Fire Lust – Chp.3

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It was Darrion! No wait. He looked identical to Darrion except his eyes, which were a dark lightless green and his features, although he had identical facial features they had a sinister look about them. For a moment everything seemed to stop. The fellowship was stunned but that was nothing compared to the elves. All three of them, especially Darrion himself, looked completely surprised and disgusted. They didn’t seem to notice as Kela collapsed. She may have hurt herself if Gimli hadn’t rushed forward and caught her. He looked from one to the other with a perplexed expression.
“Lord Ssenkrad.” Said Sehsa arm extending to the newcomer. The new elf, Ssenkrad, walked slowly towards them, an evil smile playing about his lips.
“Well, well, well, if it isn’t my good friends Legolas, Arwen and Darrion.” He said sniffing as if in amusement when he said Darrion’s name. He looked every one of them up and down and then said,
“So this is the famous fellowship I’ve heard so much about. Legolas I heard you made great friends with a dwarf, I have to say I never would have thought you could sink so low but then I suppose you had a strange taste in friends.” Gimli growled softly and Legolas’ jaw twitched.
“Ssenkrad I thought you were dead!” said Arwen her voice trembling slightly with anger.
“Where on earth did you get such a horrid idea from my dear Arwen?” he said far too innocently. He turned to the servants who had crept up closer to see what was going on. “Escort my guests to their accommodations and take the girl up to my own chambers.” Immediately the servants spurred into action. One picked Kela up and disappeared through a door on the right while everyone else was dragged to a door on the left. Suddenly Ssenkrad said,
“Wait!” they stopped. “Torture all but the elves. They can go straight to their ‘room’.” So the elves were separated from their friends and loved ones. They were taken into an underground prison and thrown into one of the cells. The orcs laughed and sneered at them then left. As soon as they were out of ear shot Arwen burst into tears. Legolas put his arm around her shoulder and gently rubbed her arm up and down in an effort to calm her. Darrion sat in the far corner curled up in a ball, staring at the wall but not actually seeing it. They were all consumed with thoughts, each his or her own. Legolas was feeling sick. Everything he had ever believed in seemed to have been turned upside down. Arwen was terrified about what would happen to Aragorn and the others. Darrion. Well Darrion was, what he was was, there is no way to describe his feelings at all. They are too intense to use normal words and there are no other words to describe them. He just sat there unmoving, just staring at the wall.

Aragorn screamed as the orcs placed a fire hot poker onto a sever wound in his arm. All around him the others were screaming as the orcs did unthinkable things to them. The hobbits were being hung upside down by their ankles and were being hung over a fire, close enough to be burned by the heat but far enough not to get killed. Poor Gimli was being tossed, literally thrown like a ball from one orc to the other like they were playing some mad evil game of catch the dwarf. Gandalf was being dragged along the ground by a warg. His wrists were manacled to a harness on its back. Eowyn was running as fast as she could away from the orcs, who swore to do the worst thing you could ever do to a woman if they caught her. Farimir was on a stretch rack crying out in pain. They all wanted this to end one way or another.

