Evenstar and Ithilian – Chapter 6

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Aragorn looked at the landscape. It had gotten drearier, darker, greyer and the terrain had gotten steeper. Deep chasms in the rock opened as though they went to the centre of the earth. He did not wish to see Arwen in such a place, such a horrid place, so different from her life in Rivendell and Lothlorien. Novrion leapt from on rock to another, like an un-worldly panther. He was beggining to get worried about Eiliandel. She was a great warrior, but she did not have the strength to survive an environment that held nothing for life. He glanced at the fog. She would be able to melt into the fog, vanish from all sight, unless she was in captivity, in which case, she held no power. They needed to find the elves before the next full moon, or all they knew would end.

“Leave me alone!” Arwen sobbed as she tried to get as far away from the wizard as possible. He growled, pulling his fist back to strike her again, “Listen, little elf, I am growing tired of this game. Which are you, the Evenstar or the Ithilian? Answer me!” he grabbed her and shook her. He had already tried with Eiliandel to get an answer, but he had more focused on trying to get her to reveal her powers. Instead, Eiliandel had stone-walled him, glaring at him in answer to every question. Moving away from him when he struck her, but she never said a word. This elf was different, instead she cried. He hit her, and Arwen cried harder, effectively silencing her even if she had wanted to answer. The wizard shoved her back into her and Eiliandel’s room, slamming the door. Eiliandel rushed to Arwen’s side, helping her to her feet, “Arwen!” Eiliandel engulfed her in a hug, “Are you alright? What did he do to you?” Arwen rubbed tears from her eyes, “Nothing, he just got very angry. He wanted to know whether I was the Evenstar or the Ithilian. “Arwen sniffed. Eiliandel looked at her, “I wonder why he is so insisted on knowing. Best that we do not tell him.” Arwen nodded as Eiliandel continued, “Let’s try to get out of here!”

Aragorn bolted upright. Novrion was pacing and cursing in elvish. “Novrion? What….” Aragorn broke off, as Novrion looked at him, “Eiliandel is in pain. I can hear her in my mind.” Novrion returned to pacing. Aragorn felt his heart sink, if Eiliandel was in pain, what had happened to his Evenstar? “Novrion, do you know how Arwen is? Can you hear her too?” Aragorn asked, but Legolas interrrupted, shaking his head, “I have not heard anything from Arwen, but I too, have heard Eiliandel. She is alive, but of Arwen, I do not know.”

“No, can’t fit.” Eiliandel was trying to squeeze between the bars over the window in the room the women were in, “Push me higher.” Eiliandel was standing on Arwen’s shoulders, trying to get higher. Arwen pushed her as high as she dared, thanking her gods that the other elf was light. Eiliandel hopped down shaking her head, “We will need to try another route.” The two looked around. Eiliandel had tried burning her way out, only to discover that under a thin layer of wood, the walls were stone and she’d been forced to quit. “Do you think you could get it warm enough to……..”Arwen trailed off as the door opened. The wizard burst through. He had been wise, not giving his name, as with someone’s name in your possesion, you could own their spirit. He glared at the two elven women. “Well, well, well. You have been busy have you not my little elves.” he surveyed the burnt walls. He looked at them again, “You will help me, you will unlock the way to the Crystal Caves and get me the possesion I desire.” Eiliandel began backing up, Arwen mimicking her, the meaning of his words sinking in. He wanted the precious metal used to make the ring, he wanted power. He smiled softly, “We will leave shortly.” and then whirled from the room, leaving to prepare to leave. As always the women heard the lock click as he left. Eiliandel rushed to the window again, “We must get out – we must leave. He will kill us to get what he wants!” Eiliandel suddenly gathered a huge amount of power and flung fire at the bars, the metal glowing. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I’m just stressed.” Eiliandel murmurred, shaking with effort as she stopped flinging fire and sat on the bed. Arwen stepped back shocked, if this was Eiliandel stressed, she did not want to see Eiliandel mad. Arwen sat next to Eiliandel, “What can we do?” she asked. Eiliandel thought a moment, “Perhaps I will have a plan…….”. The wizard returned before Eiliandel could say anything, “Get up! Now!” They obeyed. “Follow me now!” Arwen and Eiliandel followed him, staying as close together as they could. Guards fell in behind them, pushing them forward. They left for the Crystal Caves.

Elladan suddenly awoke. He saw lights in the distance. He woke up Elrohir, Novrion, Legolas and Aragorn. “Look. Let’s follow them.” The men snuck up carefully, hanging back, “Let’s try to get closer when they slow.” Aragorn said and they all melted back into the darkness and the fog.


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