Evenstar and Ithilian – Part 3 – Chapter 3

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~6 months later~

Galadriel woke up suddenly. It was time. Time for Eiliandel to know she needed to go complete her destiny. Galadriel got up and went to her mirror. She could use the mirror to contact Eiliandel. Galadriel only hoped Eiliandel could handle being communicated to this way. She concentrated on her mirror.

Eiliandel was standing in her garden with Novrion helping her haul a heavy plant into its place. Arwen sat on a bench nearby with her hand resting on her stomach. She had begun to show a long while ago, at which point she and Aragorn had had to announce her pregnancy. She smiled as Eiliandel and Novrion tried to figure out how to man-handle the plant into place. Suddenly Eiliandel stiffened. Novrion looked at her, “Eiliandel?” he grabbed his wife as she tipped forward. Arwen watched in horror, Eiliandel seemed to have passed out. Novrion cradled her against his chest, “Eiliandel?” she did not respond.

Galadriel gasped as she broke mental contact with Eiliandel. Celeborn assisted her to the ground, “Are you alright?” he asked. Galadriel nodded, “Eiliandel now knows what she must do. I only hope she survives it to make the journey to the Havens.” Celeborn nodded, the fact that Galadriel had managed to reach across the sea and contact Eiliandel in Middle Earth was amazing.

Eiliandel’s eyes flickered open. She sat up in Novrion’s arms, holding her head. Novrion was looking at her, and Arwen and Aragorn hovered anxiously in the background. Legolas was standing behind Aragorn. “What happened?” Novrion asked. “Galadriel………..she warns………there is an army coming!” Eiliandel collapsed back into unconsciousness, exhausted from the mental connection she’d helped sustain. Novrion picked up his beloved wife and rushed back to their quarters. He had known that this was how it would be if Galadriel contacted her, but he wished she would recover faster.

Arwen glanced up and smiled as Eiliandel came running down the hall. She’d known Eiliandel could recover fast, faster than most elves could even dream. But Eiliandel was not smiling, she skittered around the corner, “Aragorn! There is an army marching towards the city!” she screamed as she burst through the door. Novrion, Aragorn and Faramir stared at her. Aragorn sprung into action, “Eiliandel, get Arwen and Eowyn. Get to the centre of the palace! Novrion, Faramir, follow me.” Aragorn commanded. Eiliandel made a face, but did as she’d been told. The men were organizing an army, but Eiliandel was organizing a plan. She knew what had to be done.


Aragorn looked out the window. All he could see was a sea of warriors outside the city walls. He turned back, he’d organized his soldiers, now he needed to get to his wife. He opened the door, surprised to find Eiliandel and Arwen studying a map of the city. He shrugged it off, they were alright, but he needed to check on the defenses. He left again. Eowyn watched Eiliandel and Arwen, “What are you doing?” she asked, curious as to what the elf women were up to. Eiliandel did not respond and Arwen’s only motion was to rub her stomach soothingly. “That is it!” Eiliandel suddenly exclaimed. Arwen nodded, “Well, not the best way, but it’ll work!” Eowyn looked back and forth, “What’ll work!” she asked, following Eiliandel and Arwen out of the room, “Where are we going?” Eiliandel began to pry at a grate in the floor. Eowyn was about to lose her patience, when Eiliandel looked up, “Out. We’re going out.” she responded. Eowyn looked on in amazement as Eiliandel eased her slender frame down the grate opening, “Come on.” she held her arms up to Arwen. Arwen squeezed down the grate opening, “If this takes more than a month, we’re going to have to find another way back in!” she gasped as she squeezed her almost seven month pregnant self through the opening. Eowyn stood at the top, “Arwen! You should not go! Think of the baby!”. Arwen’s face re-appeared, “I am. If we fail, we die. If the city’s defenses fail, we die. Same consequences for different actions. I hold some control over the first choice – I’d rather be in charge of my own fate.” she disappeared back into the tunnel. Eiliandel appeared, looking up at Eowyn. Eowyn sighed, “Can I come too?” she asked. “Yes,” Eiliandel’s simple answer sufficed.

Eiliandel peered out of the other end of the grate opening, “All clear!” she whispered and then kicked the grate out. She hauled herself out and then assisted Arwen out of the pipeline. Eowyn hopped out, “Eiliandel, what are we doing?” she asked. “We’re going to go and get the warriors my father left to guard the Realm. That way we can defend the city!” Eowyn shrugged. She did not know what Eiliandel was talking about, but more warriors couldn’t be a bad thing. They started walking towards a place only Eiliandel knew.

“Arwen? Arwen!” Aragorn looked around for his wife. A city that was about to become a battlefield was no place for a pregnant woman to be wandering around. “Faramir? Have you seen Arwen?” Aragorn asked. The Steward of Gondor shok his head, “I’ve been looking for Eowyn. I have not seen her.” Aragorn felt a sinking sensation in his stomach, “Novrion!” he called to the elf, “Where’s Eiliandel?” Novrion looked at him like he was crazy, “She had to go. Remember Galadriel’s promise? She’ll be back.” the elf shrugged. Aragorn sighed, Arwen must have gone with Eiliandel and Eowyn had probably followed Arwen. “Eiliandel will be back in a few days,” Novrion tried to re-assure his king, “She will die before she lets anything happen to your wife or child.” Aragorn nodded, “I know. That’s what I’m afraid of.” “Sir, the attack has started!” a sentry suddenly burst in.