There came a bang as they were dragged to the cell where Legolas, Arwen and Darrion were locked in. They were thrown unceremoniously in on top of them so Legolas and Darrion couldn’t make a dash for the door. The orcs laughed and went back to their ghastly work. For a while there was mostly silence as they tended to each other. Poor Farimir was so sore from the rack he could not move. Aragorn’s arm was badly cut and the hot poker had burned the nerves badly so he could barely move his fingers. He would probably never wield a sword again. Eowyn had managed to keep away from the orcs until they gave up and had just made her watch helplessly as the other were tortured. Pippin’s hair was singed badly but other then the tender head he was all right. Sam unfortunately had the appearance of a boiled lobster; his skin had been burnt raw by the heat. Frodo and Merry were in between Sam and Pippin’s conditions. Gimli was too dizzy from the tossing to do anything but groan and hold his head. Gandalf’s front was in shreds and he wince with every time he moved or even if the wind made his tattered robes flutter.
“Will some one please tell me what’s going on and why that elf lord looks like Darrion.” said Gimli still holding his head. Farimir raised his own a bit off the ground but then let it fall back down.
“There is a simple explanation master Gimli.” said Darrion who hadn’t spoken since before they entered the city. “That elf is my twin brother.” He had said the word brother like it was a sour taste in his mouth and never took his eyes off the wall behind them.
“Your brother?”
“Well he was but as soon as he showed his true colours and showed he really was Ssenkrad he was no longer part of my family.”
“Or one of our friends.” added Arwen furiously,
“Or one of our cities people.” said Legolas with contempt.
“What did you mean by showed he really was Ssenkrad?” asked Gandalf, Darrion chuckled darkly,
“It is darkness said backwards. It was what we called him when we were young. We each had another name; I was Ssenthgrib brightness; Legolas was Daehnedlog, goldenhead; Kela was Flehctiw, witchelf. Arwen was in Lothlorien at the time when all this started but we told her about it. My brother’s real name was Dakara. He loved all the dark things but it didn’t seem to do any harm to others and we loved to tease him about it. Anyway when we all just starting adulthood he often disappeared without a word, but we just assumed he did it to annoy us or he was seeing someone. But he seemed to be changing. He became more irritable and snapped at us if we disturbed him and became more solitary. At last we had had enough and decided to follow him. Kela was busy so she had to stay behind. Legolas and I followed him and he led us to a cave. We carefully followed until he stopped and we hid from his sight. He began to play with dangerous magic and eventually set an elf, which he was holding prisoner, on fire and killed him. Legolas burst forth and tackled him knocking him to the ground. They struggled while I went looking for ropes. I found some and got them over Dakara and tied them tightly. He struggled and tried to say a spell but we gagged him and stopped him. We grabbed him and carried him back to Thranduil where he was questioned. I will not repeat what he said but it was awful and foul. Eventually it came that he was going to take over the land of Mirkwood and more. He would have killed King Thranduil and Legolas and taken Kela as a wife. As you can imagine Thranduil and Legolas were furious. Dakara was banished from the land of Mirkwood and we sent word to all places where elves dwelled not let him into their land. As he left he swore revenge and it looks like he’s going to try and get it.” said Darrion furiously with bitter tears in his eyes. Legolas and Arwen exchanged a look of worry and Aragorn knew they were worrying about Kela. She was weak from the loss of her powers and if Dakara was more powerful then when they had last seen him, then there was no telling what he might do to her. For all her experience, stubbornness and skills she was still an innocent child who always looked up to her brother and Arwen who was like her sister. Suddenly Legolas looked sharply at Darrion and said angrily
“You never told me he said he would take my baby sister as a wife!” Darrion seemed to realised he’d slipped up. He opened and closed his mouth several times but obviously didn’t have an answer. Legolas glared at him and then turned to Gandalf.
“Do you have any knowledge of where we are or anything of this place?” Gandalf shook his head wincing as he did.
“No I don’t he must have been very clever about it, for nothing to reach any of our ears.” Farimir slowly rose to his feet and began to run his hands along the bars. He examined them thoroughly but sat back down with a sigh obviously not finding a weak spot. They were going to be there a while!

