For The Love Of A Miller’s Daughter – A Story

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I sat in my bedchambers staring into the sleeping face of my beloved. A smile tugs at the corners of my mouth as I remember how we first met. I was most surprised at his entrance for he was the son of the Steward of Gondor and I was just a lowely Miller’s daughter.


It was a year and a half ago when this meeting took place, by accident. I lived in a quaint little village on the borders of Gondor and Rohan. It was on one of my busy days that in which I met him, I was returning home from delivering bags if grain to the Baker. My mind was on other things as I heard the fall of hoof’s behind me. I turned and my eyes fell upon a galloping horse that was coming towards me at a great speed. I saw the madness in its eyes and I realised that the horse was a runaway.

I froze, my eyes staring into the beasts. My mind screamed for me to move, but I couldn’t, I was paralyzed with fear. I closed my eyes and waited for the large mass to crush my small figure.

A scream urged from my mouth as something fell onto my side, pushing me to the ground, hard. The steady fall of the hoof’s filled my hearing and I coughed on the dust that was brought up by the now departing beast. My eyes fluttered open and were set upon a most noble face, his deep grey eyes stared back. He stood up away from me and helped me up.

“Thankyou, you saved my life, may I ask for your name?” I managed to utter to my saviour.

He smiled at me and replied, “My name is Boromir, my father is the Steward of Gondor. May I ask of yours?”

At that I began to bow to him, “Boromir! I am a lowely Miller’s daughter and unworthy of your prescence. You do not wish to know my name.”

I felt his hand underneath my chin as he lifted it up so that I could see his face.

“My dear, a Miller’s daughter may be your occupation but you have the beauty of a Queen. Please, I beg of you, tell me your name.”

I blushed and replied quietly, “My name is Kayla.”

“Aye, Kayla, you are welcome. And may our paths meet again.”

He turned from me and walked into the direction of the village as I stood bewildered, staring after his departing form. I kept our meeting a secret, and whenever I walked past our place of meeting, I wondered if I would ever see him again.


It was a few months after the runaway horse when my question was answered. I was in the Bakers, I had just delivered grain for my father, and was know discussing news that was spreading through the village. That of a Shadow growing in the East. Someone entered the shop, but I kept my attention to the Baker. But as the visitor cleared his throat my curiosity made me turn to see who it was.

“Boromir!” I cried joyfully, throwing my arms around him, engulfing him in an embrace. I pulled back sheepishly when I remembered who he was.

“I..I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me.” I stuttered.

He stared back at me curiously then a great laugh rippled through him, “All is well!”

His infectious laugh filled the Bakery and we all joined in with him. As tears were wiped away, I stated my Goodbye’s and departed out of the shop with Boromir following behind me.

“Kayla! May I ask what you are doing now?” He cried out to me.

I stopped and turned back towards him.

“You remember my name?” I asked him curiously.

“Aye! I could not forget you, and our unusual meeting. That is why I have returned, your beauty has cast a spell upon me and I cannot stop thinking about you.” He replied breathlessly.

I blushed furiously and not knowing what to say, I turned from him and started to walk to the lane leading to the Mill.

“Did I say something wrong?” I heard him cry out.

I whirled around to face him, “Nay, but why me? I am unworthy of you!”

He walked towards me until we were face to face, “That is untrue, everyone is worthy of love.”

He leaned down towards me and our lips touched. I kissed him back and then laid my forehead upon his.

“What is to become of us?” I whispered.

“May I meet your father?” He asked.

I smiled happily and took his hand, leading him to the lane.


“Father! I am home!” I cried out into the Mill.

I heard a rustling and my fathers worn face peaked out from behind a pile of stacked grain-filled bags.

“Kayla! Did you recieve the money from the Baker?” He asked, coming out from behind the pile.

“Aye, and he gave us a little extra as well.”

“That is good.” He walked towards me and Boromir, his gaze fixed upon Boromir.

