Freda’s Journey

by Oct 10, 2005Stories

Freda was walking alone in the garden, reliving the pleasant day when they had met their mother in Helm’s Deep, after her and her brother Eothain had raised the alarm in Edoras. Freda had grown since then, though. She almost wished that another Orc raid would happen- then Freda would show them how much she was like Eowyn, her role model. As she was thinking, she heard a rustle in the trees. Freda whipped out her bow and arrows.
“Who’s there?” she called.”Answer or ill shoot!”
A light haired elf, known as Legolas, one of the Fellowship of the Ring, dropped down from the beech tree Freda was standing under.
“Yrch! Freda!Yrch!” he said. His voica was tinged with urgency. “Run to Lothlorien! Take Arod! Raise the alarm!”
Freda smiled, recalling how much this errand was like that of her brother during the War of the Ring. “Youre joking, right?
“No, Freda, i am not-” But he could not say any more, because an Orc leaped from the same tree that Legolas had been in a moment before, and held a knife to his throat.


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