Kela’s eyes gently flickered open. She felt groggy and cold. She couldn’t remember what had happened at all. She looked around from where she lay on a big soft bed. The room was gothic and foreboding. It was covered in blood red tapestries and black ornaments and carvings. She then realised there was someone in the room with her. She raised her head and looked at the door. A she-elf stood there. She was the same as all the others she had seen. She could remember clearly now what had happened. As Kela began to rise up and get off the bed the she-elf moved to her side and said
“Rest my Lady for the master will want you in good health when he speaks with you.” Kela frowned at her but felt afraid and weak so she sat on the bed leaning her back against the wall. She glared at the elf who seemed in different. Presently she asked
“Where am I?” the elf did not answer. She then asked
“Where are Legolas and Darrion and the rest?” again no answer. Kela was getting impatient. She made to get up and asked again while throttling this silent she-elf. But before she had a foot on the ground the she-elf turned away and went out of the room shutting the door behind her. As soon as the door shut she was on her feet and trying to open it. But it was locked! She looked around the room to try and find another way out but the only other way was the window, which was far to high to get out of. Still she looked all over carefully trying to find a secret way out. But alas no avail. She punched the wall sending pain shooting up her arm.
“That wasn’t very clever.” came a cocky voice. Kela whirled around to face.
“Dakara!” she cried glaring at him. He smirked at her and moved closer. She stood her ground and stared at him angrily, determined to make him look away. He smiled even more and his eyes took her in. She bit her tongue to keep from screaming at him. She said as calmly as she could
“Where are my brother and the others?”
“Oh I had them place in their accommodations.” he said casually.
“So you had them put in a cell.” said Kela snippily. He laughed softly and said
“You have not changed a bit.”
“No I haven’t so you know that I’m prepared to fight my way out of here with my friends.” she said
“I don’t think you’ll be doing that.” he said confidently stepping even closer and placing his hand on her arm. She pulled it roughly off. He smiled sinisterly and began to pace slowly and menacingly, never taking his eyes off her. She crossed her arms and leaned against the wall. Presently he stopped pacing and looked at her,
“You know you are very beautiful.” he said quietly and sincerely. She replied sarcastically
“Yes well coming from you that is not a compliment.” He smiled even more.
“O it was, truly no one can ever equal to your beauty. Why I know at least a dozen elves who would all agree with me.”
“Yes well I said coming from you not them.” she replied touchily. He laughed softly this time and moved to her. When he came too close for her likening she tried to get away but she collided with the wall and was trapped. He came so close that his nose was almost touching hers. She was unnerved at how much he looked like Darrion. He slowly raised his hand and stroked her hair at the ear. She squirmed a little to tell him to stop but he just rubbed her hair between his fingers. His other hand slipped to her back. She wanted to fight back, wanted to push him away, but she was overcome by ridged fear. She was terrified, not just of him and what he was doing but that she was scared. She had never felt so scared in all her life. Slowly he pulled her towards him so all space between them was gone. She was leaning against his grip but wasn’t strong enough to break away. He placed his cheek gently against hers and kissed her hair. She whimpered quietly as he went on to run his lips along her cheek to her own lips, and gently press his on them. She pulled as hard as she could and pushed him away enough to see his face. She was trembling and whispered through sobs that raked her body
“Why, why are you doing this, what do you want?” His sinister smile returned and he placed his hand against the back of her head and pulled her towards him again and whispered in her ear,
“What I want, is you!”

Kela froze at his words and he took this chance to play with her. He pulled the dress neckline to uncover her shoulder and gently stroked it with his fingers, he placed his lips on her soft skin and closed his eyes as he felt past her skin into her spirit and was pleased to see it was beginning to weaken. But that touch from his lips seemed to spark something and with tremendous effort she pushed him away completely and pulled her dress’ neckline back over her white shoulder, the mark of his lips still upon it.
“You can’t! You can’t have me, I am Darrions’ I swore to him I was his because I love him and I despise you!” she shouted furiously, her fiery hair seem to have become real fire. He wasn’t surprised by any of this. He knew Kela well enough to know it would take time to make her his, but in the mean time he would have fun breaking her spirit and hurting Legolas, Darrion, Arwen and Thranduil in the process, because the one of the most, or the most, important thing to them was Kela and they went to surprising lengths to see she was happy. With that in mind he said cruelly
“Well you can’t belong to someone who is dead, because that is what will happen if you refuse me. I will kill all of your friends and your love and brother in front of you one by one!” She stared at him and saw he was serious, that he was not above killing them himself. Her eyes filled with tears of anger and fear.
“NO!!!” she screamed as she charged past him and opened the door and ran down the corridor into the throne room through the door on the left and down into the dungeon.

