Fiona’s Diary – Chapter 8

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Sorry I haven’t updated for a bit. My computer got a virus and had to be fixed and then more things. Hopefully, I got the translations correct for the elvish I use. Just shout if it’s not right. Thanks!

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Fiona’s Diary

Chapter 8

Dear Diary, three days have gone by since my last entree and I have all the answers. Aragorn took me on a trip into the hills as he had talked about earlier. They were gorgeous with bracken, lichen, wildflowers, and heather not yet in bloom. ( I think it blooms in August. I’m not sure though. Our final destination was a glen with steep slopes speckled with boulders and a meandering stream that trickled through it. It was very picturesque.

After we set up camp and tethered the horses to a small, scrubby bush, I decided to ask about Ranami.

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“Aragorn, yesterday before the battle, that one guy was talking about Ranami. He wanted him to come back to the Red Serpent tribe and he called him Edhel Dagnir. What does Edhel Dagnir mean and why would the Haradim, especially a tribe linked to Sauron, want him back? I don’t mean to pry and apologize for being so nosey but I’m starting to believe there’s a lot I don’t know and it would help if you could explain it to me.”

Aragorn sighed. Not an exasperated or frustrated sigh but one filled of tragedy and sorrow with a hint of peace.
” I should have told you sooner but that can’t be changed. Anyhow, Edhel Dagnir translates to elf slayer. Ranami earned this title because he was an assassin of elves for the Red Serpent Tribe. He was abducted at age four by that tribe and up until he was fourteen he trained in Harad to become an assassin. By eighteen years of age he was an accomplished killer slaying many elves of Lorien, Rivendell, and Mirkwood and men of Gondor. He was then taken captive by the Sunrise Eagle tribe which was opposed to the forces of Sauron. That tribe was merciful and spared his life but remained a prisoner. With them he met Tsuki and Ryu and the other Haradim that are residents of Outpost. They replaced Ranami the cold assassin with Ranami the placid traveler.

After spending more than enough time with the Sunrise Eagle tribe, Ranami wanted to leave and atone for his murders so he decided to go to Rivindell and speak with Lord Elrond to apologize for his actions. His friend accompanied him and Elrond pardoned him and let his stay for as long as he desired. At the time, I did not yet know my true identity and was living in the elven city.

We all became close friends quickly so when I decided to become a ranger after discovering my identity and meeting Arwen, Ranami and his escort accompanied me. We traveled together until we reached Anuminas where I was told I could find the present chieftain, Halbarad who had taken over the role after my father died in battle. Ranami’s group split from me to settle by Lake Evendim. He and his friends wanted to make a living by using their talents. Ranami was an accomplished healer by now and Ryu was an expert with a variety of weapons. So that was how Outpost was founded.

Ranami wants to leave his past behind but he’ll never be able to forget what happened. Few people know they live near a former assassin which is good. If word got out, he would be hunted down and killed. I don’t even know if his friends would be trusted after his death. The last time I visited, the courtyard and caves weren’t developed so apparently they’ve been prosperous.

He still struggles with his past though. He has a troubled, sorrowful expression when he handles a sword and after battles, he tries to give friend and foe a proper burial. He’ll heal wounded men and give all wounded orcs as well as mortally wounded enemies mercy strokes. He’s often depressed after battle. Other than what I’ve said, he is generally living a normal life. That’s about it really. Did I answer your questions Erithrindae?”

“Yes, thank you Aragorn,” solemnly replied Fiona.

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After I got the answers I was shocked. I would have never guessed in a million years that Ranami was an assassin. However the pieces of the puzzle fit together perfectly. I think he’s definitely perfected hiding his past and not letting his slayer self break through, if it’s even there at all.
For the remainder of the evening, we discussed our surroundings, local gossip, and Outpost.

One important detail I forgot to tell you about the glen is that a colossal stone tower looms over the highest slope of the glen. By the moon’s light, I can make out the dark formations of ruins. Aragorn says it was once a watchtower that fell under siege and it’s treasure was never found by the enemy and he believes we can find it’s location. He also says you can see all the way to the sea from it. We will climb it and look through the ruins all day tomorrow. I am very excited to find out what the treasure is. I can see all of the stars and the weather is perfect for sleeping outside. Namarie!

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Addresses of previous chapters in order (I’m missing the very first one, I couldn’t find it.)


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