Galadriel’s Lesson – Chapter 3

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Sorry it took me so long to publish, be a senior is harder than i expexted! I promise to be better! Enjoy!

Rianarwen sat down on the bed, and let Galadriel examine her wrist. The older maiden was so gentle with her; unlike the doctors from the other world she had once lived in. That was a past life, however, and she would not dwell on it she told her self firmly; for it would only sadden her.
“What are you thinking about lady”?, the older elf asked.
“Only about how gently you are treating me. I’m not use to it”, she replied. How was it that she felt more at home here in a strange land then on earth?. When she was just a teenager she had been caught up in the fantasy of Middle earth, now she was living her dream. For all she knew her other dreams could be true: the Wizarding world she had read in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter , the Celtic King Arthur, Avalon, and many more. She snapped out of her trance and realized that the elf was looking at her curiously. She noticed that her wrist was tightly, but comfortable bound. She hadn’t felt a thing.
“Have you ever considered that you may have the art of scrying”? Galadriel asked.
“No-No I haven’t”. Rianarwen stammered.
Follow me she said abruptly. Intrigued Rianarwen, Elena, could do nothing but follow.

~ ******* ~

Galadriel watched the girl muse over her past. She realized with a jolt that this maiden would be very useful if she could scry *. She could be the one person to keep middle earth from falling into evil hands. As she walked swiftly to her personal garden she carefully explained what she was going to have Rianarwen learn. “The art of Scrying is a very old one; it involves looking into a bowl filled with water from a sacred spring. The water must be perfectly still, or the women scrying mind can be severely damaged”, the lady completed. She glanced at Rianarwen, her face had become very pale. [I}Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to try this so soon after she had arrived. She turned to the left at a fork walking between two majestic trees and then stopped. Galadriel turned and spoke softly to the maiden, if you wish to do this another time just let me know now, and I will understand.
“I am a guest here, if you wish me to try this for you I will”. the maiden replied, her voice low and soft as if she were frightened but didn’t want to admit it. Galadriel smiled at the young women and waved her hand gracefully for her to follow her into her sacred garden.


Rianarwen looked around her at the beautiful garden. There were ferns, and flowers all around; the ground was covered in moss, and vines were climbing elegantly up the majestic trees. She gasped- it was breath-taking. She gazed around and saw that there was a spring coming out of a tree with the clearest water she had ever seen. There were small moths in the air that were diving into the water and coming back up, flapping their delicate wings. The setting sun turned the diamond droplets into ruby and gold drops on their wings. She followed one small moth on its flight into the water and saw Galadriel smiling at her. She said gently, “I don’t mean to disturb your fun, but follow me please”.
Galadriel took a pitcher and in a one graceful movement plunged it into the water filling it. She then took out a small but intricately designed bowl and poured the water slowly into it. The bowl was placed on the ground but in a circle with almost Celtic knots designed around it. Bend down my dear and gaze into the bowl, tell me what you see Galadriel said softly.
Rianarwen bent down and sat down so her knees were positioned neatly under her. She placed her hands on the ground next to the bowl and leaned over the deathly still water. Her hair framed the bowl as she gazed into it, clearing all thoughts from her mind. What she saw was horrifying.


Galadriel saw the girl shake and wondered what she saw, this human had closed her mind to her; the only living thing in the world to ever do so This confused her because why should this ordinary human be so advance in mind training that she could close her mind to anyone she wished . If she touched Rianarwen the contact could be deathly for her all she could do was speak softly and bring her back to the conscious world.


Rianarwen could feel herself convulsing and tried to shut the images out of her head. People screaming… houses on fire… women being raped…orcs marching on Minas Tirith…thousands of people dying… faces flashed in front of her… a maiden from Rohan… an elf… a dwarf; hobbits… a man…Torion and her… then there was a voice calling her back, she was thrown back on the ground gasping for air. Galadriel gazed down at her concerned. “What did you see”? She asked her face white. The maiden just opened her mind and let Galadriel read her thoughts. When Rianarwen opened her eyes she saw a tear slide down the elf’s beautiful face. This was obviously not what the elf expected. The older elf sighed and spoke in a sad voice, “I am going to need to council with the other seven elf lords, I am afraid you are going to be needed later on…”The lady didn’t finish she just walked away with a frozen look of terror on her face.


Rianarwen didn’t object, her head hurt her way too much to protest. She slowly sat up and looked around her, she needed to talk to Torion, and she need to talk now. She slowly stood up and followed the mossy stone path out of the garden. Before she knew it she was back at the steps that led to her room, or so she thought. She climbed up the steps and sure enough at the top was a room that looked exactly like hers it even had her dress that she wore the day before. She knew that she was going to be needed. That was the lesson Galadriel was trying to teach her; not to scry but that she was needed. She fell down on her bed exaughsted, she wanted to close her eyes for just a minuet. Just then there was an unearthly scream through the entire forest.

* Scry- using water, or a mirror to see the future


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