“How do you plan on crossing this?” Eowyn asked, looking at the raging river the women had reached. “Not going to.” Eiliandel was hauling something out of the bushes, “We’re going to go down it!” she gave a final yank and a boat slid out of the brush. “Arwen. Come get in the boat. Eowyn and I can push it in the river.” Arwen eased herself into the boat. “Eiliandel? I don’t mean to be a bother, but I can’t jump into a boat in this dress.” Eowyn said, indicating to her clothes. Eiliandel wore a pair of breeches and a tunic, as she commonly did. Arwen was wearing a dress that allowed room for her to function, yet allowed for her to be comfortable. Eowyn grimaced, her dress was not the best for an adventure – it was better suited for the palace. Eiliandel raised an eyebrow, “Get in.” she indicated. It took some doing, but Eiliandel managed to push the boat out on her own. Eiliandel was amazing, Arwen decided watching as the other elf leapt into the boat. She then turned into a flurry of activity, putting up a mast and sail and at the same time, using a rudder to avoid rocks faster than Arwen thought possible. Eowyn sat on the bottom of the boat. She did not like boat rides. Arwen was enjoying the sailing down the river, though the current was doing more than the wind. Eiliandel relaxed near her position at the rudder, “Having fun, Arwen?” she asked. Arwen nodded, “I have always loved the river. This is quite enjoyable.” Eiliandel nodded, ” I grew up sailing along the river. I am quite happy here.” Arwen nodded, it fit. Eiliandel was so at home in nature, it seemed natural that she loved the river. “Eowyn? How are you faring?” Eiliandel asked. Eowyn moaned in answer. Eiliandel gave a short laugh, “You need to get used to this! This is how I plan to come back……..” Eowyn’s resounding answer sent Arwen into gales of laughter.

“Novrion, please, you must know where the Realm is!” Aragorn pleaded with the elf, “I need to find my wife!” Novrion looked at him, “I would not hesitate to lead you to the Realm if that army was not camping outside your gates. If we leave and attract their attention, they will follow us, find where we go, and murder our wives in cold blood when we catch up with them.” Aragorn paced more, “Novrion!” he sighed and hung his head, Novrion was correct. Arwen was safer if no-one knew she was missing. Novrion looked at him understandingly, “No-one in their right mind will mess with Eiliandel. She has gotten far more unpredictable as I warned you before and she has grown stronger in her powers. She can easily hold her own. You saw what she can do with the air, you saw the force she can wield.” Novrion’s words offered little comfort, but greatly increased Arwen’s odds of survivng this insane trip.

“Get down!” Eiliandel hissed at Eowyn, who promptly lowered herself to the ground. “What?” Eowyn mouthed to Eiliandel, she’d come to trust the enchantress. “Orcs.” Eiliandel mouthed back. Eowyn reached for a knife she’d found in the boat. Eiliandel shook her head and leaned in close enough to whisper, “Arwen is not armed. I have no more weaponry. Wait.” Eowyn waited, watching. Eiliandel murmured something and suddenly a loud rushing sound was heard from the river. Eowyn looked at her, Eiliandel grinned, leaned back and took a hold of Arwen’s arm. The orcs ran toward the rushing sound, as soon as they passed the women, they bolted toward the other side of the valley. Eiliandel could run as fast as the swiftest deer. So could Arwen – when she wasn’t pregnant. She used Eiliandel’s hold on her arm to pull her along. Eowyn lagged slightly behind, but made decent time herself. They ducked into the bushes. Arwen collasped against Eiliandel, “Are you alright?” Eiliandel asked. “Yes, yes. Just warn me before we do that again.” Arwen said drily. “Now what?” Eowyn asked as they recovered their breath. “I did not expect orcs. I might have to go the long way around.” Eiliandel said, “There is another route, but it is over a pass in the mountains. I don’t know how well you will fare.” she said sorrowfully. “What do you mean? I can keep up! How…” Eowyn started protesting, but Arwen held up her hand, “Eiliandel did not insult you. She has lived her life in the high mountains. She is adept at living in such places. I too can survive if she helps. You live on a plain. She merely is worried for your safety.” Eowyn stopped protesting, “I just wish to help!” “Yes. Yes, we will have to risk it.” Eiliandel said suddenly. “What?”Arwen asked as Eiliandel pulled her to her feet. “They’re coming back!” Eiliandel referred to the orcs who now were returning. “BEHIND YOU!” Arwen shrieked a warning at Eiliandel. Eiliandel turned and caught an orc right under the chin with an upper-cut. The creature keeled over backwards, completely unaware of it’s surroundings. Eiliandel relieved him of his sword and handed it to Arwen. She neatly repeated the manuever with another orc, arming Eowyn, but she did not have the time to arm herself. The orcs attacked. Slashing back and forth Eowyn tried to keep the orcs away from Arwen. Arwen didn’t seem to need too much protection, she was fighting like a master-swordsman, and Eiliandel was engaged in hand-to-hand combat with two orcs, although she seemed to be enjoying herself.


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