Evenstar and Ithilian – Part 3 – Chapter 4

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Arwen felt the weight of the orc push down even harder. He seemed bent on killing her. The sword she had was of less quality of the elvish swords she’d trained with, but the centuries of sparring pratice with her brothers had well prepared her. She dealt with her foe, and dispatched of him cleanly. Eowyn was also doing a very good job of defending herself. Eiliandel had taken out several orcs before she’d bothered to pick up a sword, by that time, she’d gotten very peeved at one of the orcs, which had resulted in the elimination of anything nearby. In the midst of the battle, Eowyn heard Arwen cry out, but she was unable to find her. Eiliandel also heard, turning her head towards where she’d last seen Arwen, “Arwen!” she called. She belated realized she’d opened herself up for an attack. Cursing, she attacked with a vengence. She pulled all the earth and air she could manage towards herself, trying to avoid Arwen and Eowyn, she sent a shockwave of deadly debris blasting away from her body. She collasped soon after.

The battle had long since ended. Eowyn pulled herself out from under an orc body. She looked around. She saw Eiliandel’s body not far from Arwen’s. Whatever had happened had been devastating. One minute, Eowyn had been fighting, the next, she’d been pelted with rocks, which had knocked her out. “Arwen? Eiliandel?” she asked shakily. She made her way over to the two others, Eiliandel’s body was as cold as ice. Arwen was breathing very shallowly, and she sported a large bruise on her temple, no doubt from a rock. Eowyn gently shook Arwen. Arwen moaned, her eyes delicately flickering, “Arwen, please wake up!” Eowyn begged. Arwen’s eyes opened all the way, “What…….. where……Eowyn?” she seemed to be trying to collect her thoughts. “Arwen, are you alright?” Eowyn asked slowly. “Yes, yes. But what happened?” Arwen asked as Eowyn helped her to a sitting position. “I don’t know! Eiliandel is as cold as ice!” Eowyn pointed towards Eiliandel. Surprisingly, Eiliandel was standing upright, stretching her legs. “Eiliandel! You’re alright!” Eowyn exclaimed. “Of course I’m alright!” Eiliandel retorted, studying a large cut in her foot, Eowyn still had not gotten over it, everywhere they went, Eiliandel never put on shoes! Arwen was wearing boots as was Eowyn, but Eiliandel seemed to be very happy wandering along barefoot, “Why wouldn’t I be?” “You were like ice! I thought you were dead!” Eowyn exclaimed. “Oh, that! Yes, that happens with that spell. Do not worry.” Eowyn shrugged, “Alright, not what?” she asked. “Now,” Eiliandel pointed, “We take them home with us!” Arwen and Eowyn followed Eiliandel’s direction and saw a dozen men standing there. Realm warriors.

~A Week Later~

Aragorn stared out the window. Somewhere out there was his wife. Somewhere out there was his child, due in two months time. “Novrion?” Aragorn asked, Novrion turned. He’d been getting concerned about Eiliandel. A week was four days longer than it had ever taken Eiliandel. “I will go look for them.” Novrion said. Aragorn nodded. He understood his friend’s mind, he did not want to undermine Eiliandel, but he was worried about her.

The women and the warriors had gotten aboard a boat and headed downstream, through a few lakes and back down another stream. They would reach the city within a day if the currents held. Eowyn had voiced thoughts of it being insane to even attempt sailing on such waters, but all the others seemed to think it perfectly normal. She’d simply had to be quiet. Arwen was happily engaged in a conversation with one of the elves who had visited Rivendell before Arwen’s birth. Eiliandel was perched upon the bow of the ship, letting the spray of the water splash her in the face. Eowyn wondered why an enchantress would risk so much for so few warriors.

Aragorn was standing near a window. Legolas, Novrion and Faramir were with him. Eiliandel and company had been gone for a week and two days. Time to send someone out to find them. Suddenly a grate in the floor popped open. All the men drew their swords – if the enemy had found a way in, they would die now. Instead, Eiliandel hauled herself out of the grate. “Eiliandel?” Novrion gasped. She was filthy, covered in cuts, bruises, and dirt, but she was alive. She smiled at him and reached down to help Arwen through the hole, which proved to be a little tougher than previously thought. Aragorn grabbed his wife like he’d never let go. He was so grateful to have her back! Faramir and Eowyn were hugging too, with Eiliandel and Novrion finishing their embrace. “My apologies that it took so long!” Eiliandel said, “We ran into some orcs. But I brought back Father’s warriors.” She indicated and a dozen men pulled themsleves through the grate. Aragorn was astonished, a dozen warriors? The city needed them no doubt, but a dozen men? He voiced his astonishment to the others, “A dozen men? Eiliandel why did you…..?” She cut him off, “Not just any warriors. They too can do some magic.” Aragorn raised an eyebrow, magic-wielding warriors? This could be useful. The sounds of battle reverberated in the palace. “Battle?” was the only word Arwen’s question contained. “They periodically attack the walls,” Novrion said grimly, “The attacks never last long. We wonder how long they will continue to test our defenses before they actually attack us.”

Arwen was trying to get her dress on. She’d just enjoyed a lovely bath and was now putting on her first clean dress in over a week, and now she couldn’t get it to work! “Arwen do you need some help?” Aragorn called to his wife. Arwen gritted her teeth. Getting dressed had never seemed like a chore before! Now she couldn’t fasten the back of her own dress! “No, no I’ll get it.” Arwen replied. Aragorn entered their bedroom, and listened as his wife cursed to herself. Chuckling, he reached over and quickly did it up for her, “You can admit you can not do things,” Aragorn told her, “It doesn’t matter to me.” Arwen looked at him. Before she’d simply been frustrated, now she wanted to cry. Unable to talk her emotions out of running their course, she burst into tears. Aragorn gathered her into his arms, “It is alright,” he soothed, not knowing was she was upset about. She shrugged, “I know! I just can’t control it!” she said through her tears. Aragorn simply held her until she could.


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