Evenstar and Ithilian – Part 2

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Arwen slammed her door shut, sobbing. Why had he said this to her? She cried even harder. She loved him so much, why would he push her away? She curled up on her bed, hugging her pillow as she cried. “Arwen?” a soft voice called through the door. Arwen did not answer. Her door slowly opened, and Eiliandel poked her head in. Seeing her friend, Eiliandel darted over, “Arwen? What happened?” she asked softly, drawing Arwen into a hug. “He……he told me…….to leave.” Arwen sobbed into Eiliandel’s shoulder. “Who told you to leave?” Eiliandel was slightly puzzled. “Estel.” Arwen whispered. Eiliandel suddenly understood, “Oh, Arwen!” Eiliandel hugged her tighter, “I am so sorry!” Arwen shook her head, “He did not plan to tell me this, my father made him. I know.” Eiliandel wondered why the elf-lord would do this to his daughter, but she did not inquire. There was a louder more authorative knock at the door. “Arwen!” Elrond’s voice echoed through the door. Arwen shook her head. Eiliandel was silent. “Arwen, open the door. I wish to speak with you.” he said. “Please leave me alone.” Arwen’s voice shook with her emotions. “ARWEN.” Elrond said loudly, beginning to lose his temper, “Open the door.” Arwen did not move. Elrond opened her door, “Arwen! Eiliandel, what are you doing in here?” he asked glaring at the unfortunate elf-lady. Eiliandel simply looked at Elrond. Arwen sniffed, trying to harness her emotions. “Father, please leave!” she asked, almost unable to get herself under control. “Arwen.” Elrond tried again. “Please!” she burst into tears. Elrond looked at his sobbing daughter, a shocked looking Eiliandel and then to Galadriel’s gentle face. Galadriel had simply just shown up. “Elrond, leave your daughter to her emotions.” Galadriel’s soft voice said, “She needs to sort through her feelings alone.” Elrond nodded, not willing to argue with her. “Eiliandel. Come” Galadriel motioned for the other elf to join her and Elrond and then left.

Arwen was curled up on her bed. She could not sleep. She did not wish to do anything, she was in such pain. “Arwen?” a whisper came from her balcony. She looked up. Aragorn stood on her balcony, near her door. “Arwen?” Arwen rolled over. She did not wish to see him. “Arwen?” Aragorn gently shook her, “Wake up.” Arwen did nothing, she wanted him to leave. He gently laid down next to her, “Arwen. I did not wish to say such things to you. I love you, I wish to spend eternity with you. Please forgive me.” Arwen rolled over to face him. She simply smiled at him, “I love you, Estel. ” she whispered and curled up next to him. They fell asleep, Aragorn smiling in his sleep and Arwen neatly curled up against him.

Arwen awoke the next morning to find Aragorn gone, and Eiliandel shouting some extremely vulgar elvish curses at some unfortunate being down the hall. Arwen got up and went to her door. Eiliandel was a basically sweet tempered, hard-to-anger woman with an extremely long patience and attention span, why she had had to resort to cursing interested Arwen. She’d never seen anything that could drive Eiliandel to cursing, throwing fire maybe, but never cursing. She peered out of her door, not anxious to get hit with flame if Eiliandel really lost her temper, but Eiliandel’s back was to Arwen. An extremely angry looking Novrion and Lord Palin were with her. In front of the trio was a terrified looking man, “Honest, sir! I never intended to…..” the man protested. Palin snorted, “You knew better! You knew you should not have gone there!” Palin wheeled around, “Novrion, take Eiliandel out of here.” Eiliandel was shaking with anger, Novrion put a gentle arm around her waist and the two walked off. Palin waited until they were gone before turning back to the man, “Lord Elrond’s people are now in danger thanks to you! You knew you were being followed by orcs, yet you came here!” Palin exploded, “Why would you do such a foolish thing?” The man looked at the floor and shook his head, “Sir, I just thought you’d like to hear of the strange occurences going on outside the River Realm’s far southern border.” Palin glared daggers at the man, “Of course, I wish to know of this, but next time do not be so foolish! Wait here, I must warn Elrond of this.” he turned on his heel and strode off. Arwen ducked back in her room. Orcs had followed this man to her father’s city? She should let Aragorn and Legolas know. Quickly dressing, she ran off to find them.

“Eiliandel, please, you need to calm yourself.” Novrion tried to soothe the upset enchantress, not a job most would want, “Please, you’re just going to get angrier.” Eiliandel was stalking back and forth along the edge of a river. “I know, I know! I just wish he hadn’t been so foolish!” Eiliandel stormed back again, the river water swirled menacingly. Novrion suddenly thought that letting her be near the river may not have been such a brilliant idea, but the waters settled as Eiliandel suddenly seemed contemplative, “You are right, Novrion. I am not behaving very well am I?” she seemed to be under control now. “You’re right. You’re not.” a voice said. Legolas and Aragorn appeared around the corner, Legolas laughed, “You are certainly not behaving according to your position my lady.” Eiliandel suddenly grinned, “Oh, I apologize for my conduct, my lord.” she said, her voice practically dripping with sarcasm. Legolas laughed again, Eiliandel was fun to joke with, almost as fun as Arwen. Aragorn pulled everyone’s attention back to the present by stating, “Eiliandel, we heard something about orcs. What is this?” Eiliandel and Novrion began to explain what had happened. After hearing their news, Aragorn looked puzzled, “If this is the problem, why were you so upset? Orcs have run lose over the lands before.” Eiliandel nodded and Novrion explained, “Yes, but they followed us here – from the River Realm. The Realm has few soldiers, we worry for our people.” he paused, “And if these orcs are the ones that have been attacking us at the Realm, Aragorn, the people here stand no chance.” he looked at the ground, putting a comforting arm around Eiliandel, “They have attacked many villages in the Realm, and none survived.” Aragorn looked surprised but quickly masked it when Arwen came darting up. She saw Eiliandel and Novrion there, pausing she asked, “You know?” directed toward Aragorn. He looked at her, “If it about the orcs, then yes, I know.” he smiled at her. Arwen then looked at Eiliandel, who was still in Novrion’s partial embrace, “Why is this such a crime that you yelled at that man?” she asked curious. “Do not ask this of her, Arwen.” Galadriel and Celeborn had appeared behind Aragorn and Legolas, Galadriel directed her next sentence at all but Eiliandel, “Leave her be. She knows of something of the most evil kind. Let her be the judge of who should hear it.” Galadriel looked at them all. Novrion slowly let go of Eiliandel and followed Legolas, Aragorn and Arwen out of the gardens. He glanced back, but Eiliandel made no move to follow him, as neither did Galadriel or Celeborn.


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