Fiona’s Diary – Chapters four, five, and six

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Sorry about the delay for posting this. I was away for ages but I’m back for now. YAY!!! A big THANK YOU goes to everyone who reviewed last time. *Soujirou grin* Your comments really help me out! By the way, the three chapters here are all in first person. The next one will be in third person. Sorry about giving you the wrong info.
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Chapter 4

Dear Diary,

Today I am able to get out of bed without being carried. Yay! Of course I need some assistance for walking longer distances. I’ve been helping Shinkonara in the stables to pass the time. She’s friendly and good with animals like her twin brother Sagaryu. I met the twenty five horses stabled here and have been helping fill out records about each one. (That’s a lot compared to most stables where I live!) Other things I did were polishing tack, washing blankets, and filling barrels of water.

The horses are a diverse group. Some are elven horses and ponies. Others are prized horses from Rohan which words can’t describe. There are a few stocky ponies native to the area that are hardy and courageous. Lastly are the small hoses from Harad. They have good people sense and their appearance reminds me of Arabian horses.

Shinkonara says that when my health improves she will let me ride all of the horses and even give me one that I can keep permanently while I am in Middle Earth!

After helping out there, Ranami came to visit me. He said that we should get to know each other better. You know about me and my boring life, that is no longer boring, so here’s what Ranami told me.

He’s 26. He originally lived here but was taken to Harad when he was about 3 or 4. By age 16, he was venturing around the lands east of the Misty Mountains. When he was twenty, he went to Rivendell ans met Aragorn who was two years younger at the time. The duo became friends and when Aragorn left to wander, Ranami went with him. Ranami decided to settle down with a group of friends and that was how Outpost was founded.

However, I still feel some details have been left out and there are still secrets to be revealed. However, prying is rude so I’ll have to find out myself. Namarie!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Chapter 5

Dear Diary,

Today I have spent time helping Ryu. Since he runs the armory and is the weapons master here along with Ranami, I have spent my day cleaning swords, knives, daggers, and various pole arms. I’ve also learned how to make arrows. All this was done in the fencing courts.

I overheard in several conversations that this is the time of year ( spring) when orcs from Moria and other enemies often attack because the snow in the highlands has just melted. This means that the roads are fairly safe to travel until November. This leaves roads open for anyone or anything.

Another thing of importance is that Ranami practices with a wooden sword that looks like it’s made out of bamboo instead of a normal sword. I guess it’s so no one gets hurt but there could be other reasons. However, he has a normal sword that is used in battle. When he unsheathed it, I got a strange feeling like there was some strange force Ranami was battling inside himself. It was apparent because his eyes were changing constantly showing worry, anger, and then determination and resolution. Plus, it seemed like Ryu was growing tense as this was happening.

Speaking of Ryu, he seems to be at ease with weapons. He says he wants to teach me how to fight. I guess I should describe him for you. He’s tall with coal black hair in a high set ponytail. He dresses like Ranami as do most of the people here. Sometimes, he can have a temper from what I’ve been told. At other times, he can act like a big flirt, but not often.

Aragorn spent some time with me today. He says that once I recover completely, he’ll take me on a trip into the hills and moors in the area. However, at the moment, he’s going to Annuminas tomorrow to pick up a package for Ranami. No one will deliver it here because the roads are soggy from the unusually heavy rain we got last night. Nothing else to write about. Namarie. -Fiona

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Chapter 6

Dear Diary,

It’s been three days since my last update and I can walk without any assistance what so ever! I’ve been helping out everywhere now. The work can be hard at times, but it’s fun because I love where I am and what I’m doing. You get the idea. Ranami, Tsuki, and Shinkonara helped me pick out a horse today. The one that I chose to use is called Zephyer, a small mare from Harad. She has a reddish dun coat and a dark brown mane and tail. I’ve ridden her already and luckily, she has a gentle, willing temperament but can also think situations out for herself. Aragorn isn’t back yet because the roads are like chocolate milk since it’s been raining for the past two and a half days non stop.

Ryu has began to teach me how to use a sword. I’ve been using a light rapier for practice and will be given a sword for personal use once I master the basics. I’ve been given a bow since Ryu thinks I can handle one with enough skill to use it for self defense.

Today, I’ve been spending the majority of my time in the stables, gardens, and now that I have Zephyer, by the lake that’s a stones throw away from Outpost. My favorite thing to do there is ride out until the water reaches my mount’s knees and then either walk and watch fish, or trot and get wet.

Even though I am happy here, I do miss home a little. You see, I tend to over emphasize the bad things in life so it seems like my life is terrible but it isn’t. I miss the good parts of my life like my good friends, my pets(excluding Aura) and my crush most of all.

You see, he always makes me smile when I see him. He isn’t THE hottest guy in school, but he’s really sweet, nice to nearly everyone, and can be hilarious. He’s also got this really ethereal voice that’s just so calming, kind, and melodic, I can’t help falling head over heels for a chance to talk to him. However, he doesn’t know I like him and I’m too shy to say anything. On op of that, he’s a couple of grades above me! I AM a hopeless romantic. At first, I didn’t want to like him as I do now, but I couldn’t help falling in love. It annoys me at times because I don’t want to concentrate on boys. I want to focus on my talents: drawing, writing, and playing the piano. In my opinion, this guy who I will leave unnamed will distract me from improving my talents and focusing on the important things in life. But I can’t just shove my emotions aside like garbage.

I really should apologize for this rambling. It’s just what happens when you’re in love. I need to go to be now. Namarie and goodnight!


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