Gildern, Lady of Lindon – chapter IX

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The sight of Haldir’s forgiving blue eyes were enough to send me straight into his strong welcoming arms. There we stood, his arms wrapped about me and mine around him, my head was lying peacefully on his chest as we both cried with happiness.

A few elves passed by and stared in shock. The March-Warden Haldir, who was normally cold and indifferent towards lady elves and who had never shed a tear in public was holding this new comer and crying over her. What a shock for them it was to see this sight. They rushed off to give their March warden and his love privacy but could not stop talking about this happening. It was soon spread around Caras Galadhon that Haldir was in love with a dark haired elf who apparently had no home.

After a while, Haldir led Iaryavie to the bank of the river and they sat down, dangling their feet in the water after removing their boots and slippers.

“My Lady, when I first saw you unconscious in Aragorn’s arms, I feared the most for you. I thought you were dead or dying. I was afraid that I would never be able to look into your humble and royal face ever again.”

“And I thought I would never hear your fair speech again. But come! Tell me of the happenings since I departed Rivendell that fateful evening.”


“You know I must depart for the border tonight?” asked Haldir, leading me back into the city.

“Aye, I do. How long will you be gone?” my voice quivered a little.

“For a week or two, maybe. But I shall try and be back as soon as possible…”

“Can I not come with you, then?”

“No. It will be too dangerous. You must stay here with the Lady Galadriel, I am sure she would like your company, and you her’s.”

“As you wish, then,” I replied, disappointed.

Silence reigned as we walked, until we came upon a glade. There we paused, our arm’s linked, and watched the sun set behind the misty mountains.

“It is beautiful…long has it been since I have seen a such magnificent sunset,” I whispered, more to myself than to Haldir.

“Aye. But I know of one sight that is more beautiful than all of the golden sunsets ever to grace this world…”

I turned and looked at Haldir to find him starring down at me, love evident in his sparkling blue eyes.

“What, pray tell, might that be?” I asked, blushing and fearing his answer.

He only starred into my eyes, seemingly captivated by them. He placed the palm of his hand upon my cheek and stroked it gently, bringing his hand behind my ear. “You,” he whispered as he bent down and gently placed his lips upon mine.

The moment seemed to last forever, and I would have been content if time froze that very minute. All of my fears, doubts, and worries vanished, and left in their place was peace and love.

He broke away, suddenly, and turning around he came face to face with a dragon. The dragon had snuck behind them with stealth equivalent to an Elf’s or hobbit’s. He seemed to snicker at him as he drew his sword. It promptly sat on it’s haunches and made a terrible noise, one almost resembling…baying? I laughed at the dragon for I feared it not. It was my old friend, a lady dragon by the name of Nanaith. Indeed she had found her way to Lothlorien after the fellowship departed Rivendell. I ran the old dragon and embraced one of it’s forearms, and stoked it’s muzzle as she lowered it to sniff me.

“Nanaith! Nanaith, my old friend! You have made it safely!” I cried, overjoyed.

“Indeed, my child, I have! I have seemingly made it in time though; this elf would have seduced you! Leave it to a dragon to take an elf by surprise!” she snickered.

“Seduced?” gawked Haldir, “Iaryavie, you know this dragon? How? Who is it?”

“She saved my life, Elf, long ago. I have taken care of her as I would one of my own children. The question is, sir; who are you?”

“I am Haldir of Lothlorien, a March Warden of this land. Iaryavie, please come over here, I fear for your safety…”

“There is no need to be frightened, she is like a mother to me! Come, she will not hurt either of us,” I took his hand and led him over to the dragon. “Nanaith, I would like you to meet Haldir. Haldir, this is Nanaith. She is the very reason why I am still alive to this day! She’s is the one responsible for teaching me to survive in the wild…and a great joy she was to me. Please sheath your weapon, Haldir, there is no need for it here! Nanaith would not hurt a fly, unless of course she was to eat it.”

“Not to mention certain elves that would try to steal this lady’s heart from the one to whom it truly belongs,” added Nanaith with a scowl. She looked at Haldir as if trying to read his thoughts; soon she looked away, seemingly pleased with what she could see.

“My darling Nanaith, I shall speak to Lady Galadriel and Lord Celeborn tomorrow morning of your arrival. I am sure that, since you are an ally, you will be more than welcome to stay here in Lothlorien. I am afraid though, that it is late and we must be returning to the city. Pray, may we take your leave, my old friend?” I said as I looked around, it was dusk and the sun’s last rays were disappearing behind the mountains.

“Aye,” said the dragon, “I should hope the elf can safely escort you to your destination?”

“I can,” replied Haldir, still slightly shaken up. “Though I doubt any threat will appear within this forest, the power of the Lady Galadriel protects us.”

“Good. Then it’s settled, goodnight Nanaith!” I smiled.

“Good night…dragon,” Haldir attempted to smile, but failed. The two elves set off again at a brisk pace and soon they were nearing the city. “Now…care to explain again?”

“A day or so out of Rivendell I found her near a small waterfall. She was wounded with a few arrows in her wing. She was in so much pain that I wanted to help her. After I had pulled the arrows out she spoke to me, and offered her companionship to me. I gladly accepted it, and she has been with me through everything until we came to Rivendell, last September where she went on her own way, telling me that someday she would come to Lothlorien.”

Haldir nodded, but still not fully comprehending what had just happened or how the dragon was able to enter the Golden Wood.

“You do not trust her?” I asked, slightly upset.

“Not just yet…but I am sure that, in time, when she proves herself I will be able to.” He stopped walking and pulled me to himself and wrapped his arms around me, “I understand that she saved your life, and for that I will be forever thankful.” We stood there for a few minutes more, both dreading that soon we would have to be separated for a week or more. “I must leave, now,” Haldir’s voice broke the silence. “Yes, I must go,” his voice outwardly cool and stoic. “Will you be all right?”

“Yes, I will. Go, I will be fine,” I replied, keeping my calm and breaking away from him. “I bid you a safe and pleasant journey.”

“Thank you, Iaryavie…I will be back as soon as I may,” he whispered into my ear and planted a kiss upon my cheek. With that he left for the border, taking care to look back and wave with a smile.

“Yes, I will be fine,” I whispered under my breath, “Be safe, Tall Watcher.”


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