Fiona’s Diary – Chapter 6

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Sorry about taking an age to update. I’ve been caught up in marching band and reading A Tale of Two Cities for my English class. ( NOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Come back Syd.!!!!!!!!! I’ll marry you! * hugs Sydney Carton plushie*) Many thanks to those of you who reviewed last time. Criticism ( is that spelled right) is always welcome as are ideas for the story.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ = change between first and third person


Fiona’s Diary – Chapter 6

Dear Diary,

It’s been a week since my last update and a lot has changed. I’m not sure if I said before but springtime is when orc and enemies from other lands like to attack Outpost and the surrounding settlements including Annuminas. The first day since my last update, Aragorn returned from his errand at dawn and immediately told Ranami that at nightfall, orcs and soldiers from the south and far east are coming to attack. From what I’ve heard, this many enemy forces this far North isn’t normal. After, that announcement, Outpost became a flurry of activity.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

” Thank you Aragorn. Tsuki and Fiona! Go get everyone in the building in the courtyard now!” ordered Ranami.

“What’s up with Ranami?” asked Fiona

“He’s mad, blazing mad. You see, there are good and evil tribes among the Easterlings and Haradim. And well…look, this is a long story. You’ll probably unravel it during the battle. Right now what’s important is following orders. I apologize for my edginess. It angers everyone here to see Haradim and Easterling tribes on the side of Sauron,” said Tsuki.

Fifteen minutes later, all of the people living in Outpost had assembled in the courtyard and Ranami began to issue orders. “Now that your all here, I’ll start. You…..”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

For the attacks that were to take place, everyone was assigned a post that they were assigned to guard. There were mainly archers, but if we got reinforcements, there would be a group of mounted soldiers. Assuming no reinforcements came, I was an archer that took down any enemies who were able to enter the courtyard. If there was a small calvary, I was to saddle horses and do page and squire-like duties and then resume my normal position.

Soon after the posts were assigned, refugees started to come. At first, there was a trickle of people which then grew into a steady stream of people. Aragorn told me that refugees often would come here to seek protection because it is safer for them to band together here than each sparsely populated village fending for itself. The villagers filing into the courtyard and down into the safer caves.

They were a diverse group. There were young mothers with toddlers, children, teens, young men and middle aged men who could fight, middle aged women, and elderly people too. All of them were dressed in simple wool garments. Some of them brought animals. There were dogs, cats, horses and ponies, goats, cattle, sheep, and even a messenger pigeon.

The day passed like molasses in January. All I did was help direct people to the caves and occasionally put an animal in the stables. By the evening, I was nervous. I felt like I couldn’t eat but everyone vehemently forced me to eat a little because they said I would need the energy and if I didn’t eat I would get a stomach ache later. They also gave me tips, hints, and bits of advice since it is my first battle. One that sticks in my mind is the talk Aragorn gave me.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Erethrindae, may I speak with you for a moment?”asked Aragorn.

“Yeah, sure. What do you want?”

“For now, could you please help me with some of these fastenings on my armor. If it’s the last thing I do I swear I will never wear plate armor again even if Ranami insists like he did tonight.”

As Fiona stifled a giggle at the Ranger’s comment and helped to tighten the armor, Aragorn began to speak.

“Lass, I want you to be careful tonight. War is dangerous. You’ve probably read all those books and fairytales where good is depicted as being invincible. I know I read that fluff when I was your age. When I got involved in my first major battle as a ranger, my world was turned upside down. Everything I believed about war was shattered. In that battle, the forces of Sauron drove the Dunedain to retreat. We were nearly being massacred.

Use your common sense and don’t go trying to play hero. It’s tempting but your inexperienced. If you need help, just shout. Hanamtel has a position near you and even though she’s quite young by Dunedain standards, she’s good with a bow and has the aim of an elf. So ask her if you need anything. Got it?”

“Yes,” Fiona stated solemnly.

“Good. Now for everyone’s sake, don’t get yourself killed,” said Aragorn in a playful tone of voice.

