Gerich Veleth nin–You have my love – chapter 1

by Mar 31, 2004Stories

Eleyn leaped off her horse as she pulled up to one of the bushes. She smiled and pet her horse. “Hannon le, Tengur, mellon nin.” She tied up her horse and quickly, but quietly, walked through the bushes. As she came up to the last bush and tree she put up her hood.

“Are there anymore men who would like to show us what they’ve got?” A man had said, after one of them had finished shooting thier arrows. Eleyn came up and rose her hand. The men looked over at her. “Ok, sir. Show us what you’ve got.” The man had said sitting down and crossing his arm’s.

Eleyn smiled and took out her bow. She took out an arrow from her quiver and pointed it at the targets. She could here the men talking about her from behind her back. “That man won’t make it, Look at him! He’s almost all skin and bone.” The man laughed to the guy next to him. Eleyn kept smiling and just pointed her aimed her arrow. She readied herself and shot. She looked over at the man as it hit the bullseye.

“Lucky shot!” He yelled as she turned back around and kept shooting at the bullseye. When she was finished she walked over to the target and grabbed all her arrows out of the bullseye. She studied all of them. All of them perfect to the tip. She touched the bright-green feathers at the end. The felt, to her, like white fluffy clouds blowing in the icy breeze. She had soon remembered she was with the men of the archery tent. She looked over at the head of them all. His mouth was dropped open wide at her archery. He stood up and walked over to her, trying to see who was in the dark thick hood.

“You have made it into the best archers, I must learn your name.” The man said holding out his hand. Eleyn hid her hands behind her back. She took a deep breath and then smiled.

“I am Eleyn, I come from Mirkwood.” She said, lowering her hood to reveal her elbow-length brown hair. Her skin tone was a nice color of pale. Her deep blue eyes sparkeled as she looked at them. The head of the archers had stumbled back in shock to learn that she was a woman. She scowled at them. “Just because I am a woman doesn’t mean that I can’t be a part of you!” She said, quite calmly.

The man looked at her thick black cloak. “And why is a fair elf-maiden such as yourself wearing a thing like that?” He asked wanting one of his own. She smiled and took it off. Reaveling a shining white elven gown. The marveled at the linen and lace with the diamond’s shining all around it. It reached down to her ankle’s and sprung out a train at the end.

“You can have this, If you want.” She said handing the man the cloak. “I have no further use of it.” The man took the cloak and immeaditley put it on and felt it’s warmth. “You will need to be branded, my lady.” The man had said, looking down in sorrow. Eleyn had just smiled.

“That I’m sure I can stand.” She had said slowly but sort of matter-of-factly. She stood over near the target and un-did a button from her gown. The men came up with a red hot brand in the form of a bow and arrow. Eleyn pretended not to care but she was frightened of the bran. She closed her eyes as tears came when they pushed it onto her back. She bit her lip and tasted the blood from biting it to hard. When they took it away she felt relived but it still burned like fire on a tree. They threw water onto the brand and cooled it down. She felt nothing on that shoulder at all.

She buttoned her elvish gown back up and turned around. A few minutes later a ring wraith jumped out of the bushes behind them. All the men shouted and took out thier bows and arrows. “Daro, Daro Uglaer!” She shouted in elvish, ignoring the confused looks on the humans. She took an arrow out of her quiver and notched it. She was about to shoot when the the ring-wraith rode up and took her by the throat.

She gasped and tried to pull away. “Put me down!” Eleyn weezed through the grasp of his metal hand. The ring-wraith sniffed the air and screeched. He dropped her down and shee hit her head on a rock, knocking her out. The last she heard was the screeches of the ring-wraiths and the shous of the men.


Daro, Daro Uglaer! = Stop, stop Ring wraith’s!

Hannon le, Tengur, mellon nin = Thank you, Tengur, My friend. (more literal.. I thank thee, Tengur, my friend)


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