Frodo’s Adventure (part two)

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Frodo awoke to the sunlight streaming in through his window kissing his face with light and warmth. It must have been after ten o’ clock in the morning. He got out of bed, streched and went over to the window. This window overlooked Bilbo’s flower garden in the backyard. In the middle he could see a young boy working hard at pruning the flowers. He looked like he had been working for a couple hours at the least. The back of his shirt was soaked in sweat and has he turned slightly, Frodo could see the boy’s brow dripping in sweat.

“That must be Samwise!” said Frodo to himself just as Bilbo called out to him:

“Frodo! Time for breakfast!” Frodo who was hungry put a robe on and walked out to the kitchen. Bilbo walked out to the garden and called “SAMWISE! Care to come in for a break and a bite of breakfast?” Sam turned and stood up,

“Yes sir Mr. Bilbo sir!” He got up and ran to the door, and stopped short looking at Frodo curiously.

“This Samwise is Frodo.” Bilbo said kindly.

“Pleasure to meet you Samwise.” Frodo said holding out a hand.

“And same to you Mr. Frodo.” Sam said a little shyly, shaking his hand.

Taking a better look at Sam Frodo saw that he was indeed a young lad, age nine or so. Also he felt that Sam’s hands were severly calloused from working outside all the time. His face good natured and very tanned, along with his arms. As they walked inside for breakfast, Bilbo turned and asked Sam

“Where is your father?”

“Oh, his old bones were aching him a lot today, so he sent me here alone today. He will probably be here tomorrow Mr. Bilbo.” The three hobbits sat down and ate a small breakfast, making small talk, mainly about the weather and the comings and goings in Hobbiton. Frodo felt a little out of place but he listend and tried to follow the conversation as best as he could. As they talked Frodo noticed that Sam had very good manners about his elders Refering to Bilbo as “Mr. Bilbo” and Frodo as “Mr. Frodo.” That would take a little getting used to he thought but it would be nice.

A minute later, her heard Bilbo ask Sam, “Do you want to learn some more writing Samwise?” Sam’s eyes visably lightened up and a big smile came to his face.

“Yes Mr. Bilbo sir!!”

“Prehaps Frodo here can help.” Said Bilbo clapping Frodo on the shoulder.

After breakfast Sam and Frodo sat down in the parlor and Bilbo got Sam’s predone rolls of parchment out of the bookshelf and handed Sam a fresh sheet and handed them both a small quill and some ink. And sat down and told Samwise to write his name down at the top. It took him a couple minutes but he got it. Then both Bilbo and Frodo went forth to explain to him how to properly write his words.

As Frodo was excplaining he saw that Sam wasn’t excatly the smartest boy in all of Middle Earth but he never gave up until he got it. And he loved to learn. He spent five minutes writing the simple sentece of “The boy Picked up the big stone and ran to the barn.” because he didn’t get how to write all the letters, but he never gave up, and eventually he got it perfectly right. He proudly showed his paper to Bilbo and Frodo, who clapped.

“I did it Mr. Bilbo and Mr. Frodo! I did it!”

“Yes you did Samwise! You did it all by yourself to! Good lad!” said Bilbo laughing. “Now can you write this sentence? “The small girl ran up the big green hill and picked a flower?”

“I’ll try Mr. Bilbo.” and with that he stuck his tounge between his teeth and began to write. More than once Frodo or Bilbo had to take thier quills and write out a word so he could copy it. Samwise had a very hard time writing “Flower” so Bilbo had to guide his hand throughout the word. At the end of the sentence, Frodo and Bilbo cheered and clapped. Bilbo took out his watch and let out a suprised “Five o’ clock already! We best be getting you home Samwise!”

“Five o’ clock?? My Gaffer will be mad at me for staying inside all day! When I should be working!!! Will you come with me Mr. Bilbo?”

“Why of course Sam! Replied Bilbo grabbing Sam’s paper, anyway We have to tell your dad about how his son will be a scholar one day!” Sam flushed at that. “Also, we have to introduce Frodo to our other great neighbors!” Sam flushed even deeper at that.

So the three hobbits walked outside to see the sunset beyond the hill. They watched it for a moment. Then Sam turned and said to Frodo: “Mr. Frodo, will you be living at Bag End with Mr. Bilbo now?”

“Yes Sam I will.”

“Are we friends now, Mr. Frodo?”

“Of course Sam!” Frodo said clapping Sam on the shoulder, laughing and winking at Bilbo who was smiling.

“Yay!” yelled Sam and ran for his own house. “I’ll race you Mr. Frodo!”

“Even when he is having fun he has good manners!” Frodo said to himself running after Sam, letting Sam win the “big race.”

“Wait for me!” Called Bilbo running slightly after them.

As they came up to Number three Bagshot Row, Home of the Gamgees, They saw the Gaffer come out and walk to them.

“Samwise!” He yelled angrily “I saw you all day! You were not working in Mr. Bilbo’s flower garden! where where you? Off dreaming again?”

“Why no Gaffer!” called Bilbo coming up to them. “Samwise was learning his letters today. He is very bright.” He said giving him his paper. Sam flushed again.

The Gaffer looked at the papers and at Sam’s work and gruffed out “Good job son.” then looking at Bilbo “Did he give you any trouble?”

“Of course not! Sam was a delight as always.”

“So my Samwise wrote this?”

“Yes, all by himself”

“Well Gaffer I had a little help.” Sam said flushing crimson and pointing at Frodo. “He is now living at Bag End with Mr. Bilbo. His name is Frodo!”

“Nice to meet you Mr. Frodo.” he said holding out a hand.

“And nice to meet you Hamfast. Bilbo told me all about you and your great son Samwise.” Frodo said politly, thinking “So thats where Sam gets his manners!”

“Well Hamfast. We have to go now.” Said Bilbo.

“Goodnight Mr. Bilbo, Mr. Frodo. But tomorrow, I want my Sam to work all day. Okay?”

“Okay. Master Hamfast.” Said Bilbo smiling.

Frodo and Bilbo walked back to Bag End and Bilbo turned to Frodo, “What do you think of our neighbors?”

“They are wonderful hobbits. And I can see Samwise is a valuable asset to your garden. He is a hard worker. and respectfull. Maybe a little too respectfull. To the point of being comical!” Frodo replied laughing.

Later that night, again as Frodo was looking out the window at the moonlight coming through to his room And thought of Samwise and his father Hamfast. Right away he noticed that they were poorer and not as well educated as the worldy Bilbo Baggins. But they were very good people. As Frodo fell asleep he wondered… “What other adventures will tomorrow bring?”


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