Evenstar and Ithilian – Part 2

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Arwen sighed as she lounged on her balcony. She was extremely bored. Her father refused to allow her to attend a meeting between himself and Lord Palin of the River Realm. Palin had brought along his daughter, Eiliandel, and her friend, the elf-lord Novrion. Palin and Novrion were meeting with Elrond, Aragorn, Legolas and Celeborn in order to discuss the threat of attacks from orcs. Arwen sighed again. She was not allowed in on her father’s council meetings, but Galadriel was, so she couldn’t talk with her grandmother, who was no doubt holding the meeting together. Eiliandel had decided to go for a ride in woods, but had left before Arwen could ask if she could come along. Arwen saw a horse running at breakneck speed towards her father’s house. Arwen sighed again. It was Eiliandel, riding bareback, with no bridle as she commonly did, simply enjoying the feeling of wind in her hair. Arwen got up and went to meet Eiliandel in the stables. “Eiliandel?” Arwen questioned as the elf got off her horse. Eiliandel turned to look at her, her pretty hazel eyes lighting up as she saw Arwen. “Ah, Arwen!” Eiliandel grinned, “It is a pleasure to see you again.” Arwen’s face suddenly looked far more mirthful than it should have. Eiliandel frowned at her, “What is so amusing?” she asked. “You’ve a branch in your hair.” Arwen laughed at Eiliandel as she leaned forward and pulled it out of the other elf’s hair. Eiliandel also laughed, “I think perhaps I should learn to duck!” Both women laughed at that, Eiliandel turned, “Would you care to come for a ride? I’m sure my horse could stand another run.” Arwen nodded eagerly and the women left.

Aragorn knocked politely on Arwen’s door. He needed to talk to her. Elrond was getting very insistent about this, and Aragorn felt the sooner he got it over with, the better it would be. There was no answer at her door. Aragorn knocked again, but nothing happened. He sighed, he would have to try again. He walked off.

Elrond smiled as he saw his daughter, coming back in from a ride. Eiliandel accompanied her and both were met by a happy Legolas. He hugged both women, who he’d not seen when he arrived. Elrond was pleased to see Arwen so happy. She had not been very happy as of late – especially when Elrond had begun to talk to her about her leaving for the Grey Havens. She had gotten upset, but had firmly informed him she wished to stay. Elrond had let the subject drop with her, but had taken it up with Aragorn. Aragorn had resigned to the truth of Elrond’s argument and had promised to talk to Arwen as soon as he could. Seeing Arwen so happy told Elrond that Aragorn had not gotten around to it yet. He sighed, he hoped Aragorn would wait until after the banquet tonight to talk to her.

Arwen pulled on a lovely dark blue gown. Her dark eyes sparkled as she brushed her long hair out over her shoulders. The banquet tonight would be basically a sealing gesture between her father’s and Lord Palin’s forces. She smiled again. Celeborn and Galadriel had decided to remain for a few days more, and she was looking forward to their staying. She left her chambers and nearly walked into Eiliandel. Eiliandel looked up, startled. She was wearing a brilliant green dress with her brown hair hanging loose down her back, much like Arwen’s. “Oh, Arwen! You startled me!” Eiliandel gasped as she recovered her balance. Arwen smiled at her, “You should watch where you are going!” Arwen joked with her, “You never know who’s around the corner!” Eiliandel smiled and laughed, and the two went to the banquet hall. Aragorn immediately got up and pulled out a chair for Arwen. Galadriel sat next to Arwen and Eiliandel. She wished to speak to Eiliandel, who seemed to be quite knowledge-able about many things and Galadriel wished to know more about life in the River Realm. Arwen thought the banquet went quite smoothly, with the exception that Aragorn was not talking to her much. She briefly wondered at that, but she said nothing. After the banquet, Galadriel retired, Celeborn, Elrond, Legolas, Novrion and Palin began to discuss the orc threat, Eiliandel pulled a vanishing act and Aragorn left for the gardens. Arwen followed Aragorn, worried as to why he was acting so unlike himself. She caught up with him on a bridge overlooking the gardens. “Estel?” she asked quietly. Aragron whipped around, he facing softening as he saw her. “What is it?” Arwen asked. Aragorn took her delicate hands in between his, taking a deep breath, he said, “Arwen, our love is not meant to be. You must leave for the Havens.” Aragorn said. A shocked look rippled across her face, “What?” Arwen whispered. “Arwen, amin mela lle. I cannot bear the thought of you dying. Please.” Aragorn begged her. “Why do you say such things?” Arwen looked hurt, “It is my choice to make. I have decided to stay with you.” she firmly stated the last part of her sentence. “Arwen. Look at me.” Aragorn commanded gently, “I wish for you leave with your people. Do not stay on my account. Go.” Arwen’s lower lip trembled and she turned and darted off into the darkness. Aragorn sank to his knees, he had not wished to hurt her. He only wished for Elrond to accept their love. He could not get the memory of the hurt look in her eyes the moment before she’d run. It would haunt him for his life.


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