Evenstar and Ithilian

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The pounding of horses’ hooves woke Arwen. She rolled out of her bed and darted to her window. Two riders were racing towards her father’s house, and they showed no signs of slowing. She turned and ran to her father’s room, “Father? Father!!!!” She pounded on his door. Elrond ripped the door open, looking with blurry eyes at his daughter. “Arwen?” he asked, “What is wrong? Are you alright?” he asked. “Father, there are two riders coming! They’re close! The guards have done nothing!” Arwen was shaking his arm, “What are you going to do?” she asked. Elrond smiled, “Arwen, you don’t need to worry. The River Realm lord has sent his daughter to be with us for a while. Do not worry, go back to bed.” Arwen looked confused, the River Realm inhabitants were said to have all left to the Grey Havens, why would there be any people left? She started backing away, to go back to her room, bumping into her brothers as she went. Elrond dismissed all three of his children with one look that sent them all to their rooms. Dimly, through her door, Arwen heard her father greet the two riders.

Elrond smiled as the two riders dismounted, their steeds having just come to a halt. The elves of the River Realm were world renouned horse riders. These two were no exception. The woman threw back her hood, revealing her face. Elrond smiled again. She was the same age as Arwen, and Eiliandel had not changed much in the centuries since he’d last seen her. Her hair was dark, like his daughter’s, but her eyes were hazel and her skin was olive, unlike Arwen’s blue eyes and pale skin. Eiliandel smiled in return as the man revealed his face. Elrond was pleased to see it was Novrion, Eiliandel’s best friend since childhood. Novrion was a distant cousin of Legolas, making him quite welcome. “Please, come inside.” Elrond motioned, “Get some rest and we shall speak in the morning.” Eiliandel and Novrion bowed their thanks as they followed a maid down the hall. Elrond watched them go, then he turned to go check on his daughter. Arwen had had horrible nightmares as of late, though she was reluctant to reveal any details, aside from a dark figure stalking her in her dreams. Elrond was worried. Arwen had always been perceptive, what was she picking up on that was causing this? He slowly opened her door, relaxing when he saw her neatly curled up in her bed, sleeping. He closed her door, retiring back to his room. Tomorrow would be a very interesting day.

Arwen woke with the sun and began to dress for breakfast. She pulled a bright emerald gown on and walked down to breakfast, enjoying the feeling of the breeze blowing through her long dark hair. She was almost to the dining hall when she heard the hobbits discussing the food, apparently they liked it. Arwen opened the door and took her seat looking around. Aragorn was nowhere to be seen, Gandalf was deep in thought, the hobbits were eating, her brothers were quietly discussing something and her father looked tired. She ate quietly, and then went to walk among the gardens. She heard voices. She went around the corner only to stop, shocked at the sight. Two people stood, blindfolded, facing each other, and were sparring with blunted swords. Aragorn was watching, apparently fascinated. “Hello?” Arwen said slowly. Aragorn smiled at her and the two people pulled off their blindfolds. “Good morning, Arwen.” Aragorn moved so she could sit next to him. Just then, her father came storming out of his house. “Eiliandel Curon! Manke naa lle?” Her father looked panicked that he could not see them. The woman that had been sparring, smiled, Elrond looked relieved when he saw her, “Arwen, meet Eiliandel, Eiliandel, may I introduce you to my daughter, Arwen.” “Saesa omentien lle, Arwen.” Eiliandel smiled. She was a very beautiful woman. Gorgeous brown hair pulled into a bun, kind hazel eyes and light olive skin completed her exotic looks. She had unusual colouring for an elf. “Saesa omentien lle Eiliandel.” Arwen returned. “May I also introduce Novrion.” Elrond presented the young man who was with the woman. He too had olive skin, but the blue eyes and blonde hair that were common among the elves. “Saesa omentien lle, Arwen.” Novrion said. Arwen smiled returning his greeting. Elrond looked at Eiliandel, “I am sorry, no word has come yet.” He left, seemingly mulling over something. Novrion and Aragorn began a heated discussion over weaponry and its efficiency. Arwen turned her attention to Eiliandel. The elf looked pained. Whatever she was waiting for must be very close to her, or Elrond wouldn’t have said a thing. “Eilaindel?” Arwen asked. “Yes?” with a great effort, Eiliandel pulled herself back to the present. Dwelling on this subject would not help her. “Would you like to see the gardens?” Arwen asked politely. Arwen nodded and the two women began to walk. “Novrion, is an interesting fellow.” Arwen said, curious as to why the two were hanging around together, they obviously were very different. “Oh is he? He’s my best friend…………my only friend……” Eiliandel was silent for the rest of the walk.


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