Gildern, Lady of Lindon – ch. IV

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Now that my wedding was off and fiancé dead, I devoted my time to spending time in the Houses of Healing, and helping out wherever I could. After 3 weeks of recovery, Haldir was able to walk around every once and a while for a few minutes, and after 5 weeks he was pretty much healed, except for some ugly scars which remained with him for the rest of his immortal life.

We received word from Elrond of Rivendell that the time to unite our armies was drawing nigh. My father decided to set out from Lindon as soon as our army could be packed and assembled. Soon, the armies of Lothlorien, Holland, and Lindon where marching out towards Rivendell where we would meet the Mirkwood, Gondorian, and Rivendell armies.

With some Elves on horses, others on foot, some on wagons that carried our supplies, we made it to Rivendell without any incidents within two months. Elrond greeted us warmly.

“Mae Govannen, Erenion Gil-Galad! Mae Govannen Iaryavie Gildern. Welcome to Imladris!”

“Mae Govannen Elrond Half-Elven. Thank You,” replied my father. Elrond also welcomed Celeborn and Galadriel.

“We shall have a feast tonight, in your honor!” Said Elrond as he led us into his House.


That night remained vivid ever in my mind. The feast itself was magnificent. There were many kinds of meats, and cheeses, and vegetables, as well as sweet and sour fruit. It lasted for a few hours, but then, when everyone had their fill and more, Elrond led us all in due order to the great Hall of Fire. There, we had music, and dance, poetry, and song. The Hall was beautiful, the flames casting shadows on the divine architecture, dancers dancing on the floor, minstrels playing their harps, lutes, and singing. Singing songs of Varda, and Manwe, singing songs of Beren and Luthien, and many other Valar and Elves. It was the most beautiful night of my life.


Being in Rivendell was loads of fun. Many new places to explore, new friends to meet. Haldir and I met many new Elflings our age that we made fast friends with. Some of them were Elladan and Elrohir with their sister Arwen. Also, there were boys of the race of Men whom we also made friends with. One of them being the Son of Isildur, who was the heir to the throne of Gondor.

Soon, the day arrived that the armies -now united into the Last Alliance- would leave Rivendell and make their way to the dreaded land of Mordor. It was a sad day for everyone. As my father drank the cup of Farewell, I saw a tear glisten on his cheek.

