Gift of the Valar – Chapter 13: Dreams

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**note: This chapter includes dream sequences which are set aside from the rest of the text by ********** markings.

Life at Bag End settled into a less fear filled routine. Sam remained to help in the evenings and through the night hours, but spent much of his days working with his Da in the gardens of the hobbit hole. He found his time in the gardens soothing but his mind wandered constantly to the room where his friend lay in deep and healing slumber. Sam knew that Frodo’s rest was a healing sleep, time he needed to recover from his injuries, and he was grateful that his friend seemed to feel no pain….but he missed his gentle smile and endless stories….he took his turn by Frodo’s bedside one night, brushed a damp curl off of his slim face and wondered to himself ‘where are ye off to in these deep dreams of yours Frodo? When will you come back to share your thoughts with your Sam?’ He sat back in the deep recesses of of the chair and waited…..

************************************************* Frodo’s dreams were filled with peace, comfort and serenity. He wandered in and out of places he knew….and places he knew not. He found his body meandering over flower covered hillsides, he hiked through quiet woodlands filled with towering trees whose falling leaves and needles deadened the echos of his feet, he strolled along windswept beaches with crashing waves and the lonely cry of the gull his only companion. He wandered aimlessly, savoring fully the rich sounds, sights and smells about him. He wondered at times where he was and where he might be heading….but decided that it was somehow not his task to know his destination, only to soak in the fullness of each healing moment. He found himself climbing and relished the strength he found in his steps. His way was clouded, whispy clouds and vapor obscured his vision….but he steadfastly followed the path before him. As the mists cleared he found himself high upon a bluff overlooking a great harbor. Below him stretched the endless shimmering blue of the sea, it’s beauty stretching out to the distance to be forever lost in the depths of the sky. He sighed…such peace and beauty…he couldn’t remember the last time he felt such contentment. His attention was drawn to the freewheeling antics of the gulls who laughed and danced upon the air currents. He envied them their freedom. He stepped forward, feeling an urge to join them…tasting the salt of the sea and smelling the freshness of the crashing waves below…’one more step’ he thought ‘and I will be there’….


Three days passed and still Frodo slept. Prody decided that his patient was out of immediate danger, and that while he did not yet know how complete the young hobbits recovery would be, he could no longer devote himself exclusively to his care. He called a meeting with Gandalf and Bilbo, sitting around the kitchen table, drawing comfort from their pipes as they made their plans. “It’s settled then Bilbo” said the elderly healer ” I’ll show my neice Crysanthamum about the place tomorrow and she’ll start the day after next. She’s young for a healer, that I know, but she’ll not disappoint ye of that ya can be certain.” Bilbo clapped his hand upon his friend’s shoulder “If she is half the healer her grumpy old Uncle is then we Baggins bachelors shall be quite lucky indeed” he said with a smile.
Sam who had come from Frodo’s bedside to grab a cup of tea from the hearth overheard this last bit and felt he had to interject. “Beggin’ yer pardon sirs….Miss Chrysanthamum is a young lass” he started akwardly “Yes Samwise” said Bilbo “She is but 22…what of it lad?” “well sir” Sam continued feeling a blush coming on “Is it proper sir…I mean having a lass caring for Frodo in such close quarters and all?” he stammered.
Gandalf drew on his pipe, curious what Bilbo’s response would be ” Bilbo nodded thoughtfully “well Samwise, I do see your point…perhaps we’ll ask the Gaffer to let Mari sleep up here nights till Frodo does not need round the clock care…does that ease your worries Sam?” Bilbo asked with a smile.
Sam mumbled something about “fer now” and slipped back to Frodo’s bedside. He noted how quietly Frodo was resting…a serene look upon his pale face…


“That is not yet your path young Baggins” a gentle voice insisted. Frodo turned his back on the sea and sought to find the speaker of those words. He squinted, for the bright afternoon sun framed the figure speaking and he could not clearly make out the vision before him. “Who are you? he asked “where am I?” he continued and then looking around him said wide eyed with a whisper “what is this place?” The figure before him laughed softly, a sound as soothing and as soft as a new snowfall…”all in good time Frodo, all in good time…now come” he commanded. Frodo felt himself drawn away from the bluff and felt a twinge of regret, he would not yet feel the freedom of the sea.

