Fire Emerald – Chapter 1

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Just so you know, all words in brackets [] are words spoken in Elvish. This is because I don’t have a handy Elvish dictionary like some people. Enjoy!!

She leaned down onto her dark stallion’s neck.

[Faster, my friend, faster. We cannot be late. Ride hard.] She whispered to her horse. He responded and galloped faster. The wind whistled through her red-brown hair, flinging it out behind her. Her horse was a powerful stallion, jet-black. He ran faster and faster, the world whipped by, as her horse, one of the Mearas (did I spell that right?) ran as fast as he could. The great forest of Fangorn loomed above her, growing bigger to her eyes as they neared it.

[Slower, my friend, we are here.] She said softly, stroking his sweat soaked neck. He slowed down to a trot, then a walk, and finally to a complete stop, at the very edge of the forest. She jumped off of him.

[I am sorry for pushing you. But I could not be late. This is very important.] She said, slowly leading him through the forest. Twisting and turning through the bleak forest, she slowly made her way to the decided meeting place. Her feet did not make a sound as she walked nimbly through the forest. Her stallion made about as little noise as she did. She looked at him proudly. She had trained him well. His body was wet with sweat. They had traveled many miles that day, at an astonishing pace.

[Not much farther, my friend. We are close. Then you can rest.] She said to him. A few minuets later they entered a small clearing. She let her grateful horse graze. Meanwhile she went off and gathered dead branches off the ground.

[No, I will not take live branches off the trees. I know the consequences of that, perhaps better than anyone else.] She said to the trees, running her hands over their rough bark. With a bundle of dead branches in her arms, she walked back to the clearing. As she entered the clearing, she glanced around.

[Not here yet.] She muttered to herself. She walked to the center of the clearing she put the branches down. She arranged them in the center of a circle of stones. The circle of stones was here from the last time she had been here. She outstretched her arm, pointing it at the pile of stones. She closed her eyes and concentrated. She felt the familiar warmth in her hand as a fireball shot out, and the bundle of branches burst into flame. She sat down near the warm fire. She pulled her cloak around her as the cool breezes of the night blew at her. She shivered. She opened her pack and took out some lembas. She chewed on it thoughtfully. She remembered when her younger cousin Life had eaten too much lembas and had been sick. She smiled at the memory. Her smile slowly faded as she remembered. She might not see Life or anyone from her family again. The fire crackled. She reached out with her mind and tried to calm it. The fire roared back at her and she could not control it. She jerked her mind back, visibly shaken. She had been able to control fire since she was very young. Not being able to control it meant only one thing. Her time was near. There was only one thing she could do. She had to get back to the Elemental Kingdom, now. But she could not! Until she found the Fire Emerald! And she could not find the Fire Emerald until…. Her face broke into a wide smile. She jumped up and turned around. She looked at a dark shadow leaning against a tree.

[I am so glad you are here! My time is near. We must go.]

Yep! If you are reading this, Life Mistress Greenleaf, witch I hope you are, you have a cousin! Please inform me on anything I need to know about the Elemental Kingdom! If you are reading this and you have a person, name, character thingy that you want me to include in my story, just tell me about it and I will include it! I already have a part for Aris ElvenWarrior! Please Comment!

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