Fire Emerald – Chapter 2

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[Well met, old friend] the figure said, stepping out into the light. It was a woman. Her hair was a jet black. She wore a sword at her side. She embraced the other woman.

[I thought you wouldnt come, Aris!] the other answered. Aris snorted.

[I wouldn’t desert a friend, espesially you, Firen.] she said softly. Firen smiled gratefully.

[Well we have to go now. I was about to leave without you.] she said, her smile fading.[My time is near] she said solomly. Aris nodded gravely. Then without a word, she raised two fingers to her mouth and blew a clear sherp whistle. Out of the shadows stepped a midnight black horse. But he was taller and larger than a normal horse. And on each side of him were a great wings. He snorted, and shook reslestly. Firen’s horse pranced nervously. Firen walked over and stroked his neck.[Its fine, Fireheart. You remeber Artimas.]
she coed. Fireheart quieted down under her touch. She turned back to Aris, making a face.[Artimas even scares me.] she said laughing. Aris just smiled and walked over and leaped onto her strange stallion’s neck.

[Come. You said we must leave now.] she said. Firen nodded. She turned around and vaulted onto Fireheart’s back. Firen and Aris glanced at each other and nodded once. They slowly manuvered their horses out of the dark forest. At the edge of Fangorn, she urged her horse into a gallop. So they rode, two dark black horses, side by side. The landscape whipped by as the two horsesran for hours. Finally the two women stopped for a rest. They got off their horses. Firenmade a fire and the two sat around it, warming themselves. They both ate their lembas in silence.

[I have been long with the Men. What knews of the Elves?] Firen asked Aris. Aris was an Elf. Actualy Firen was an Elf too, but she spent alot of time with Men. Theoden was a great friend (Grima was an idiot) and Faramir was like a brother.

[There was a great Council at Rivendell. The One Ring has been discovered again.] Aris said softly. Firen sighed.

[Aye, we will have Sauron to contend with on our quest for the Fire Emerald.] she said. Aris glanced at her.

[I know that you have to get the Fire Emerald to get back to the Elemental Kingdom. But i dont know why. Can you tell me?] she said quietly. Firen sat there silently for a long moment.

[This is a very private kept secret. If i tell you this, will you swear never to tell another living sole?] she asked.

[I swear.] Aris promised. Firen fiddled with her lembas for a second. Then she opened her mouth and began the Tale of the Fire Emerald.

If anyone’s confused with who is who, this is a helper:

Firen: Life’s cousin. A citizen of the Elemental Kingdom. She looks like an Elf. She spends alot of time with Men and is liked by them all. A woman warrior with magical powers. She is on a quest for the Fire Emerald.

Aris: An elven warrior. She was the shadow person from the last chapter. A very good friend of Firen. She also has special powers. She is helping on Firen’s quest.

Artimas: Aris’s strange steed. A dark black, veeeeery large horse with two wings.

Fireheart: Firen’s horse. A dark black. One of the Mearas.

I hope people are reading this! This is still dedicated to Life Mistress Greenleaf even though she is not reading it! Its also dedicated to Aris ElvenWarrior, because her charactor is a big part of the story!
Hey Aris, do you write any stories? I hope you guys like it! Please comment! Please Please Please!


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