Freda’s Journey- Part 5

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Back to back, Aragorn and Legolas rotated, afraid for their lives. Legolas had his bow and arrows, but Aragorn had nothing. “Shall we go to the , mellon?” Legolas asked Aragorn. “Yes, we shall,” replied Aragorn.”Their s.”
Suddenly, a horse came crashing through the trees. Brego! He slew many of the Orcs, and the rest met their s at the hands of Legolas’ bow.
“Their s indeed, my friend,” said Legolas, grinning like a boy with his first dagger. “Their s indeed.”
Suddenly, Gimli leapt through the trees, his eyes wild. “Did I miss a good fight? Legolas, tell me did I miss a good fight!”
Legolas smiled and repeated his age old line. “Shall I tell you, or would you like me to get you a box?”
Gimli jumped on Legolas, tackling him. Aragorn joined Gimli, and together they managed to pin Legolas down. Gimli pounded his friend, roaring “A box! A box! No one tosses a Box!”
Suddenly, Lord Celeborn- yes, Lord Celeborn emerged from the trees. “Lord Aragorn of the Dunedain, the Lady Arwen wishes to see you. She is not pleased.
Long into the night Freda rode, until she reached the iron-brazen gates of Gondor. The stood for a minute, gazing at its beauty, until………
“What are you doing, ! Get away from there!” A soldier had been watching Freda ever since she arrived. “What are you doing here anyway?”
Freda had been told how to deal with these people. “I am a messenger from the Lord Aragorn, your king. He needs a part of Gondor’s army to come to Rivendell immediately.”
The guard stared at her for a moment, and then burst into laughter. “hahaha! You, a not yet ten and three years of age, the king’s messenger! Hahaha! Next you’ll be telling me that you’re the sister of Eothain! Hahaha!”
Freda was filled with dread. She was the sister of Eothain, but saying so would only make her plight worse. “Is Eothain here?” she asked?”Bring him to me.”
The guard laughed. “Ar’righ, I’ll gerr’im, but only because you make me laugh.”He left.
Freda watched him go. An hour passed, then two. Freda began to wonder if the man was playing her false, until he returned.
“Lord Eothain, a who says she’s your sister is come.”
He stepped aside respectfully. Eothain seized her and swooped her up into his arms. “Freda, my sister, I’m so glad you’re here!”
The guard stood and watched in amazement.”Do you mean that you were the one who went to Edoras and warnes and…… Good Lord!”
“Now, master Guard, you have learned not to doubt me. Please, the soldiers.”
The guard’s face grew sober as he called a patrol of a thousand to his side. “This good lady is your commander! You will listen to her every word! ” he shouted. “Move it!”
“Yes, sir,” said the army.
And Freda rode to Rohan.
At Rohan, Arnor, and the Druadan Forest, Freda had no trouble passing them by and getting soldiers. Gondor hd sent a runner ahead to inform the cities that Freda was coming. She soon had three thousand soldiers at her back. She rode to Rivendell again.
Legolas looked at the horizon. It had been over two days since Freda had left, and he had not heard a word from her. Suddenly, he saw a flicker across he horizon. A tiny dot was growing rapidly, followed by a few more. Laughing, Legolas ran all the way back to the Homely House, shouting “Freda! Freda is here!”
Aragorn sat directly across from Arwen, asking “What is it, mellon nin?”
Arwen answered in Elvish.” onum ilai. yrch pani varangai, ingai ki. onum pana matai ingla?” (“oh, nothing. Orcs are coming and youre doing nothing? That’s how a lord of the dunedain acts?)
Suddenly, a cry split the air. It was Legolas. “Freda is here!”
Aragorn smiled at Arwen. “This is what I have done, mellon nin.”
Freda sopped her horse, signalling the others to do so as well. She dismounted and bowed to Legolas. “My Lord.”
“Freda, you have done well. The Lord Aragorn will be pleased, ” he said. He grinned and added” as will the hundreds of elves that are behind me, watching you,”
Aragorn rushed outside with Arwen. “Freda, I-” he stoppe, slack jawed, as he saw the amount of people that Freda had brough back. “Freda, with all of these people, Rivendell will no have a place in this war,” he laughed. “Go to bed, Freda. You must be tired.”
In her bed, Freda fell asleep instantly. Her dreams were a haze of nothingness. When she awoke, she found an Orc standing over her. The Orc grinned. “Nighty night, elf-girl,” he said, and plunged his dagger into her stomach.


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