Evenstar and Ithilian – Part 3 – Chapter 1

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Aragorn rolled over, he had woken with the sun, as he commonly did. He looked at his sleeping wife, the first rays of the sun barely touching her pale face. He smiled and reached over and shook her shoulder gently, “Wake up, mela.” He shook her gently again. Arwen moaned, “No.” she murmured sleepily. Aragorn gave a little laugh, Arwen, not wanting to get up? “Arwen, wake up, the sun is rising.” he teased her. He knew she preferred to be awake early. “No, I do not feel well.” Arwen rolled onto her other side. Aragorn frowned and reached over her, resting his hand on her face. She was pretty warm, too warm. “Get some sleep, I will wake you if anything important happens.” Aragorn was worried, elves did not get sick. She should not be feeling like this. Aragorn quietly slipped off, letting her sleep. Faramir and Eowyn were due to arrive today, so that Faramir and Aragorn could discuss the border towns.

Eowyn looked around the palace. Well, if anything, while Faramir and Aragorn discussed matters of state, there would be plenty of places to investigate. She looked around, where was Arwen? Eowyn was going to be really bored if Arwen was not present. She glanced around again, no Arwen. Eowyn started wandering around, looking around the palace. She saw a dark corner of the palace, with plants growing all over. Curious, she slipped around the corner. An elegantly carved gate barricaded the hallway. Behind it, it looked as though a forest of fern-like plants, flowers and ivy had invaded the palace. Eowyn pushed on the gate, opening it. She stepped through, why would there be so many plants? Aragorn must have a reason for letting all the plants grow like this, but she could not think of why. Suddenly, a blade appeared at her throat. Eowyn looked past the blade, her eyes focusing on a blonde haired, blue eyed, olive skinned elf. He looked at her, “What are you doing?” Eowyn swallowed hard. “I….I…….got curious.” she stuttered. He raised an eyebrow and removed the blade, “Leave!” he commanded. Eowyn took off in terror. She stopped just on the other side of the gate, as she saw Arwen in the hallway. Arwen was clutching her stomach, slowly walking toward the gate, “Tua amin!” she gasped as she reached the gate. The blonde elf wrenched the gates open and caught Arwen in his arms, gently easing her against him, he looked at her concerned, “EILIANDEL!” he hollered. Eowyn stared, what was wrong with Arwen? What did “eiliandel” mean? More importantly, what did “tua amin” mean? Eowyn watched as a gorgeous dark haired female elf ran up to the man and Arwen. Arwen whispered something to the woman, who said something to the man in a tongue Eowyn did not undstand. They disappeared into the darker area. Eowyn decided to go find Faramir and Aragorn, at least there would be something to do around them.

Aragorn and Faramir were getting tired of looking at maps. Really tired. And the ambassador from the border city that had arrived with Faramir was really grating Aragorn’s nerves. They were quite glad to see Eowyn come through the doors. They smiled at her, but then they had to return to the discussion at hand. Eowyn listened for awhile but did not find the conversation interesting, so she left. Perhaps she’d been wrong to come. Arwen was obviously ill, and there were two elves living in a miniature forest that seemed to have simply grown into the palace. Eowyn was very curious about the two elves. Why would anyone want to live in a dark, forest-like place? She gave up, she had to go back and find out just who those two were.

Arwen moaned in pain. Eiliandel rested her cool palm on Arwen’s forehead, “Just rest, Arwen. It will pass.” she soothed. Arwen looked at her, “What is wrong with me?” she asked. Eiliandel smiled brilliantly, “You’re going to have a baby.” Arwen’s eyes wided, “A baby?” she whispered happily. Eiliandel nodded, and let Arwen give her a small hug. “Why do I not feel well?” Arwen asked. Eiliandel gave her a wry smile, “Just the joys of motherhood. You’d better get used to it, you can expect not to feel well in the mornings.” Arwen gave her a dirty look, but Eiliandel simply smiled as she rearranged the pillows behind Arwen’s head.

Eowyn peered around the gate. Arwen had not come out – or if she had, she’d done it when Eowyn had not been there. All she could see was a sea of plants until the stone wall of the palace showed, barely visible throught the ivy clinging to the stones. “One would think one would not be curious after one’s last experience, wouldn’t one?” the male elf’s face appeared on the other side of the gate. Eowyn jumped back, “I’m sorry. I’m a friend of Arwen’s. I was wondering if she was still here.” He snorted, “It is not my place to discuss a lady’s whereabouts. My wife will not be pleased that you are bothering us. You do not want to find out what happens when she gets upset. Leave my quarters, please!” he vanished. Eowyn grimaced, she really hoped that the woman that lived in there was at least somewhat more pleasant than the man.

Eiliandel neatly braided Arwen’s hair, “Come. We should get ready for the banquet this evening.” Arwen had been resting and watching Eiliandel try out spells all day. It was quite interesting. Except when it went a little wrong and something would catch on fire, but after a while Arwen had grown to find it amusing and laugh along with Eiliandel, who seemed to laugh at all her minor mistakes. Arwen nodded at Eiliandel, “Yes, Estel will be wondering what has kept us,” she cast a sidelong glance at Eiliandel, “Perhaps it is best not to tell him you set several things on fire today.” Eiliandel burst out laughing as she pulled a brilliant gown on, “If Aragorn or Novrion ever even had a clue about how much I have done, I think they’d ban me from the palace!” Arwen laughed. That was most likely true! She then looked at Eiliandel seriously, “Please do not tell him, of the baby, I mean.” Eiliandel turned her hazel eyes on her friend, “It is not my place to tell him anything. You needn’t worry. I will say nothing.” Arwen nodded her thanks and the two left for the banquet hall. Novrion escorting them.


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