Gildern, Lady of Lindon – ch. X

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(Just to warn you before hand…I changed it from first person to second (or is it third?) person. I’m not sure if i should have, but it’s easier to write it that way, and reads better, too.)

Elvendom on earth; it was indeed as if you were inside of a song. A song sad, filled with yearning, and yet, it was peaceful and full of life. Iaryavie spent her days sewing (something which she had never enjoyed until now) with Lady Galadriel and her handmaidens; playing with the hobbits, telling them many stories of the elves; and visiting with
her old friend, Nanaith. Lady Galadriel and Celeborn, having heard that Nanaith was a peace loving dragon who detested evil, had graciously allowed her to stay in the forest.

One week has passed, and then two: time seemed to fly like an eagle high in the sky, and yet, it was slow; at times it seemed as if a minute would never pass. But indeed, time did pass, whether you wanted it to or not.

Soon, four weeks had passed, and the members of the fellowship were preparing themselves mentally and physically for the long adventure in front of them. Haldir had arrived in Caras Galadhon the day before the fellowship left, he was going to, once again, guide the fellowship, except this time to the border rather than from it.

One could sense the fellowship grow restless as the day wore on; they knew that they would have to leave the peacefulness of Lothlorien in the morning. “Pippin, where is Iaryavie?” asked Aragorn as he came out of the pavilion.

“She said she was going to spend a little time with Legolas, this morning, but where they went?I don?t know,” Pippin replied as he and Merry finished packing.

“I see,” said Aragorn then went off towards the river, but he stopped as he saw Legolas coming up the path.

“Aragorn,” hailed Legolas, ?Iaryavie told me that she will not be coming with us. She said that she fulfilled the wishes of Elrond, and that she has obligations here in Lothlorien, now.?

“Ah,” Aragorn sighed, “That is a relief. I was looking for her just now, to convince her to stay. Thank you, Legolas. Will she be traveling with us as far as the river?”

“No, she will not be. I must finish packing,” Legolas said, and left.

Galadriel?s voice rang in the crisp, clean air as the great Swan boat
floated down stream.

I sang of leaves, of leaves of gold, and leaves of gold there grewf wind I sang, a wind there came and in the branches blew.Beyond the Sun, beyond the Moon, the foam was on the Sea,And by the strand of Ilmarin there grew a golden Tree.Beneath the stars of Ever-eve in Eldamar it shone,In Eldamar beside the walls of Elven Tirion.There long the golden leaves have grown upon the branching years,
While here beyond the Sundering Seas now fall the Elven-tears.O Lórien! The Winter comes, the bare and leafless Day;
The leaves are falling in the stream, the River flows away.
O Lórien! Too long I have dwelt upon this Hither Shore
And in a fading crown have twined the golden Elanor.
But if of ships I now should sing, what ship would come to me,
What ship would bear me ever back across so wide a Sea?

Iaryavie waited on the bank for the Swan ship to dock, and listened to Galadriel?s fair voice. ‘I hope I?m doing the right thing in not going,’ she thought. ‘They might need me?’ The ship had docked and the passengers stepped onto the bank. Celeborn spotted Iaryavie and walked over to her.

“Come, the fellowship will dock here, soon, and we shall feast with them. Come and join us,” said the elf lord, offering his arm.

“Yes, my Lord,” she replied, taking his arm and walking with him to where the feast was being laid out. The fellowship had soon landed and were seated on the ground on the ground around Galadriel and Celeborn. Iaryavie sat next to Merry and Pippin, telling them silly stories she and Nanaith had made up.

And then the gifts were brought out. Each of the Fellowship was given a gift in their turn by Galadriel.

“Goodbye, Merry and Pip,” said Iaryavie as she hugged the two small hobbits, “Do as Aragorn tells you, and do not give him a hard time. Listen to him, for he is very wise.” She then reach over and placed a hand on both Frodo and Sam’s shoulders, “Be safe,” she said, “And keep the ring safe. I have seen a bright glint in the eye of a strong warrior that disturbs me. Do not let anyone take advantage of you.”

Frodo nodded and walked off, but before Sam could do the same, Iaryavie bent down and placed both hands on his shoulders. “Sam, do not leave Frodo?s side. He will need you to the last of the mission, no matter what he says.
Good luck.”

“Yes, Ivie,” Sam replied, “I will do my best. Gandalf had all ready warned me to not loose Frodo, so I won’t, you can count on it.”

Iaryavie then spoke a few words with Legolas, with a few glances at the other members of the fellowship. As she was speaking, Haldir arrived and walked over to her and Legolas.

“Mae Govannen!” he greeted. “Safe journey, Legolas.”

“Many thanks, Haldir,” the Elven prince smiled, “Iaryavie, farewell. I hope to see the both of you again when all is over.” With that, Iaryavie and Legolas embraced, and then Legolas left with Gimli for the boats.

“Farewell Gimli!” Iaryavie called, the dwarf turned briefly and waved his hand. “I thought that you might not make it in time,” Iaryavie said to Haldir as they walked over to where Aragorn was standing.

“Yes, well, I hurried. Rumil wished me to help him with something before I came here, so that delayed me a while.”

