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The Great War

“What are you doing here at the great kingdom of Salvania?” asked guard number one. “Who sent you?” asked guard number two. Then the stranger replied “I came to Salvania to ask your king if he would help us in a war we are being dragged into, I was asked by the king of Wolfban, please may I talk to your king?” Then suddenly a third guard came out and asked “first tell us your name and how you got here.” The stranger replied “my name, my name you ask it is not important…” “THEN YOU MAY NOT ENTER,” said all three guards cutting him off. Then the stranger had taken out his golden sword and said “if I can’t enter with your permission then I will fight you all to the death and get in myself!” One by one the guards agreed, each saying the same thing “yes, we are always up to a good fight!” with an assuring look on there faces, but it didn’t turn out as planned! The stranger had brought some tricks up his sleeve. He had hid an archer in the bushes, not far from the entrance, the archer had made a huge mistake and moved out of the safe-haven and before he could even lift an arrow from his quiver, he was already being shot at by the kings knights arrows from atop the castle’s walls. One of the guards had taken many hits but he was still alive, another one hadn’t even been touched but the third and last son of the king himself had taken three great blows to the head and his helm hadn’t supported that much, so he didn’t make it out of that battle alive. The stranger did finally get to see the king but not for the purpose he planned he was being sentenced to be put to death. The king had made a pact with the stranger. The pact was “we will let you go unharmed if you tell us your name, how you found us, and where you got this golden sword?” Then the stranger answered ” fine, my name is Fenris, I found you with my fathers old map that told me all the secrets of the journey, and my sword, my beautiful sword was a gift from my father, he had bought it ….” “LIE YOU LIAR,” shouted the king, `your father stole this sword from US now you will be put to death because you have failed the test. Then Fenris said “thwec odkhfjv bhffd gb” F ” after he said that in his language the king turned around with a terrified look on his face and said “your father said that same thing to me and my father twenty-two years ago, just so you may know I’ve figured out what that means and instead of just putting you to death now you are sentenced to torture!” then the king continued “…..see when your father said that I hadn’t known yet so I couldn’t do anything to him but after I researched it I found out and you unsuspectingly said that but I’ll have you know my knights are specialized in torture, so enjoy your last feast with me at the round table.” After Fenris was taken out of the room one of the knights asked the king what Fenris said and the king replied ” you can run and hide as often as you want but you know the demons will get to you and then only then will the world be a better place, when you’re DEAD!” The knight had then said “Oh don’t let that discourage you my lord you know that is just to scare you, right?” Then the king replied “yes, yes that is right it was made just to scare me.” He said very weak and frail. ” Well I have a dinner with my two sons and Fenris. While at dinner one of the king’s sons whose name was Fell was thinking “although he did kill my brother I think I should convince dad to let him go.” Then fell spoke up `Father” “Yes, fell my dear son how can I be of any assistance?” asked the king. “Do you think we can let Fenris go, maybe he did kill my elder brother Arthur but does he really deserve torture? Does he even deserve death?” fell had asked “yes he does” the king replied, then fell said “If I train even harder every day in the court will he get to go and we help him?”
“Did I just hear train every day?” the king asked “yes” responded fell “every day” then the king hesitated and finally had an answer “yes he can go and we will help him, ok?” “Yes thank you father thank you!” said fell “he will leave in the morning with his sword and map.” And then every one was looking at the kings other son and the king said ” Bran, Bran my son is something wrong?” Then Bran answered “Father you know I am of the Draggas blood I got it from my mother unfortunately that means that I can get real mad real easy so LEAVE ME ALONE” as Bran left the round table, Fenris had asked ” Draggas blood you? Are you serious?” “SILENCE” shouted the king loudly. As dinner came to an end Fenris began to thank fell for freedom and the king as well then he went to his cell till the morning because he had a big day. In the morning he was woken up at quarter to five and was sent to the court where he saw the king, his sword, and a map. As he approached the king he began to ask the king “so you are helping us fight these orc-like creatures?” Then the king turned around and said ” yes i would be glad to” or in other words “yes I would be glad to.”
Fenris said his thanks and told him to send a solder to Wolfban in three suns for all the information on the war. And Fenris was gone faster than he came. Three suns had passed and a messenger was sent to Wolfban like he was told. The long journey to Wolfban was rough many sand-storms hit and it rained hard but as the messenger approached the kingdom he saw it’s majesty when he entered he went straight for the castle and asked for Fenris. He had found him and got all the details he had to be here in four suns his whole army in just four suns! As soon as the messenger got back the king sent half his army there then one sun later he sent the second half. Now only now the war will begin. As the orc-like creatures roamed the plains in groups of at least thousands, the command went out and all the archers shot at the same time. The orc-like creatures still kept coming though, so then the sword masters went out to protect their kingdom. The orc-like creatures all looked the same although some were uglier then others. They used sharp arrows, long swords, axes, and bare hands. The battle was furious as Fell walked in all the orc-like creatures launched forward towards Fell but they were all shot out of the air. Bran had picked up two axes’ and slicing orc-like creatures up was his only compassion. Just as they seemed easier, explodent orc-like creatures came and half the battlefield was now only blood and gore. To make things worse they took out cannonpults and flung boulders at them killing many more. The time had come for Fenris to help, none of his men did anything yet so now a major difference has been made the orc-like creatures are almost gone and one cannonpult is left.
It wasn’t easy but they made it through the war with the kings sons and him still safe and still they have large amounts of men left. The king then had gone up to Fenris and said “I’m sorry for the way we treated you, I know now it was wrong.” Then Fenris replied “well I should thank you for letting me go once again and I think that we make a great team.”


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