“And who is this striking young man?” He uttered joyfully as he wiped his soiled hands upon a worn rag.

“My name is Boromir, and I am pleased to meet the father of such a beautiful daughter.” Boromir stated graciously.

“I am pleased to meet you as well, though, I have a feeling that there is something more to this visit than just salutations.”

“Aye there is.” I looked up at him surprised. “I have come to ask your daughter’s hand in marriage and permission for her to come with me back to Gondor.”

I stood staring at Boromir, shocked at his proposal. Then my gaze turned towards my father, his face thoughtful.

Boromir continued to state his case, “I know that I do not know your daughter well, but I know that this is true; she has a gentle and noble spirit, worthy of anyone’s love, even mine.” His eyes fell upon me and I smiled up at him.

After a few minutes of painful silence my father spoke.

“Aye, you may.” he replied silently, but his face was filled with hurt.

“Oh father! Thankyou!” I rushed towards him and embraced him. As I pulled away he had tears in his eyes.

“I wish your mother was here now.” He told me solemnly.

“I know, so do I. And I shall you miss you very much.” I cried bitterly.


I shook my head as the memories dissipated and reality snapped back. The sun was beginning to rise and I knew that this day had come, the day in which Boromir was to leave to Rivendell. I leaned over and kissed him gently, his eyes opened and he kissed me back. I leaned back and he sat up, propped upon his pillow.

“Do not look at me like that!” He teased.

“Aye, but it is not to late to decline this trip. Nothing good will come to it, I can feel it!” I pleaded.

“I have to, for Gondor.” He stared back at me and I knew that I could not persuade him.

I stayed silent as he dressed himself in his best attire and went out to the stables with two other representatives. He came back leading his favorite horse that was prepped and ready to set out. He walked towards me and kissed me passionately.

“I love you Kayla, and I promise that I shall return.”

“I love you too.” I could not utter any more for sorrow choked my words.


I sat on the windowsill staring into the West, wondering where Boromir was, if he was injured or even worse. Some time back we had news that Boromir had accepted a perilous mission. He was too go into the East and destroy the One Ring that was forged by Sauron. I hated him for this, why would he accept such a dangerous quest?

Footsteps broke my thoughts and a quick raspy knock came from outside my door. As I opened the old oaken door I came face to face with one of Denethor’s personal messengers.

“Denethor needs to see you urgently Mi’lady.” He breathed quickly.

“Aye, I shall come right away.”

I closed the door and followed the messenger down the passage and flight of stairs. I entered a large hallway and came upon the doors of the Main Hall. As I entered a hushed silence fell upon the assembly. Denethor looked up at me, his eyes rimmed red from tears.

“What is the matter?” I cried as I rushed towards him.

He held out his hands and within his palms laid pieces of a Gondorian Horn. I reached out and touched it gingerly, my hands shaking. My eyes fell upon Denethor’s face.

“Is he…” I began.

“I am sorry Kayla.” Denethor’s voice was shaky.

I scooped up the broken horn and held it to my chest, I fell to my knees weeping bitterly. Memories of him filled my thoughts as a flood of tears fell from my eyes. He was gone, and there was nothing in my power that I could do to bring him back. I rushed back to my bedchambers, and after many hours of bitter weeping I laid in thought. I could not stay there anymore, there was to many memories of him. I spoke to Denethor later and discussed with him my plans of moving back home, to my father. With much debate and persuasion it was set, I was too depart the next day.

I woke up solemnly the next day and dressed in black. I set myself upon my horse, surrounded by my protectors whom was to lead me back home safely. Just as we were to leave Denethor came out to see me depart. He took his hand within his and uttered his goodbyes.

“Kayla I wish you not to leave, but if you must, I will not stop you. You have been a blessing within my household and you will always be welcome here.”

“Thankyou kind sir, I shall miss you greatly.”

I started my horse out of the gates of the city not looking back.


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