who I recognized as the Lady of Lothlorien.
“Calm down, child, you are not at all at fault,” said the Lady as she stood up from the table and walked over to me. ” My, you have grown into a remarkable lady, my dear. You look so much like your father, but you have your mother’s spirit, that, as your father knows now, cannot be settled,” said she, the Great Lady Galadriel, who was almost like a mother to me since my own died long ago.
“Come, sit down, Iaryavie, we have much to discuss,” said the Lord of the Golden Wood as he stood up and offered me his seat. I tried to refuse it, but he insisted, so I resolved to do his will. So for many hours we talked of war. There were, of course, many other Elves in the room, all of which were Commanders and Captains, as well as military advisors. Since this meeting was very important, there was no time wasted on pleasantries, so I did not know many of the names of the visitors.
“My Lord, should we go to Mordor? Wouldn’t that be a little too hasty, and ambitious? My scouts have seen the Black Gates, and have seen the many creatures that guard them. There are Trolls, and many Yrch. It would not be fair to our armies to send them to an almost certain death,” said one of the Commanders of Lothlorien.
“I agree. I absolutely agree with you, sir. It would not be fair to our armies to send them there. But one question that riddles my mind, ` Would it be fair to the Free Peoples of Middle-earth to just let Sauron take over and enslave us all, as well as destroy our only hope?’ I don’t think it is, personally. Our troops know just as well as we do that if we wage war on Sauron, that it is not punishment for them, but a hope for all of Middle-Earth. If we do not attack as soon as possible, this land will die, and Morgoth’s work would be finished, just because we did not want to suffer the pain of going to do the dirty work for the inhabitants of this world. Now, let this terrible fate happen, and then you would have no chance to think about it a second time, for our fate is nearer than it seems,” said I as I calmly stood up and addressed the commander. I saw him open his mouth to retort, but was stopped because everyone in the room -including my father- was applauding me. I gently -but barely- bowed my head in recognition and sat down.
“I think it is decided then. After Lady Iaryavie’s talk, I think we all agree that to wage war on Mordor is the correct and wise thing to do. So be it,” said my father as he signed the war document, and handed it to the Lord and Lady of Lothlorien to sign. After all was done that had to be done to make the War official, my father adjourned the meeting, and we all left the Counsel Chamber.
As I was walking out, my father gently pulled me to the side, ” Love, why did not you come to greet the Lord and Lady as you know is your duty?” he asked gently, but firmly.
“Because I didn’t know who the guests were to be, and I thought they were silly suitors coming to ask me to marry them. I did not feel up to meeting them until I absolutely had to.”
“Dear, Celeborn and Galadriel are not the expected guests, they wanted to surprise us and did not tell us they were coming. If you don’t want to meet any suitors, then you had best go out and hide again, for the King and Queen of Holland are coming…and they are bringing their son Laiaráto.”
“Him? Oh why him! How many times do I have to refuse his suit? He knows I think he’s a pompous brat and that I don’t care for him at all.”
“Well, be nice this time. I am going to try to convince Angarato -his father- to join us in this war. And I do not want them to have to refuse to join us because Laiaráto was rejected yet again, and he goes and whines. Now come, I hear the trumpets. They are approaching, hide!” My father gave me a little nudge down the corridor and winked before he himself set out for the front doors. I ran back to the gardens, hoping to get a few hours alone before my suitor finally hunted me down. I was, unfortunately wearing my sage green silken gown, that had tons of lace on it, and thus I could not climb up a tree and hide with the birds. I gently sad down on the grass carpeted ground under my favorite Apple Tree after I had plucked a fresh apple off it.
“Today is not my day,” said I as I heard Laiaráto’s voice a few yards away. Though he was close, I could not see him because he was hidden behind a tall bush. I closed my eyes as I heard him call my name, and leaned against the tree, pretending I was asleep.
“Iaryavie? Is that you? Why, you are sleep, and such a maiden asleep if worth the many miles I had to travel just to see her,” he seemed to be talking more to himself than to me. I felt him sit down rather close -too close- to me, and then I felt him trying to take my apple away. I refused to let go, but still pretended I was asleep. The more he pulled the more my grip tightened. Then, to my shock, he lifted the apple -my hand still attached- to his mouth and took a bite where I had not yet broken the peel. “An apple that such a beautiful maiden has tasted must be worth me tasting as well.” If that does not prove he’s arrogant, I don’t know what will. I opened my eyes, and quickly sat up, pulling my hand out of his grasp quicker than lightening.
“If I must remind you, yet again, Prince Laiaráto, that I am not a tool to feed you by then I must report you at once to my father,” I said as I stood up.
“Your father can do nothing, unless he wants my parents to agree to go to war with Mordor. So, if you really want this war, then I would suggest you be cooperative, mellon nin,” he retorted as he stood up as well, and stroked my face. I quickly yet smoothly smacked his face, but he only grabbed my wrist and pulled me close to him, so close that his breath was steaming on my face, and that I could not escape if I wanted to. “Are we under an agreement, my love?”
I didn’t not reply at first, but only stared coldly into his blue eyes, “Yes. Now let go.”
“Very well, come now, shall we go tell our parents the good news?”
“What good news?”
“The news that we shall be wed…as soon as possible.”
“What! That was not apart of our agreement. You just said that if I-“
“I did not say that, I asked if we had an agreement -meaning about my past proposal- I would not falter your father’s attempts to persuade my parents to go to war with Mordor. And you -very intelligently- said yes. So now, shall we go?”
“You are a monster,” I said as I brushed passed him and walked back towards the palace. When I arrived at the back door, Laiaráto grabbed me, and linked our arms, so that I could not escape him, and so that we looked `in love.’ We calmly made our way to Great Dining Hall, and sat down at the table with our families. My father, the most shocked of them all, asked where we had been.
” My Lord, if it would please thee, I have asked -yet again- for your daughter’s hand in marriage. She has agreed, and we would both like to get married as soon as possible.” Laiaráto shot me a look, that told me to smile, and thus we both smiled and he put his arm around my shoulders.
“This is wonderful news! I am very happy for you both,” said my father, but only I, and maybe the Lady Galadriel, could tell he was almost pained at this announcement. “We will see about having the wedding before the War. If that is alright with your parents.”
“Oh, I’m thrilled! Iaryavie, I’m sure you and Laiaráto will be very happy together. Yes, I think before the War would be the best. That way they may spend some time real together. What do you say, Ivie?” chattered the Queen of Holland, using the Iaryavie’s pet name.
“That would be grand, nana, is that soon enough, my dear? Maybe…next week?” asked Laiarato telling me, not asking, though he made it sound to the others like a question.
“Oh, yes, very soon. That is plenty of time. Umm, I think this is just too much excitement for one day. I think I will retire to bed for a while now. Now if you’ll excuse me, I shall take my leave,” I said as I looked a little flustered, to give the an appearance of fatigue.
“I shall walk you to your room, mellon nin,-” started Lairato, but I interrupted him.
“No, thank you, I think I need some space and time to myself to reflect on all that has happened. Thank you though. Good Day.” Before I turned, Lairato bent down and kissed me, I had no choice but not to struggle and make a spectacle. I calmly, yet quickly strode out of the Dining Hall and made my way to my bed chamber. As I turned a corner, I slowed down, and began a normal, and more graceful walk down the long corridors. I made my way up dozens of stairs, and finally came to the corridor that my room was located in. Before I left the staircase, I stopped, and turned my back to a wall, and stayed there, with my eyes closed, just leaning against the wall.
Suddenly, I felt a presence watching me.


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