Forever and For Always – Heroic Streak

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Dear Faramir,

How do you fare, love, in the White City? I am well enough, though more often than not I find myself bored and agitated, looking for work for my hands. Life around here is too quiet; the days are growing longer, which makes my apprehension all the more intolerable, and the gardens are coming alive – if only you were here to share their beauty with me.

I continue to practice the sword with Tathar daily, and his progress is truly astounding. For a seven year old, he is so spirited. I fear this terrible competitiveness in him is born out of his Rohirric blood…but perhaps I am mistaken. He never hesitates to attack me with full force, although I do happen to be a little bit quicker. Oh, husband, how cross he becomes when he attempts a twirl and jab and I catch him on his little rump! He hates to lose more than I ever did, that’s for sure. And yet, he seems to get even more upset when I slow, and allow him to tap me with the wooden blade.

“No, Naneth!” He says to me, “You are cheating!”

It is inevitable. I simply cannot win.

She grinned and lifted the pen slightly off of the parchment, thinking on her next words.

Óslé is doing wonderfully, though she misses her Ada terribly.

Eowyn chuckled softly to herself. She was grateful for the pen and paper – this way, her husband would not be able to hear her butcher the elvish language with her terrible pronunciation. As long as she could spell the words properly, she would be alright.

Yesterday, she made herself a little crown of blossoms, and when they wilted and died she cried her little heart out. It nearly broke my own, watching her sit there in the grass, blubbering with the browning flowers. I sat her on my lap and told her that all things in this world had to one day leave it, that life was a tale, and that everything came and go in its telling. She nodded, as though she understood some of what I had said, though I am sure she did not.

Ai, she is so young, Faramir! How am I to discuss with her the death of something beautiful, something she loves so dearly? Is that not a concept she is not ready to learn? I know not. Having children has made me realize how utterly small I am, how much I still have yet to learn. They seem to find my every fault and weakness, and sometimes it is disheartening. What am I to do, husband?

Trying to think of something fast, I told her that I knew of a blossom that outlived most other flowers of Arda, and she begged me for some of these, even though, (she said) she knew they would one day wither and dry out.

Would you bring home a few Cormandë blossoms from the trees of the White Courtyard? I have heard that their lifespan surpasses those of ordinary plants, and I am sure our little daughter would be most appreciative.

Other than watching out for our youngest, I have been busy tending the gardens and corresponding with my brother, who seems to be doing wonderfully in Edoras. (I will not bore you with details; I know Aragorn must be keeping you busy in Minas Tirith)

By the way, how is the king, Faramir? It has been so long since I visited the White City, I pray that Elessar and Undómiel are doing well, and their daughter Morelen! She is such a sweet girl – I cannot even begin to imagine how Aragorn is feelings right now. I fear I would not be able to live if any of our children were to run off like that. You are his crutch in this ordeal, love; he needs you now more than ever. Tell him, and the Lady Arwen, that I will provide support in any way that I can. (Even if that means sending out my oldest son to search for her)

My pride in him is beyond description, Faramir. You say he simply opted to go, without a request from Aragorn? That boy is going to drive me to drink, I swear it; he has inherited his father’s heroic streak.

How was he before he left? Was he nervous? Do Legolas and Gimli approve of his going? Aragorn must have provided him with the proper gear, right?

Yes, I know exactly what you would say to me if you were standing here now. I can’t. I can’t stop worrying, and you know it. Though as hard as it may be for me, I will try to let him be as he will, but I still have trouble letting fate decide our courses.

They will find her; of that I am certain, it is just a matter of how long. But what else will our young boy stumble across, Léofost? The world is such a big place, especially for a growing man like Elboron. I know, these are only a mother’s petty fears, but why will this sickening sense of foreboding not leave me be?

I love you, Faramir. Come back to me, as soon as they find her and all is set to right.



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