Fiona’s Diary: Ch.1 part 2 & Ch.2 – The diary of a girl who gets to go on the adventure of a lifetime.

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Thank you to all the people who reviewed the earlier chapter. Your advice was appreciated a lot since I am an amateur. Sorry about the wait for the next chapter and the shortness of this chappie. I decided to edit the this chapter. *faints* By the way, there is a tiny bit of Elvish in this story and I am fairly sure the translations are right but not positive so tell me if you see a mistake. So, without anymore comments from myself, here is part two of chapter 1 and chapter 2.
Dear diary,
I’m back to finish what I started earlier. In the woods, I managed to explain to Aragorn my name, where he is, what may have happened, and what will need to happen. ( Go back to Middle Earth of course!)
From what I asked Aragorn, he got here by stepping through some portal since says that he was taking refuge in a cave for the night. Then, everything went black and felt some kind of invisible force ramming into him. After that, he landed in the river. Apparently, going through the portal has put him in a temporarily weakened state so I had to help him walk back to our house. It was rather slow going due to that nearly the entire walk is up-hill.
After Aragorn fell asleep in my room I finished my homework and e-mailed a few friends. When he woke up, I decided to explain everything about where I live. ( He asked earlier, but I didn’t want to be in the woods when my parents got home from work.) The difficult part of this was explaining technology, like how electrically powered things work. Around that time, I had to leave for supper.
Afterwards, I managed to sneak some chicken noodle soup in a mug back up to my room for Aragorn.
The odd thing though, is that he insists on calling me Erethrindae ( lonely shadow ) even though he knows my name is Fiona. I’ve asked why and Aragorn says that it’s because I thrive in the shadows and I tread a lonely path. I absolutely HATE riddles. How can he tell all of this stuff and only know me for less than a day? It’s a bit on the creepy side but not in a bad way. Anyways, I need to get to sleep now. Namarie!
Chapter 2, Monday
Dear Diary,
Today was horrible. I don’t know if gym class is torture, forced exercise, or a crash course on how to hold up anger inside until you feel like you could turn into something horrible. I’m not good at sports and we don’t do the ones that I am good at. ( I’m good at archery, skiing, and ok at riding horses.) I can tell everyone secretly doesn’t want me. I loathe not fitting in!
When I got home I locked myself in my room and cried about everything that went wrong today. ( I haven’t done that in a LONG time, so don’t think I’m a crybaby. Stuff like this usually makes me more determined, until I snap, like now.) However, for that short period of time, I had forgotten that Aragorn was hiding in a large walk in closet in my room. ( If he was visibly in my room, my parents would have a fit. They would most likely believe he’s a strange friend, thief, or a phsyco. So, that’s where he is when I can’t lock my door, be home alone, or keep a lookout. ) After a few minutes of steady sobbing, he crept out and me cry into his shoulder for what seemed like ages as he held me.
I definitely didn’t expect that reaction. I never knew he would be this caring because he has problems of his own too. He treats me as an equal or even as if I was his sister. This is something my family isn’t capable of doing. They treat me like a child, but a girl of 13 is no child. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family, but they’re overprotective and don’t understand how mature I really am.
Back to the main point, the two of us sat on my bed in the previously mentioned fashion when he asked about where exactly was he. ( More info about Earth. Things I learn in school actually pay off. Wow!) So for the next hour, I explained more about Earth. I went over countries, divisions, an a little bit of geography.
Then the tough question came. Aragorn asked how to return to Middle Earth. I tried to give the best answer I could, expressing that I have an idea but have no clue if it works or not. I know that this is selfish but I asked if I could accompany him and see at least some of the places that I could only visit in a book and my dreams. I said that I knew I wouldn’t be much help and that I had no skills in self defense. His exact words were, ” Then I shall teach you mellon nin. Let us depart as soon as possible.”
WOW!!! At the moment, I am still speechless. We agreed to set out at midnight for the woods since Aragorn’s strength has returned over the weekend. I have some worries about going like will time still flow in Earth or will it come to a stand still for me. If time continues to flow, what will happen when my parents and friends find that I have disappeared? If time stands still, then all will be fine. Well, fears aside for now because I need to pack. I can’t believe I’m getting to go on this adventure in a place that I thought only existed in ones mind! Namarie!
Thanks for reading!!!


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