Evenstar and Ithilian – Part 3 – Chapter 2

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Eowyn looked up as Arwen, the unpleasant man and a lovely woman entered the hall. Arwen looked radiant in her dark blue, elvish gown. The unpleasant man, looked, well, like the unpleasant man she’d seen earlier, not much of a change. The lovely woman had dark brown hair, which hung loose down her back, reaching past her waist. Her green dress contrasted wonderfully with her olive skin and hazel eyes. Eowyn couldn’t tell if she was the woman from earlier, or a different one, whatever the difference could have been, she obviously was an elf. She did not have a chance to speak for as soon as the women sat down, the banquet began.

Eiliandel looked bored, Arwen thought. Novrion was enjoying the banquet, but Eiliandel hated public affairs. She much rathered the company of few and more often than not, spent a great deal of time alone, roaming around the forest. Arwen pitied her. Eiliandel had grown up in the River Realm, one of the most isolated places in Middle Earth. She loved nature and seemed to be almost in perfect tune with it. It would not surprise Arwen one bit if Eiliandel was able to converse with nature much as one would talk to a beloved companion. But Eiliandel held her tongue and put on a good show of enjoying herself. She knew that an alliance was at stake and she would not be the cause of it’s failure if she could prevent it.

Aragorn and Faramir held the meeting together quite well, Arwen thought as she, Eiliandel and Eowyn sat along the side. The ambassador was a very hard to please man, very demanding. He tried to stone-wall Aragorn and Faramir’s efforts at every turn. Arwen felt her head loll. She was so tired. Eiliandel swiftly caught her before she tipped over, “Arwen!” she whispered. “I’m so tired.” Arwen murmured, hanging in Eiliandel’s grasp. “Your Majesty?” Eiliandel politely interrupted the meeting, “Her Highness is not well.” Aragorn immediately looked up, Eiliandel continued, “Please excuse us.” Aragorn began to rise to help Arwen, but caught Faramir’s eye. He needed to finish the meeting. Too much was at stake now. He grudgingly sat back down and allowed Eiliandel to assit Arwen out, but vowed to end the meeting early. Eowyn got up to help but Eiliandel and Arwen were already out of the room.

“Hold on, almost there.” Eiliandel leaned Arwen against her as she opened the door. She helped Arwen to her room, out of her gown and into bed. Arwen seemed to be dozing lightly throughout the whole thing. Eiliandel pulled the covers over Arwen, “Quel kaima.” She whispered to her, wishing her the best night’s rest. Eiliandel let herself out of the room. She was going to have to tell Aragorn that Arwen had just been extremely tired and not to wake her.

Aragorn rushed along through the halls to his chambers. What was wrong with Arwen? He nearly ran into Eiliandel, who was rounding the corner, “Is she alright? What’s wrong?” Aragorn gripped Eiliandel’s arms. “Nothing, nothing. She is merely very tired.She was very tired when I went to get her for the banquet. I think the banquet overwhelmed her.” Aragorn nodded as Eiliandel continued, “Just let her sleep.” He nodded again and headed for his rooms. Aragorn silently opened the door to his bedroom. Arwen was asleep, breathing evenly and deeply. Aragorn quietly undressed and slipped into bed. He wrapped an arm around her and fell asleep.

Arwen awoke with the sun, she did not feel ill this morning. She sat up. Bad manouevre. Now she felt really ill. She laid back down. This was going to take some getting used to. Aragorn woke up at the sudden motion next to him, “Arwen?”. She was about to answer, but suddenly the remains of her dinner threatened to return. She knew that this was not going to feel good, but she bolted upright, oh, she’d been right, not good. She darted towards the restroom, trying to reach her destination before the remains of her dinner reached theirs. Aragorn watched her, very confused. He followed her, and reached her just as she finished being sick. “Arwen?” he murmured as he helped her to her feet, and held her steady as she rinsed out her mouth, “What is wrong?” he asked gently. Arwen shook her head, her legs were shaking, she needed to lie back down. “I just want to go to bed.” she whispered into his shoulder. He carefully picked her up and carried her back to their room. Putting down on her side of the bed as gently as he could, he watched in concern as she paled considerably. “Arwen, please tell me what’s wrong.” he held her thin hands in between his. “Estel, I need to tell you something,” Arwen took a deep breath, how was he going to react to this? “I am going to have a baby.” Arwen braced herself for the explosion she was sure was coming. Aragorn had a startled look, but it quickly morphed into a look of pure bliss, “A baby? Oh, Arwen!” he engulfed her in a hug. Arwen relaxed, he was happy, she did not need to worry. Aragorn let her lie back down, smiling at her, this was quiet possibly the second most happy day of his life. The first being when he married her.

Aragorn walked out of the council hall with a dark look on his face. This ambassador was impossible! Eowyn darted up to him, “Aragorn?” she asked, startling him. “Yes, Eowyn?” he asked, trying not to let his anger at the ambassador out on anyone. “Why is there a dark hallway with plants in the palace? Who lives there?” she inquired. Aragorn smiled, “Novrion and Eiliandel live there. They love plants.” he answered. They kept walking, Eowyn mulling over something in her head. “Why did, um, what is the man’s name again?” she asked. “Novrion.” Aragorn supplied, “Why did Novrion say I did not want to see what happens when Eiliandel, I guess, gets upset.” Aragorn was about to reply, but a very loud, peeved sounding yell from an elf cut him off. He and Eowyn peered down the corridor adjacent to the one they were in. Eiliandel was standing there glaring at a man, who, did not seem to be scared of her. “You will tell me now or I will…….” the man’s threat was cut off as Eiliandel spat a curse at him. Aragorn stood back in the corridor, he knew what was coming, he looked at Eowyn. Suddenly a blast of hurricane force wind tore, screaming down the hallway. The man got blown back to the end of the hallway. Eiliandel simply stood there, her chest heaving with exertion. Hurricane force winds were very hard to muster out of nowhere. “He is one lucky man.” Novrion said, appearing behind them. “Lucky?” Eowyn turned on him, “How is being blown against the end of a hallway lucky? she asked. “It wasn’t fire.” Novrion replied. Eowyn stared opened mouthed at him as Aragorn nodded, “Oh, I had not thought of that!” he looked at Eowyn, “Eiliandel usually throws flame.” he explained. Eowyn stared at both of them now, “How can she…….? How does she……..?” Eowyn couldn’t finish her question. “Eiliandel is an enchantress. She has control over the elements,” Novrion replied, “She has had a hard time controling herself lately, which is why I was so rude to you. She is unpredictable and I cannot ensure she’ll maintain control.” he shrugged. Aragorn saw Eiliandel approaching. He smiled at her, “Feeling better?” he asked jokingly. While Eiliandel might be unpredictable, she’d never hurt Arwen, Aragorn, Novrion or Legolas – and all of them knew it. She nodded, “He kept asking about the Realm. I couldn’t take it, I’m sorry.” Eiliandel looked upset. Aragorn shook his head, “No apology necessary Eiliandel. Could you come with me for a minute?” Aragorn asked politely. Eiliandel nodded and followed him back to the hallway outside his room, he glanced around, “Arwen is………she’s….” he tried to find a way to say it. Eiliandel smiled, “I know.” she smiled gently, “Congratulations.” Aragorn smiled at her, she was very understanding for a slightly off-colour enchantress, “I have a question though. Arwen got sick this morning and…..” Eiliandel cut him off with a nod, “Yes, yes, that will happen to her. Morning sickness is common. Don’t worry.” Aragorn sighed in relief, he should have know that Eiliandel would know the answers.


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