Fiona’s Diary – Chapter 3

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Dear Diary,
I can’t believe it! I’m actually in Middle Earth! However, it hasn’t been an easy road and it’s been four days since my last update. I’ve decided to break this entry down into the four days that I have been here.

Day 1
We left my house for the river in the woods at midnight. I had packed before so I was ready. However, I was still worried about going. The less adventurous and much more sensible side of me said to stay at home and just see that Aragorn returns safely. Contradicting it was my more rebelious side that said to go on an adventure and that no one will care if you leave or stay. I decided to compramise and go, but make sure I return.
At about 12:30, we reached the spot where I had found Aragorn and started to back track up the river. My theory was that if we found the place where he entered Earth, we could return that way as well. After a while, we came to see a small, moonlight clearing to the left of the river and a deer path on the right of the river. I was beginning to think that my idea was wrong but when I left the river’s edge to empty my boots of water in the clearing, I could have sworn I heard a wasp of music on the breeze that came out of no where. I motioned for Aragorn to come over and as I was turning around I suddenly felt like a train hit me. Then, everything went black.

After these few painful seconds I felt my body splat against a hard stone surface. Looking up, I saw Aragorn, who seemed to be fine, and the exit of a cave from which I saw a fiery red sunset outside.

Aragorn then told me that time must have stood still for him because this was exactly how it was when he left. Only after this did he notice that I was on my hands and knees. He asked if I was ok and I said I was tired and my shoulder felt weird. That was when it hit me. Somehow, my shoulder had dislocated itself. He examined it and confirmed it was dislocated and that I needed to see a healer since he couldn’t fix it. Instantly, my mind flashed with images of Rivendell when Aragorn said he knew just the place. I asked but he said that it wasn’t where I was thinking since it is farther away than where we were going. He said the trip would last all of tonight and tomorrow if we rode practically non-stop.

Then he let out a loud whistle and from a short distance away came a lovely red roan mare. Not wasting any time he picked me up and set me on the horse. As soon as he mounted in back of me , we were off at a swift canter.

Now, I had ridden horses before but never this fast. Whenever I tried to canter something always went wrong. Not wanting to look like a fool, I kept my fear inside. However, Aragorn must have felt me tense up after he mounted and assured me that Morlom*, the horse, wouldn’t act up unless we were attacked by a huge group of orcs that came out of the middle of no where. Soon later, I fell asleep, in pain, against Aragorn, listening to the rhythmic hoof beats and watching the now pink, blue, orange, and purple sky.
* * * * * * * * * * * * *
Day 2

I awoke to the sound of steady hoof beats on a muddy road. As I gazed at the sky, raindrops splashed against my face. From behind me, Aragorn wrapped a cloak around my shoulders and handed me that weird substance wrapped in funky green stuff. Immediately thinking it was another evil vegetable because of green stuff, I gave it a strange look, but Aragorn then said that it was lembas, or in other words, bread. It wasn’t the best breakfast, but I didn’t need to eat anything else for the rest of the day. The whole day passed in the same pain filled manner: light sleeping, watching the scenery, and some conversation.

By nightfall, the monsoon had paused, and the moon was out. Aragorn then pointed out a small complex of buildings that was only a speck in the distance. He said that it was our destination. As I studied the landscape, I saw a city a little bit behind us that I had slept through trying to pass the time. Ahead, I saw a vast expanse of hilly moor land in the distance and in front of it, the most beautiful lake I ever saw. It looked like a crystal mirror with a silvery light playing on the surface caused by the moon.( It’s called Lake Evendim.) On the shore farthest from us, near the hills, was our destination.

Complaining is my worst vice and for ages I hadn’t said a word about the pain of my shoulder and tiredness.( It isn’t easy to sleep on a horse.) However, it was way too much so I finally whispered, ” It hurts.” In response, Aragorn said he knew and promised that we would be at our destination soon. Minding my shoulder, he held me close as he sent Morlom into a gallop.

About 20 minutes later, we arrived at our destination on the opposite shore of the lake. At the gate, which was open, we were met by a man with coppery/bronze-like hair collected in a low set pony tail. His eyes shone like two amber gemstones and had a fair but ever so slightly tanned complexion. Presently, he was wearing a pair of baggy, white pants and a jade green shirt that almost looked like a gi** and was fastened with a rope belt.

Aragorn cheerfully told the stranger, ” Mae govannen, Ranami!”. The copper haired man asked Aragorn what use he could be to him. Aragorn the explained my condition and then he immediately swept me off Morlom who was taken away by an indiscernible figure.

Ranami then lead us through the little group of buildings to the infirmary. I was set down on a bed in a small room. Ranami gently probed my shoulder and with a grim face put upper arm into some sort of wooden contraption. He then told me that I would feel pain and that I couldn’t be given anything to dull it because the herbs needed to make the medicine ran yesterday and the order for more supplies was delayed because of the monsoon. Then he told Aragorn to make sure that I lie still. At the time I vaguely understood why but it became as clear a crystal after Ranami counted to 3. Apparently, he turned the crank on the device and pain shot up through my arm, into my shoulder, and then reaching my body. I screamed and attempted to bolt into an upright position but a hand from Ranami and another from Aragorn pushed me back down. I asked how it was dislocated and both men said that they would tell me later.

