Flight to the Ford – A Story Through Frodo’s Eyes

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Arwen rescuing Frodo at the Ford
There she stood in front of me. Gleaming like a star in the night. A white jewel hung around her neck. Merry asked, ” Who is she?” She was an elf come to rescue me. She whispered words in Elven to me. Aragorn picked me up and placed me on the white horse that brought the Evenstar. She mounted the horse behind me. Sam yelled, ” What are you doing? Those Wraiths are still out there!”

Aragorn trusted her. I saw it in his eyes. I was frightened as I passed into the Shadow World. Arwen rode fast. She flung branches away from her face.A sharp branch scraped against her cheek causing a scratch on her fair face.

A Wraith out of the trees caught sight of her with me. He chased her. Soon all nine ringwraiths began to enclose her. One tried to take me

“Nerolim, Asfaloth!” she urged the horse on

She finally reached the Ford. ” Give up the HAlfling!” a wraith demanded.

“If you want him, come and claim him!” Arwen held up an Elvish sword ready to strike the Ringwraiths if they dared come near me.

Udomiel uttered Elvish words which I did not understand. She looked to the right. A fast raging river of galopping horses charged against the Nazgul. The river consumed them knocking the Wraiths from their horses. Arwen had triumphed.

I began to fall off the horse. I was nearly a Wraith like them. The Evenstar wept and her sweet tears fell onto my head. ” What grace has been given me, let it pass to him. Let im be spared. Save him.”

Out of the darkness and Shadow I was called by Elrond, Lord of Rivendell. I found myself in a bed in Rivendell waking from a deep sleep because the Evenstar had saved my life.


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