Evenstar and Ithilian – Part 2 – Last chapter

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“Arwen! Slow down or you’re going to fall!” Aragorn watched as Arwen tried to get up the cliff. Arwen skittered a bit, but, being an elf, she gracefully recovered and managed to scale the cliff. Aragorn followed her up where they joined Eiliandel and Novrion. They all continued walking, “Perhaps I should tell you of our mission,” Eiliandel said, “We are trying to locate the wizard’s master. We need to destroy him, then the orc attacks and such will stop.” Eiliandel said. “Wizard’s master?” Arwen asked puzzled. “The wizard we battled eariler was only the apprentice, we need to find his master.” Novrion answered for Eiliandel. She did not keep secrets from him, even her dreams were shared knowledge between the two. Arwen paled. She did not wish to meet the master of the wizard, she did not wish to fight him either, but she remained silent.

Elrond burst through the library door, startling Celeborn and Galadriel. “ARWEN!” he yelled. Galadriel stared at him, and Celeborn stepped forward, resting a hand on his wife’s shoulder, “What is the meaning of this?” he asked. Elrond was fuming, “Arwen, Aragorn, Legolas, Novrion and Eiliandel have disappeared.” Elrond was seething, “I’m sure Eiliandel and Arwen were behind this!” Galadriel held up a thin white hand, “Elrond, calm yourself,” Galadriel took a deep breath, “Eiliandel is merely doing my bidding. Who she took with her is her business.” Elrond stared open mouthed at her, “You gave her permission to leave?” Galadriel nodded, leaning back in her chair. As Elrond did not dare question the Lady of Light, he left to inform Palin of his daughter’s whereabouts. Celeborn looked at his wife who was smiling to herself. He shook his head, she knew something.

Night was falling and Novrion, Legolas and Aragorn had called for a camp to be made. They found a hollow in tree roots and made a camp there. Arwen sighed and fell asleep immediately, Aragorn smiled as he looked at her peaceful face. Eiliandel was messing around with something and Novrion and Legolas were watching the woods intently. They all fell asleep soon, Eiliandel and Novrion, Arwen and Aragorn were curled up together and Legolas sleeping near the edge.

Arwen shifted uncomfortably in her sleep, she was having a bad dream. She cried out in sleep about something, waking Aragorn. He woke up. He looked around. Eiliandel was staring off into the woods, Novrion mimicking her position exactly. Legolas was also watching the woods. Aragorn looked down again as Arwen moaned and turned over in her sleep. Aragorn put his arms around her, not wanting to wake her, but wishing to bring rest to her sleep. “What is is?” he whispered to the others. Eiliandel turned, “Orcs. They’re hunting us.” Aragorn looked at them, “They haven’t found us.” Legolas reassured. Arwen cried out again, thrashing. “Wake her!” Novrion said to Aragorn, “She’s making too much noise!” Aragorn put a hand over Arwen’s mouth and shook her awake. Her eyes shot open as she woke up. She looked around wildly for a second, but then she seemed to recall where she was. Aragorn whispered what was going on as they packed up their camp. They rode on, trying to remain ahead of the orcs.******

Galadriel shot upright in her bed, waking Celeborn. “Galadriel! What is it?” he looked at her. “They must not go!” Galadriel’s voice shook, “There is another evil that hunts them! They must come back!” Galadriel wasted no time in finding a horse. She rode out after the five elves, determined to reach them.

Eiliandel looked at the cliff, “I don’t think we can scale this!” she announced, she looked at Arwen and Aragorn, “Wait here, Legolas, Novrion and I will see if we can find a way around.” They left. Aragorn moved over to Arwen, “Arwen? May I talk to you?” he asked, nervously. She looked at him, she’d never seen him so nervous. In the day that they had been gone, he gotten quieter and more withdrawn, she wondered what went on in his mind. “Arwen, will you marry me when we get back?” Aragorn took a deep breath. Arwen flushed, whatever she’d thought he’d say, this had not been it, “Yes!” She smiled and fell into his arms. The two sat there happily until Eiliandel and the others returned. Eiliandel did not looked pleased and Leoglas and Novrion were again looking somewhat disheartened at the cliffs. Just as Eiliandel opened her mouth to say something, Galadriel rode up. Her horse was heaving with exhaustion and Galadriel looked like she had ridden all night, “Do not go near the border! DO NOT!” she shouted. They all froze.

“You can not go closer! There is yet another force that will come into play. Do not make a move until it has!” Galadriel finished explaining. The elves nodded, Eiliandel and Novrion sighed with relief and Arwen and Aragorn smiled at each other. Legolas simply grinned. After Galadriel’s horse had rested, they turned back, Galadriel relieved that she had caught them before it had been too late. If Eiliandel had made a move before the other piece of the puzzle fell in, she could have lost her life and the lives of her companions would have been seriously questioned. “Grandmother?” Arwen rode up to her. “Yes?” Galadriel smiled at her, “What have you to ask?” Aragorn had ridden up near her, “We wish to wed,” Aragorn stated. Galadriel’s face burst into a smile, “Why do you ask my permission for this? she inquired. Aragorn and Arwen looked at each other. “You needn’t worry!” Galadriel said, “Of Elrond’s opinion, I would be more wary.” Aragorn and Arwen laughed.

Elrond about fell out of his chair, “You’re what!?!” Aragorn and Arwen backed up slightly, “We wish to get married.” Aragorn said. Elrond stood up, and was about to explode, but then thought about it, “Very well.” he sighed, the look on Arwen’s face was reward enough. She was so delighted. Elrond could not help but give his permission.

It had been a gorgeous wedding. Arwen had been so beautiful that Aragorn had had trouble concentrating on everyone else at the wedding. Galadriel and Celeborn had watched in pride as Arwen and Aragorn had walked past them. Eiliandel and Novrion, who had been married a week before Arwen and Aragorn, smiled at them. Legolas had almost burst with pride watching them. Galadriel’s warning still rang fresh in their minds, but she had promised Eiliandel to tell both her and Arwen when the time for their mission came. The two happy couples were more than delighted with her promise.


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