“Where are we going?” Frodo asked the figure walking before him. “You shall see young one…you shall see” the voice continued. Frodo looked carefully upon the tall presence before him, rich grey robes that caught the sun and seemed to surround it’s wearer in the soft glow of a Spring morning, long fair hair and slender form which seemed to nearly float in it’s graceful motions. Their feet moved soundlessly through the tall grasses and Frodo felt safe; curious, but secure in the knowledge that he was somehow ‘meant’ to be here.

They walked and it seemed to Frodo that each view was more beautiful than the last. As they rounded a final mountain pass his heart nearly stopped with the intensity of the magnificent vista before him. He seemed to have somehow travelled to a pinnacle where the beauty of Middle Earth was laid before him. He gasped in wonder, for he could see the warm beauty of his beloved Shire, the wonderous majesty of Rivendell, the severe elegance of Lothlorien. While he had no memory of portions of the view before him, he know somehow that he would see these places. He tore himself away from his view to seek the thoughts of the figure standing with him. “Who are you?” he asked, wonder and awe clear in his voice. “I am your guide Frodo, a messenger sent to show you the way through your pain.”


Prody showed his niece about Frodo’s room. Which draughts and infusions were to be given and when, where the extra dressings and medicines were stored and how to position Frodo to keep him comfortable. Sam watched uneasily from the doorway. He knew his Mr. Frodo needed more help than he himself could offer, but it was not seemly somehow to have a young hobbit lass caring for his friend. He shook his head and thought to himself ‘Mr. Bilbo knows best I suspect’…he paused a moment ‘and if he don’t, I won’t stray too far….I promised not to leave him’ he walked towards the bed and looked down at the motionless hobbit before him as he took up his post at his bedside once again ‘and I won’t neither’.


“Why have you brought me here?” Frodo asked quietly. He couldn’t make out clearly the features of his guide, the shining sun and shimmering robes made clear vision difficult.
“I bring you to your future Frodo…..what you see before you is the world that you love, the world as it should be. This is the world that you have been chosen to save.”
The richness of the guide’s voice and the content of his message sent a chill down Frodo’s spine and he shivered involuntarily. His guide continued “This world will someday face a great peril, evil will seek to overcome and destroy all the beauty of Middle Earth….leaving only death and despair…a world that will look like this”….the guide gently placed his hands on Frodo’s shoulders and turned him around. Frodo cried out in horror.


Frodo’s cry brought Bilbo out of his nap with a start….the elder hobbit had been snoozing in the armchair beside his nephew’s bed while Sam put in a few hours of work in the gardens. He looked quickly to the hobbit lad “Frodo my boy…shhh, it’s ok…it’s ok” he said as he reached out to comfort him. He grasped his hand to provide some comfort through his touch. Frodo’s eyes were wide open, but unfocused in terror. He clenched Bilbo’s hand tightly, seeing nothing but his own dreams. His grip gradually relaxed as his eyes closed once again. “Wonder what that was all about” Bilbo muttered under his breath. Then he thought to himself ‘what are you seeing Frodo lad that causes you such pain? When will you come back to us and how will you be when you are here once again? Will I ever see my gentle adventurer…my lad that loves tales and poems…will I have my dearest companion back? Where do your adventures take you now Frodo my lad?’ Bilbo settled back into the chair as he pondered his thoughts.


The bleak and barren landscape was numbing in it’s horror. Where once he’d beheld dazzling colors and majestic waterfalls, breathtaking mountains and serene flower filled meadows…now Frodo could see only death. He trembled with fear…his beloved Shire, Rivendell, Lothlorien were dust covered slag heaps, the landscapes were littered with up- rooted trees that rotted where they fell. Foul fumes filled the air and an evil darkness spread across the sky.
Frodo felt dizzy and he stumbled as he backed away from the repulsive vision before him. His guide laid his hands again upon the shoulders of the shaken hobbit, to steady him and give him comfort. Frodo felt tears upon his cheek and he fought the cold feeling of despair that filled his soul. Clenching his fists at his sides he stared determinedly at the messenger of doom before him. “What must I do?” he asked, his voice sounding small in his ears “How can I prevent this evil from arriving?”