After this, I was carried to a guest bedroom and ordered to sleep, However, that came rather easily since I was so tired. That was my eventful second day here.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Day 3

The next morning, I woke up at sunrise since it is when I get up for school. However, if I could sleep longer, I would have done so. This was probably the most brilliant one I ever saw so I don’t regret the fact of not sleeping in now. I had been musing over how my life will be different for a time. No embarrassing crushes, back stabbing friends, annoying relatives, and hard to understand technology.

However, my thoughts were interrupted with a knock at the door. Slowly, I tried to get up but found that I didn’t have enough energy so I just shouted for them to enter. Entering the room was Aragorn and Ranami. Aragorn was carrying a small stack of books and the latter held a tray with a mug of broth. Both of them were there to talk. First though, they made me eat (or is it drink? ) the broth. I was surprised because I couldn’t even manage to hold my own mug. (Aragorn helped me with that problem.)

Next, we got into our discussion. What will happen to me and why was my shoulder dislocated? Well, it seems my shoulder was dislocated because when I was coming through the portal, I was still turning around after signaling Aragorn. This caused the force needed to push my body into Middle Earth to be centered on my shoulder and that was too much for it to take.

Now about my stay in Middle Earth. I will stay here until I am well and knowledgeable in the ways of this foreign world . When Aragorn is ready to leave, we will head for Rivendell. There, Lord Elrond will explain to me how to return and if he doesn’t know how, I will stay with Aragorn and Ranami until Elrond figures things out. ( By the way, the books were for me to read while in bed.)

That topic was discussed until nearly lunchtime. Ramani and Aragorn then left and said another person would be up in a few minutes. That person was Tsuki, a long time friend of Ramani’s.
She had long, wavy, honey colored hair and chocolate colored eyes. She was about 22 years old as was Ramani. She was wearing a jade dress and over it was a brown, sleeveless tunic. ( Not the kind that Aragorn wears! It’s more like an apron that fits on your shoulders, not the type that you tie around your waist. It’s very difficult to describe.)

After introducing herself in a polite manner she commented on my clothes. Looking at myself I saw I was still clad in jeans and a light blue shirt with a white collar. She said not to discard them and ran to get me some spare changes of clothes. Afterwards, she said she would give me a tour if I could stand being carried since I was bedridden.

A few minutes later, she brought me several outfits like her own as well as several pairs of normal breeches, baggy pants, and 8 or 9 shirts that looked like the style Ranami was wearing last night. I took the time now to consent to a tour.

Even though I had to be carried, the embarrassment immediate disappeared. My room, one of the several guest rooms, was on the ground floor. So was the infirmary, stables, mess hall, and other bedrooms. In the middle of this square of buildings was a lovely courtyard. The buildings were built out of wood with steep roofs and overhangs to cover the path that lead along the outer edge of the courtyard. In the courtyard, there were the most beautiful holly and evergreen trees. Those are surrounded by small arrangements of wild flowers. There was also a small pond with brightly colored fish as well as a well for drinking water. Then I was taken to a corner near the end of the stables. There was a narrow, twisting, stone staircase lit by branches of candles.

When we reached the bottom of the staircase there was a hallway that ran directly across to another staircase leading back up to the ground floor. The cave, as Tsuki calls it, has six rooms, three on each side of the hall. These are the kitchen, the indoor fencing court, a library, a storage room, an indoor archery range, and a bathhouse. ( Hot springs run underground in that area so you don’t have to take a cold bath!!!) Everything here reminds me of a self sufficient city or a space colony! It’s amazing!

When we returned to my room, Tsuki informed me that I would meet the rest of the staff who run the building later. For the rest of the day I slept, read, and ate supper.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Day 4

Today, day 4 has been fairly laid back. I have spent most of the day in the gardens and encountering new people. Aragorn, Ramani, and Tsuki visit often to make sure I’m not lonely. It’s rather frustrating not to be able to walk anywhere and I feel weak but Aragorn and Ramani tell me my condition is improving. The following will be a description of the new people I’ve met.

First is Ryu. He’s one of Ramani’s best friends and a skilled fighter from Harad. He teaches locals hand to hand combat and how to use weapons too. I’ve been told that this is an important job since orc attacks have been increasing here in the highlands.

Second is Morfuiniel, a native of the highlands who lives here as do all the staff. She is half elven and does a lot of the cleaning and maintenance here along with her friend, Hanamtel, a descendent of the Númenoreans.

Next are Ounarien, Shinkonara, Sagaryu, and Myojmir. Ounarien is a cook from Harad and a friend of Tsuki’s. She came here with the two stable hands Shinkonara and Sagaryu, identical twins with a knack for animals. Myjmir, a friend of Ryu, is half Easterling and half Haradim. He is the groundskeeper and does other odd jobs.

Diary, if your starting to think that this is an interesting house hold I can see why. As you can see most of the people are from Harad. This is due to the country practically being Ranami’s homeland. He was born a highlander, but lived from age 4 with the Haradim. However, I think there are a few missing pieces of the puzzle in this story. I have been writing all day and my hand has grown tired. Before I end, I have been told that the name of this self sufficient complex is Outpost, since it is one of the last civilized places this far north. Namarie!

____ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

* Morlom means dark shadow
** a gi is a shirt tied closed with a belt worn in martial arts

Just a quick note: I’ll try and divide the following chapters between a diary and 3rd person and if that improves the story, that’s the way I’ll continue to write. Thank you to all the people who have reviewed this story so far. Your advice really helps me out. Also, I’m going on a long vacation soon so either this or the next one or two chapters will temporarily be my last update.


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