Legolas heard someone light footed running down the corridor. He looked up but could barely see a thing. But his hearing was perfect and he could hear them crying. His heart suddenly jumped to his mouth when he realised it was his baby sister. He stood up and rushed to the bars to see Kela stumbling towards them. He called out her name and held out his hand. She grabbed it and sank to the ground sobbing. Arwen and Darrion crowded around him and they all began to comfort her asking her what had happened. She told them and their reaction was unsurprising. The others had seen how much they cared about the younger elf’s safety and knew that inside each elf was enough flames to bring mount doom back to life twice as powerful. That was scaring them. Darrion reached out and lifted her chin up so he was looking into her eyes. He saw the pain and fear and humiliation in her deep blue eyes. He pulled her as close as he could through the bars and hugged her with Legolas and Arwen. Suddenly Dakara appeared with several orcs. He sneered to see Kela leaning against the bars with the three elves arms around her. She looked up at him and trembled. She pressed even harder against the bars. He shook his head at her and held out his hand in a way which ordered her to get up and follow him. She shook her head and whimpered even more. He snapped his fingers and the orcs went, pulled Legolas Arwen and Darrion off her and grabbed her roughly and pulled her away. She could be heard sobbing as they left through the door. Legolas was on his feet and was staring after her, looking angry and worried. His gaze turned to Dakara and turned to pure loathing. He snarled like a beast in anger. Arwen was like a cat whose tail had been stepped on. Darrion was frozen still crouching his arms just as they had been left by the orcs. He felt defeated. He slowly turned his head to look at the elf that he’d once called brother. Dakara was smirking and said
“Well now how do you like that? Kela is such a hypocrite, don’t you agree, I mean she always went on about her powers and yet when she meets someone who is her equal she hates them.”
“She hates you because you use your power for evil!” said Gandalf quietly. Dakara gave a short laugh. Darrion watched him and he said slowly
“How can you do this Dakara?”
“Do what, I happen to be doing a number of things?” was the mocking reply.
“How can you do this to Kela? Especially after what she’s been through with this sort of thing. Remember when she didn’t come home after dark and we went looking for her? We found a man attempting to force himself on her. We all attacked him and you killed him. You then told her that you were going to protect her from this kind of thing and yet you are now doing it yourself. Why?”
“Because I want to and because I have always wanted her!” Dakara said his eyes narrowing.
“You have no right to her and we will never allow you to do what you are planning, just the thought of it makes me sick.”
“Well what can you do o great Prince Legolas?” Legolas face was twisted angrily as he glared at him.
“All of Mirkwood will come and stop you.”
“I doubt that Mirkwood would stand a chance against my forces. I have more orcs then Mordor and Isengard during the War put together!”
“Well they wont stand alone! Gondor will stand by them!” declared Aragorn rising to his feet and standing beside his wife.”
“They will also have every dwarf in Middle-earth by their side!” said Gimli gruffly
“Rohan as well!” Eowyn stood up
“The Istar!”
“And the Shire!” cried Pippin a determined look on his face. Dakara burst out laughing.
“Do you really think dwarves will help elves, or the Istar interfere, and as for the Hobbits well I can say with absolute certainty that they would be committing suicide if they went to a fight.” He wiped his eyes and then said
“Well I really have to go now, lots to do, you know!” He turned on his heels and walked smartly out. He was enjoying this far more then he thought he would have. But right now he wished to finish what he and Kela had started in his chambers!

~Authors Note~ I soooooo sorry about taking forever to post this but with school and all that well i just haven’t had the time, plus I’ve had a writers block for a couple of MONTHS! hope you liked this new entry, but please tell me if there is anything you disapprove of for future stories, because I’m afraid of going too deep into certain things, if you get my meaning!


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