Gildern, Lady of Lindon – Ch. V

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I quickly made my way out of Imladris. So many emotions flitted through my mind all the time anymore that I was starting to go crazy. I hardly ever slept anymore, I was never hungry. I couldn’t live with myself anymore, I had to get away from other Elves and people or I would end up doing something drastic.

“I hope they won’t follow me,” I said as I crossed the ford of Bruinen in the middle of the night. I did not look back. I trudged forward until the Sun showed her face in the east Horizon, and then I stopped to have a bite of the bread that I took from the kitchen. I then started my march North. I had no rhyme or reason to go North, but at that time it sounded like the best direction I could take since it was far from the South. I wanted to see if I could find Doriath, or some other legendary kingdom of Elves far up into the North. I wanted adventure, something that would take my mind off death.

For many months I traveled North, and soon I was longing for a friend. I was desperate for someone to talk to.

I came upon a waterfall one bright and shining morning, but what I heard made me stop in my tracks. I peeked behind a large boulder, and there I saw a large black Dragon. She was nursing her wing which contained 3 arrows. I held a great amount of pity for her, so I plucked up my courage and made myself known. “Noble Dragon, what hast happened to thee?” I said walking up to her. She snarled at me. “Do not be afraid of me, or angry, for I will not hurt such a remarkable creature. She only gaped. “Might I take a look at your wing?” Without waiting for an answer, I climbed upon the rock that she was sitting on, and examined her wounds. “These must come out. It will hurt greatly.” She nodded her consent, though she still looked like she didn’t completely trust me. I grabbed a hold of one of the arrows and took a deeps breath, I looked at the face of the dragon who was anticipating great pain. I yanked out the first arrow, and she gave a great cry of pain. “Sorry!” I saw a little bit of smoke smoldering in her nostrils. I quickly grabbed the second arrow and yanked it out, with out waiting I took the third and yanked it out as well. She reacted better than I thought she would. I ripped off some of the fabric of my skirt and placed it on a wound. I took two other pieces of fabric ripped from my skirt and placed it on the other two wounds. When the bleeding had stopped, I slid down the boulder she was sitting on and into the river. I drank some cool water and slashed my face.

“Thank you, I will ever be in your debt, little one.”

“Di-did y-you just t-talk?”

“Yes. Do not act so surprised. I did not talk earlier because I did not know if I could trust you, and I was in too much pain. Thank you, again.”

“What is your name?”

“It is Nanaith.”

“And I am…Iaryavie Gildern, but you may call me Gildern.”

“What is such a young Elf doing in these parts all alone?”

“I ran away.”


“My father died, and I did not wish to rule Lindon.”

“Oh. You are a princess then?”


“Then would your highness be pleased to accept me into her service as a loyal subject, protection, as well as a means of transportation?”

“I would be honored to call you friend.”

“And so would I.”

From that day forth, Nanaith and I were the best of friends. She took me to many places, and showed me many things. She taught me how to survive in the wild without relying on supplies. I had brought my partizan and my bow with me, as well as a full quiver of arrows, so she taught me how to hunt and to clean the food that I caught. Since Nanaith could breathe fire, she often started the fires so we could cook our food, or just cuddle up on a cold night. On some occasions she let me practice making the fire with wood. It was quite difficult.

For many centuries Nanaith and I walked the wild together, and soon we knew the lands from Beleriand in the North to the Forest of Fanghorn in the South. From Mithlond in the West to lands unnamed in the East. I grew to love Nanaith as my friend, and sister.

She taught me understand the language of many creatures, and thus nature became my most powerful ally. I learned that I had the power to speak to animals, and they could understand me. Often at night they would gather around the camp fire and tell stories, or listen to me tell the stories of the Elves. The Nightingales would sing their pretty songs, and I would sing mine. I learned news from the birds of the air, beasts of the sea, and those that walk upon land.

One day, many, many centuries later, late in the third age I learned from a bird that a great Counsel was being planned in Rivendell, and that evil was waking stronger than ever. I grew concerned, for it was whispered that the One Ring was awake, and that the Nine Nazgul were abroad. Nanaith and I made our way to Rivendell. She knew all about my past, and thought that it was time for me to show myself to the world, to make known that the Princess of the Noldor was still alive.


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