“I need to speak with Aragorn,” Iaryavie said, “Can you help the others a little?”

Haldir rolled his eyes and walked off, leaving Iaryavie to talk to Aragorn privately. “Aragorn,” she said, “Legolas said that you were looking for me earlier.”

“I was, but it was only to talk you out of coming with us. He told me you had all ready decided to not go.”

“Yes, I did. I felt that my place was here, in Lothlorien. But I still want to come with you. I feel as if I would be needed. know how to handle the boats an-“

“No, Iaryavie. As you said, your place is here, where it is safe. The road ahead is no place for you.”

“Of course it isn?t,” she agreed, her eyes glassy with tears. “Then Namarie, Estel.” She turned and left, for there was one more member of the fellowship to speak to.

“Ah! Iaryavie, have you changed your mind? Are you coming with us?” Boromir’s voice was hopeful and expectant.

“No, my lord. I will be staying here, where my immediate obligations are,” Iaryavie fingered a simple silver band upon her right index finger; a small smile played upon her lips.

“Ah, I see. We will miss you, then. You cheered the hobbits greatly along the roads, it is sad that you must leave our fellowship, now.”

“I was never apart of the fellowship, Man of Gondor, I was only tagging along. Now I have found where I belong, and it is here; at least for now,” she replied curtly. “Now, I must bid you farewell. Have a safe journey, Boromir, and do not despair of the dark road before you. Guard your thoughts
and emotions well, and you will see out the War, but if you give in to the darkness?I am afraid, for your sake.”

“You speak dark words, lady.”

“So I do,? she sighed, “Farewell, Boromir, may the Valar protect you and your companions.” With that, she turned and went into the trees, where she watched the departure of the fellowship.

As she watched the fellowship disappear on the horizon, a vision flashed before her eyes. Boromir was there, a look of great pain he wore on his face. Merry and Pippin were also there, terrified of the dark forms that surrounded them. Boromir was fighting what looked to be large horrific Orcs,
bigger, stronger, and able to be in the sunlight. An arrow penetrated Boromir?s jerkin, and then another. As the third arrow punctured him in the heart, Boromir fell to his knees, knowing it was his end. Iaryavie closed her eyes as an especially large orc noched the fourth arrow on the string and bent the large, black bow…the bow creaked as it was bent and pressure applied to the string. When she opened her eyes again, the vision had gone.

“?Someone must save him,”? she thought, and dashed down the bank of the river, following the fellowship from the ground. A hand reached out and grabbed her before she could go very far and jerked her around.

“No, Iaryavie!”?

“Haldir! Someone must save Boromir and the hobbits!” she cried, thrashing, trying to break free.

“Iaryavie, if you go, you will not come back! I will not loose you a second time for some foolish inclination!” Haldir exclaimed, taking a firm grasp on her shoulders he held her at bay. “I will not let you leave when you will die if I do, Iaryavie?do not make me force you to stay, because I will.”

Iaryavie stopped struggling as she looked on the river, her face twisted in anguish. “Why? I saw a vision! Haldir! Please?let me go! Why do you think I will die when I have survived many years in the wilderness?”

“Because, Iaryavie, I love you, I always have; and I will protect you at all costs. Last night, Lady Galadriel beckoned me to look into her mirror- and I did so. I saw many things- one of them of you, with the fellowship. Iaryavie, you were dead. I will not let that happen.” Haldir replied, enfolding Iaryavie in his arms.

“You looked into the mirror” And you saw me dead? The mirror does not show things that will happen, only things that might!”

“But I will not take this chance, I will not let you gamble with your life! Iaryavie, you are too precious to me- to all Elves! It would be foolish of you to take such a risk.”

“As it is foolish of the fellowship to risk their lives?”

“Elrond appointed them for this task, and they accepted. They can turn back at any minute, but none of them have. They are willing to die to destroy the evil, but you- you were not appointed to the task, you do not have the right
to travel with the fellowship anymore. Elrond told you to travel as far as Lothlorien, and no further. Would you disobey

Iaryavie sighed as she lay in his arms, she bowed her head in defeat, “You are right, my beloved,you are right.”


A messenger from Mirkwood ran through the city as fast as he could, the next day. He ran up the stairs of the largest Mallorn in the city, and all the way to a widest talan which was like to the deck of a great ship of the Teleri. On it was built a great house that was large enough to be a great hall. Many elves were seated in the hall, including Galadriel and Celeborn.

“My Lord! My Lady!” the messenger bowed low, “I am Gelmir, a messenger of the King Thranduil of Mirkwood. Lord Thranduil wishes you to read this dispatch. It is of great importance.” Gelmir handed the scroll to Celeborn,
who quickly took it and read.

“Thank You, Gelmir,” Celeborn said as he read the
dispatch. “One of the servants will prepare a room for you where you may stay the night. I will send you with a reply tomorrow.”

“Yes, milord.”

“Thranduil calls for our help; Dul Guldor has been unleashing many groups of Orcs to invade his kingdom. He fears that soon they will break through their defenses. We must be prepared if this happens,” Celeborn explained after the
messenger had left.

“And yet, we must also look to our own borders, and to
Moria,” counciled Galadriel in her great wisdom.


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