Bilbo relinguished the armchair to Gandalf as the wizard entered Frodo’s room later that evening. “How is the boy?” Gandalf asked. “He’s having nightmares Gandalf….why he even cried, tears running down his face then he started trembling….I nearly sent for Prody thinking his fever was returning…’twas just a bad dream” Bilbo sighed heavily “I know you claim that this is a healing sleep….but it is a frightful cure and I can’t help but wish he’d awaken and come back to us.”
Bilbo leaned over and taking Frodo’s hand in his suddenly swayed in his fatigue, he shook his head as he yawned, gave Frodo one last look then turned to leave the room. He paused to look at Gandalf “Keep a close eye on him Gandalf….I am worried about him tonight, although I don’t understand why exactly….he seems to be getting better…but, well I have a feeling that something is troubling him in his dreams and I don’t want him to be alone” he said as he yawned once more.
Gandalf nodded knowingly….”Yes, yes, I will keep a close eye on go get some rest my friend before we have another patient for Miss Chrystanthamum tomorrow.” Bilbo nodded sleepily and left the room.
The wizard folded himself into the chair by Frodo’s bedside ‘he will soon know’ he thought ‘what will he choose? I wonder’ the wizard sat back, lit his pipe and waited.

“Do?’ his guide questioned softly “Do? why Frodo, you will discover that in time…you must first complete your own healing before you can come to the aid of others, and if you choose then to help those in need… all will become clear… in time.” Frodo looked up, a flush of anger upon his face “what choice is there in this?” he said as he gestured from one view to the next.
His guide looked at him with something akin to pity in his eyes. “This evil will come to your world Frodo, you can not prevent it’s arrival. You can, perhaps stop it before your world is completely destroyed….but there will be a cost to all who inhabit your Middle Earth…and if you choose to accept this burden to save your world, then none will feel the cost as dearly as you.”
Frodo shook his head in bewilderment “If I can not prevent this evil….then why have I been chosen?”

“No one can prevent evil Frodo, they can only use their faith to ensure that goodness and compassion will shape the future…they can only trust that the evils of the world will cease to expand, that they will no longer dominate and fill the voids left when people lose heart. You, my young hobbit, have proven to us that your indomitable spirit has given strength to your heart so that you see the world through the eyes of goodness and compassion, even when the ills of the world seek to fill you with blackness.”

Frodo sank to his knees and looked up imploringly “help me to understand, what am I do do? I cannot let all that I love in this world be filled with evil and despair….How can I help those in need when I do not have your gifts…I cannot see as you do.”


Gandalf shifted restessly in his chair, he never took his eyes from Frodo, he could see the great angst within the young hobbit. Frodo clenched his fists and murmered in his restless slumber. The wizard sighed and found himself wondering if the Valar had made the right choice….he worried that perhaps Frodo would not have the physical strength, after all these tests, to fulfill the quest that the elven gods felt Frodo’s strength of heart prepared him for. The night was drawing to a close. The wizard knew that the dawn would bring the Valar’s only answer to Sauron’s future challenge.


A sudden glow filled the air as the guide, taking Frodo’s hands helped him to his feet “rise young hobbit, before you stand the Valar.”
Frodo stumbled to his feet and stared off into the distance….there he beheld the fairest beings he’d ever imagined. The distant glow and the warmth of their spirits filled him with a wonder he’d never felt before before. He suddenly felt that the warmth and joy of this moment would carry him through any evil of the world. He understood….he was to be a messenger…he was chosen as a messenger of hope and he would help other’s find their way through pain as he himself had….he would ensure that the world of men, elves, dwarves and hobbits found a path through evil….that the spirit of kindness would prevail.
Frodo heard voices, like the tinkling of bells, small at first then growing within him as a resounding chorus ‘trust in yourself, we will guide you and give you light…you are the one…you are the one….Lle naa i’er…Lle naa i’er.”


“Amin i’er…..amin i’er ” Frodo whispered through dry, cracked lips…his eyes were still closed. Gandalf sighed quietly and smiled. Taking the hobbit’s small hand in his he said “yes, you are the one Frodo Baggins and I have been sent by the Valar to be your guide here on earth.”


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