Ever Young – Prolouge

by Feb 26, 2005Stories

Autumn was 17 years old when her world feel apart. Her parents told her that she was adopted they soon divorced after that. She was nearly raped by her boyfriend from school. She was kicked off the cheerleading squad for getting in a fight with Lydia Hush-burger from 7th quarter Geometry. Her friends decided to go to a college across the country away from her. Many guys wanted her, because of her hourglass shape, long silky blonde hair, crystal blue eyes that could melt any stone heart.

Autumn went to live with her adopted mother. They loved each other very much, but weeks later Autumn began to fade from the grief and the depression that over took her life. She stopped eating; she would never talk to anyone and refused to even get out of bed. Doctors were called and the whole deal, but nothing helped. She was soon diagnosed with depression mitosis; a deadly affect on the body when they have serious depression. Her mother soon admitted her to the hospital to get treatment. Her adopted father came right away when he was notified of it. Months later she got worse; she soon got uncontrollable seizures, welts, and nutrition.

“Clear,” the doctor said trying to revive Autumn when she went flat line. In the background her parents were crying and praying for their daughter. “Clear, beep, time of death 12:13 pm”, the doctor announced. Darkness took Autumn and she faded into a bright light. She slowly came around in a dark green forest of trees. She opened her eyes to see a sight unlike any earth can offer.


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