Frodo’s Adventure (Part one)

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It was around eight or nine o’clock at night, when Frodo heard the CLIP CLOP of the horse’s hooves walking on the cobblestone bridge leading into Hobbiton. He was a young hobbit of age twenty two. He was going to live with his cousin Bilbo in Bag End. Even though he was twenty two, he felt a little fearful. He had no idea what it would be like to live with Bilbo. He has met Bilbo only a couple times therefore all he knew about his mysterious cousin was that he was odd and he went on an adventure long ago to find wealth and treasure. It wasn’t much but he did know that Bilbo loved him, and maybe someday he would become like Frodo’s second father.

Although it had been twelve years since the boating accident where his parents died, He remembered his father and mother so well. It made him a little sad, but to him it felt comforting to remember than to forget. He also remembered the night so well… He was a little hobbit of age eleven or so when it happend. It was unseasonably warm outside and his parents decided to go out for a boat ride, leaving Frodo with his relatives for the night. He rememberd his mother hugging him and telling him to be a good boy for his aunt. “I will mother.” he said before they left the house for the last time.

Later that night right after his aunt put him to bed and he was falling asleep, Frodo heard a few peircing shrieks in the night. He awoke with a start and ran outside. It was pitch black outside but he found his way to the lake to find all of his relatives by it looking out into the lake, calling “DROGO! PRIMULA! WHERE ARE YOU? ARE YOU OK?” but no answer came from the lake. Frodo pushed his way through the crowd and stood at the edge of the lake, and peered out into the middle. All he saw was a still, quiet, overturned boat. “MOTHER! FATHER!” he called futilely. But somehow he knew they couldn’t hear him. He turned away from the crowed and sat on a rock in stunned disbelif, “mother and father… gone?” He suddenly felt dizzy and just before he blacked out he heard his aunt asking his uncle.. “What are we going to do about Frodo?”

For the next eleven or twelve years he was raised in Brandy Hall among his hundreds of relatives. He missed his parents dearly, but there was lots he had his mind there with his younger cousins to get into trouble with. When he was fourteen, Bilbo Baggins came from Hobbiton for a visit. When he got there he liked Frodo imediatly and saw great potential. He begged his relatives to take Frodo to Bag End with him, he could school him more, and there was plenty of room for a growing hobbit. For a long time, his aunt didn’t want to part with Frodo but Bilbo persisted for years until she agreed. So when Frodo was twenty two, he packed up his whole life and moved with his odd cousin Bilbo at Bag End.

He shook himself out of that thought as he heard a voice calling “Whoa!” to the horse, and the horse stopped. Frodo looked out the window of the cart when Bilbo stired from his light doze next to him, snorted softly and said “Were here!”

Bilbo paid the fair to the driver of the cart, and he and Frodo jumped out of it and walked towards Bag End.

As the driver pulled away, Frodo has seen the home on top of the hill many times before but never really looked at it as a place to live. Again he felt intimided. He and Bilbo just stood there looking at Bag End. Bilbo put a old wrinkled hand on Frodo’s shoulder and kindly asked “Ready to go in?”

“Yes. Bilbo, I am ready” he said.

When they got in Bilbo went to make tea and Frodo put his things down in his new room. He walked around it. Exploring it. It was nothing like his old room in Brandy Hall. It even smelled different. He layed down on his new bed and looked up at his new celing. He felt the oddest combination of happiness and total sadness. Happiness because he could be alone anytime, and it was a new experience and that excited him. Sadness because he was leaving the home he has lived in and loved for twenty two long years. He felt a huge tie to Brandy Hall. He lost his parents there, had the best birthday parties there, played the best pranks there. Brandy Hall is all he knew. He felt an intense longing to be back there, back to his own familer sights, sounds, and smells of Brandy Hall.

He couldn’t help them but his tears came anyway. They trinkled down the sides of his face. He felt foolish crying like this, he felt scared and alone, and sad. He wiped his face and looked up when he heard Bilbo come into his room.

“Frodo lad the tea is done…” he stopped talking when he saw Frodo’s bloodshot eyes and puffy eyelids. “My dear boy. Whatever is the matter?”

“Nothing Bilbo.” He said sitting up. “I just feel homesick.”

“Already?” he asked with suprise, sitting down.

“Well Brandy Hall is the only place I have ever known. I have done everything there. It’s not you, but I feel so alone here.” He felt foolish again as the tears came back.

“It’s ok.” Bilbo said softly. and put his arms around Frodo wraping him in a hug. Frodo let go of everything, and cried into Bilbo’s shoulder.

A minute later Bilbo got up, “Do you want some tea?” Frodo got up too and went after him in the kitchen “Yes.” He said still a little thickly from crying. Frodo walked into Bilbo’s parlour and sat down in a chair near the fire. Bilbo walked in with two mugs of steaming tea, and gave a cup to Frodo, and sat in a chair near him. “Tomorrow you will meet our gardner Hamfast and his little son Samwise. He is roughly the age of your cousin Merry. Maybe a little older.” Bilbo said.

Later that night, laying down on his side in his new bed looking out at the moonlight streaming into his window, Frodo thought about what it would be like to live in Hobbiton, and what Bilbo would be like to live with, and what he would be like as he got older, and the potential friendship he can have with Hamfast and Samwise. As his eyes closed ending the first day of his new life he thought. “Now the real adventure begins!”


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