“How can he be so relaxed?” Fiona mused aloud as he walked away to get his bow and arrows.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In the first battle that we were to fight, our forces would consist of only archers. I had chatted to Hanamtel a little before the battle. Looking back on it, you could say I got to be a ninja for that night and the rest of the week which was king of cool. For all the battles, I wore an entirely black outfit. I had been given normal arrows, poison tipped arrows, and a staff just in case. We were constantly lurking in the shadows on the roof or in the big pine tree in the courtyard and were told to shoot at any enemies in the courtyard from where we were.

Late into the night, our first enemies came. They were mainly orcs and a few Haradim and Easterling soldiers. The enemy had mainly foot soldiers and a few archers. Apparently, their strategy was to wear us down by sending the worst soldiers first and the last soldiers, the best ones, would finish us off. However, that wasn’t the case because we defeated the enemy every time although sometimes not by a very big margin.

In the beginning of the week, when the easier soldiers were attacking, Hanamtel let me shoot first at the ones that got into the courtyard so I could practice. Then, she would take them down.

By the fifth day, my shooting had improved greatly. Sometimes, I could take down an orc but the other enemies were too quick and unpredictable for an enemy like myself.

Now on the final battle, we finally received reinforcements from Annuminas so a calvary was formed. As a result, I was kept busy caring for war horses and helping mounted soldiers don their plate armor.

When the enemy was approaching, I thought for the first time this week that I would break down and act like the cowardly, girly, prissy pain in the butt I view myself to be in stressful situations. There were more soldiers from Harad and more Easterlings than in any of the previous battles. They brought ladders with in hopes that they could climb up and over the roof. That really stressed me out.

However, I totally forgot about that when the big mouthed leader of the enemy Haradim forces addressed us right before the battle began.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A tall man in his early fifties with short curly chocolate hair and a beard rode forwards on a steely grey stallion to the front of the forces of Sauron. In a deep voice, he bellowed, “Edhel Dagnir of the Red Serpent tribe! Come back to the Haradim and fight for us! If you do we will spare this place from destruction now and in the future. Return to your true comrades and your forces will not be slaughtered like sheep! What is your decision Edhel Dagnir?”

Ranami’s response was the simple cry of, “CHARGE!”

Both forces fought not very close Outpost but were still a bit too close for comfort. After a while, the ladders started to pop up on the roof. Hanamtel unsheathed her rapier and sliced the ladder with ease so that the top rung were broke and then kicked it down.

“Fiona, catch!” shouted Hanamtel who tossed her rapier to the girl. “Destroy the ladders! I’m going to take care of the enemies in the courtyard!”

Hanamtel certainly had luck on her side when making that decision because just then the heavy wooden door separating the courtyard from the enemy was shattered. Amid the flying splinters a stampede of Haradim and Easterling soldiers charged through the entrance. Luckily, Hanamtel was able to kill most of them from the roof and the rest were slain by refugees stationed in the courtyard.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I was glad to be cutting ladders then because if I was in Hanamtel’s situation with the gate breaking and all, I would have definitely freaked out. I did get angry when the gate broke and wanted to shoot but I knew that it was better for me to watch for ladders which were still coming up steadily. It was hard to knock the ladders down at times but I managed to destroy the majority of them.

Just before sunrise, what remained of the enemy forces pulled into their final retreat. What I couldn’t believe was that I was still alive.

You see, like I might have said before or at least hinted at, I get stressed out in new situations that are like this one. When I get stressed, I become irritable and flip out at everyone. I don’t understand how I kept my cool for the whole week though. Maybe it’s because I was in an easy position and had a great archer to watch my back. And if I would have been flipping out, I wouldn’t concentrate on fighting. And if I wasn’t fighting I’d be easy prey. So if I was easy prey I probably would have been dead by the end of the final battle. Yes, I know I’m stating the obvious.

What’s really been nagging me though is what the leader of the Red Serpent tribe from Harad said. I think it’s got to do with what Ranami left out about his past. I am determine to ask Aragorn tomorrow because I am way too tired right now. Namarie!


So how was it? Don’t be afraid to say that it’s absolute rubbish because that’s my opinion. Should I continue to alternate between first and third person. Should everything be in first person? Decisions, decisions. *sighs*


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