Everybody’s Fool – a songfic

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I decided to take a quick break from the other story I was writing to do this. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I don’t own the song and I don’t own LOTR. The only thing I own is my imagination.

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The year was 3012 in the third age. A man in black had arrived at Meduseld and needed a job. Being in generous spirits, the king gave him small and insignificant duties to fulfill. Over the course of a year, he worked until he was the king’s advisor. Everyone thought he was perfect for the job as it seemed he could easily make decisions and always had something worthwhile to say on pressing matters. The man’s name was Grima Wormtounge.

Perfect by nature,
icons of self indulgence,
just what we all need,
more lies about a world that,

A white flash streamed to the gates of Edoras. Messengers had just returned to the city with letters and one belonged to Eowyn, the flash of white and gold. Being in a cheerful mood, she volunteered to take the rest of the mail bound for the Golden Hall to their destination.

As she trod up one of the twisting streets, a piece of parchment flew out of the wad of letters as a feather would float to the ground. As she picked it up off the street she subconsciously read the words, “poison……you shall have your prize.” At that moment, she mentally chastised herself. She knew it was rude to read letters that were not addressed to you. Hastily, she folded it and ran back to Meduseld with the cryptic words playing over and over in her head.

Never was and never will be,
have you no shame don’t you see me,
you know you’ve got everybody fooled.

The message and its contents haunted Eowyn for two or more years. However, she bottled up her concerns. The only thing she did do was pay more attention to the actions of those living in the hall. But on a wintry night in 3017, everything would change.

Eowyn had just returned from a late night ride and had finished caring for her horse as she contemplated recent events. Orcs, wargs, and other such creatures had been attacking increasingly over the summer. It seemed that in the western part of Rohan, the violence never ended. What was strange was that it appeared the enemies were coming from Isengard and through the Gap of Rohan, but Theoden did not pursue Saurman for information. However, in the few instances when he did, Saurman denied association with the attacks and the king would press no further on the matter. So the Rohirrim were being picked away at little by little during the battles in which all they could do was defend.

Eowyn knew something fishy had to be going on in court at Meduseld but wasn’t even permitted to attend so she couldn’t sort things out.

As she pondered, her eyes were suddenly drawn to a moving of shadow and her ears to a rustle of robes in the shadow of a row of pillars with gilt work at the entrance of the hall. In a blink, she was harshly grabbed and thrown into a corner with a dagger at her throat. From the dim light of the brazier at the main entrance, she could make out the face of her attacker. She tried to scream but the sound just didn’t come out.

” Hush poppet or I’ll have to slit your throat,” whispered the man in his harsh, slippery voice. ” You’ve been a threat for far too long dear.”

Eowyn’s heart was palpitating and her breath was quick and heavy. As the man began to lower the knife and started to move closer to her she swiftly kicked his knee, which promptly gave out. With a cry of terror that pierced the tranquil, snowy night, she ran like lightening to Eomer’s chambers for comfort as Grima hurriedly limped away from the scene.

Look here she* comes now,
bow down and stare in wonder,
oh how we love you,
no flaws when you’re pretending,
but now I know she*,

Never was and never will be,
you don’t know how you’ve betrayed me,
and somehow you’ve got everybody fooled.

Eomer awoke at the sound of a scream. Knowing it to be his sister’s, he jumped out of bed and quickly changed from his night clothes to a simple shirt and a pair of breeches. As he threw the door open, he heard a swift, soft patter of feet. Moments later, a golden haired blur knocked him backwards into his chamber and bolted the door. Almost whimpering, his sister hurled herself at him as she trembled from the shock.

“He was going to kill me! He was going to kidnap me!” Eowyn sobbed.

“Calm yourself, sister. You can stay here for the night,” soothed her brother as he protectively held his little sister. “Tell me what happened and I swear upon our mother and father’s grave that I shall not tell a single soul.”

And so, Eowyn told her brother everything starting at the incident two years ago and both regarded Grima Wormtounge as a venomous snake hiding in the costume of a sheep. No longer was he the court’s beloved and trusted advisor to Theoden in their minds.

Without your mask where will you hide,
can’t find yourself lost in the lie.

I know the truth now,
I know who you are,
and I don’t love you anymore.

Two years later, a mass of black robes tumbled down the steps leading up to Meduseld and a king bent on revenge stalked after the dark form. Standing above the pale skinned man on the stone steps the king raised his sword to deal out death but was stopped by a newly arrived Ranger. The black clad man took this chance to scamper away in a fury and never return. What he did not see was, among a wizard, an elf, a dwarf, guards, and other nobility was a white and gold apparition of beauty. She watched the scene with a face made of stone and emotions that, on the surface, appeared to be ice. But if at that moment, the ice had been cracked open, one would find a radiant light of joy. A snake was gone and would never haunt her steps for the rest of her days.

It never was and never will be,
you’re not real and you can’t save me,
somehow now you’re everybody’s fool.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

* – the “she” in the song really ought to be he since it’s kind of like Eowyn referring to Grima.


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