Exiled – A short story.

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Chelte was a faerie. She was like most other faeries, except, she was a quarter elven. Her mother (Jennette) was half-elven, a descendant of Galadriel (she also carried one of the five faerie rings of power). The rest of Cheltes family were faeries. She had two elder sisters, Srere and Gemmae, and an older brother, Lemiach. All of her siblings had chosen to be faeries, but Chelte did not choose, untill much later on.

Cheltes father, Rindac, died when she was three years old. He was in a fight with an elf, and lost. The faeries from Cheltes lands did not make peace with the elves untill after the war of the ring.

To understand this next part of the story, you must know that Cheltes siblings did not take too kindly to her after their father died. Chelte had an incredible resembalence to the elves, if not for her wings.

When Chelte was 409, a faerie soldier snuck into Jennettes room while she was talking to her daughters. The soldier wanted her ring. In order to do this, he murdered Jennette in front of Srere, Gemmae, and Chelte.

A sudden rage built up inside Chelte. How could anyone do this to her mother? And without thinking, she took her mothers dagger, and plunged it straight into the soldiers chest.

Srere, as the oldest, was made Queen shortly afterward. Chelte, for having killed a soldier, was exiled to Lothlorien, although to Srere, Gemmae, and Lemiach, it was to no great loss.

Chelte spent 638 years in Lothlorien with her great grandmother Galadriel, but instead of becoming a Lady, she was tought how to fight with the greatest of ease, with any weapon. Though she could use anything, she always kept close to her her mothers dagger, and not to the knowledge of her sisters, the ring that had caused it all.


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