When all was assembled, the army marched off. I, holding back my tears, waved the flag of the House of Gil-Galad. Haldir and I stayed where we were under the gate watching them until they passed out of sight. “Illuvetar guide them and watch over them,” I whispered before I turned to Haldir. Haldir was on his knees, staring out into the distance. “Come, Haldir, let us forget this day and look forward to their coming again.”

~~~~~~~~~~Seven Years Later~~~~~~~~~~

“They’re here! They’re back!” cried Elrohir as he sped down the corridors, “Ivie! Arwen! Elladan! Legolas! Haldir! Valandil! They’re back!” Without saying a word, the five of us ran to meet Elrohir and raced down to the gates of Imladris. We waited and waited, and soon we were getting impatient.

“I thought you said they were coming!?” I cried as I shoved Elrohir a little bit.

“I did! I over heard a messenger saying they were almost upon us!” he shouted back as he returned the shove.

“What’s that?” asked Valandil.

“That’s a horn! They’re here!” cried Arwen as she jumped up and down, ” Ada’s back! Ada’s back!” Soon, a whole host of Elves and men marched through the gates. Many Elves who had gathered behind us made way for them. Elrond, Thranduil, and Celeborn were in the lead on their majestic steeds. They dismounted and were soon met by their loved ones and returned many hugs. Haldir and I looked all over the place for our fathers, but did not see them anywhere. We ran over to Elrond to question him.

“Where’s ada, Lord Elrond? I don’t see him anywhere. Where is he?” I asked.

“Children…come with me,” he said. He motioned for his own children to remain behind while Haldir and I followed him.

We followed him to where the wounded and dead were being placed. I thought that maybe my father was helping with them, though I did not see him anywhere.

“Haldir…I am so sorry,” said Elrond as we came up an Elf whose face was covered. Haldir approached the covered body and uncovered it. He gasped in horror; it was his own father. He fell down on both knees and wept. I put my hand on his shoulder but he seemed not to notice.

After a few minutes, Elrond beckoned me to follow him again. He led me to where a large wooden chest was. On top of it lay another corpse of an Elf, laid on top of the elf was the Banner of the House of Gil-Galad, and nearby stood the Standard of Lindon. I ran to my dead father, tears streaming freely out of my eyes.

“No! No!” I screamed as I threw my arms around his cold lifeless corpse. I hugged my father, and buried my head into his armored chest. I stayed there all night, refusing to take any sort of refreshment or rest. I dared not let my father go, I hoped and prayed and wished for it with all my might that he would come back alive. I prayed that Mandos gave my father permission to come back to me…I wished it to where I believed he would. I screamed whenever I could, I yelled to where I could hardly talk, yet I still voiced my sorrow.

After a few days, Elrond carried my sleeping form to my bedchambers, and ordered that I was not to be disturbed. When I awoke the next day, I remembered immediately about my father, though I didn’t make my way down to where he lay. I walked towards the Great Hall of Fire, and just sat and thought about my past life. I knew I could never go back to my happy life, and I knew that I would only be in the way of Elrond and everyone else. Many things past through my sorrowful mind, but I could not bring myself to do any of them.

“He was a brave Elf,” said a voice.
“Yes. So was your father, Haldir. I am so sorry.”

“I know, and I thank you. It will be hard getting used to making decisions without his help. I expect the same goes for you too.”

“Aye. I cannot bring myself to believe he’s gone…” a tear slid down my cheek as I looked at Haldir. His eyes were filling with tears as well. I brought my arm around him, and we both cried in each others arms for a long while.

“Erenion Gil-Galad, our High King was glorious in battle. He survived until the last when he battled Sauron. Sauron proved too great and mighty though. Gil-Galad burned from the heat of his enemy, the heat of hatred. Now he finds peace in the Halls of Mandos. May we find peace also,” said Elrond. I was handed a bowl of dirt, and I took a handful and spread it along my father’s sword. I stepped back and allowed four Elves in full armor to place a thick sheet of marble on top of my father. Elrond took another sword and laid it upon my father’s resting place. I felt as though I could weep, though I had already spent all of the tears I ever had, and could not bring myself to shed one, for I had none left. I placed a flower made of gold onto the tomb, after that, I could not bear to stay there anymore. I quickly walked off ignoring the whispers of the Elves. I walked out into the woods, and all the way down to the Ford of the Bruinen. I started picking up stones and investigated them before I threw them onto the surface of the river. There, Elrond found me.

“When do you wish to leave for Lindon?”

“I do not wish to leave for Lindon at all.”

“You have to. You are to be crowned the Queen, you must go there.”

“No. I do not want to be Queen. I refuse to be sent back where so many memories lay. I could not handle it.”

“You have no choice. It is your destiny.”

“And why is it my destiny? I do not want it,” I said with a tone of finality in my voice. Elrond said no more and left me to my ponderings.


~~~~~~~~~Two Weeks Later~~~~~~~~~~

“Where is she?” asked Elrond. He was in his study, and wanted to ask Iaryavie a question. He had sent a servant to go find her, but when he came back without her, Elrond had to wonder.

“She is gone, my Lord.”

“What do you mean, “gone?”

“She has left Imladris. Her bed is not slept in, and some of her belongings are gone. She is nowhere to be found.”

“Gone? She’s runaway?”

“Yes, my Lord.”

“Bring my children here. As well as Haldir.”

“Yes, my Lord.” The servant left Elrond in search of his children and Haldir.


“Well? Where is she?” asked Elrond as his children and Haldir stood before him.

“Where is who, ada?” asked Arwen.

“The Princess Iaryavie. Where is she?”

“Is she not in her room? Or in the gardens?” Asked Haldir worriedly.

“No. She is gone, as well as some of her belongings. Now tell me, where is she?”

“Gone? I do not know. Last night she said nothing about going away…”

“She did not tell any of you she was running away?”

“No,” they all answered.

“Go gather up some searching parties. We must find her.”


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