Evenstar and Ithilian – Chapter 5

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Arwen and Eiliandel had awoken to the sound of horses running. The women lay quietly, trying to blend into the background. It was their captors! They were looking for them! The horses galloped past the two elves, not slowing at all. Arwen let out a soft sigh of relief after they’d passed. She and Eiliandel waited until they couldn’t hear the horses anymore, then they took off at a dead run. The two ran until they reached a town. Eiliandel and Arwen stopped at the edge of the forest, cautiously watching the inhabitants of the town. It was a village of the race of men, which did not thrill either elf too much. Arwen shrugged, “Aragorn is quite trustworthy, I’m sure we have nothing to fear.” Eiliandel looked at her, “We have no choice, they are probably still looking for us.” Eiliandel looked behind them pointedly, before she eased herself farther into the bushes. Arwen and Eiliandel waited until dusk, then they snuck into the village. They headed toward the nearest inn. The inn owner stared at the two elf women, Arwen was painfully aware that she was only wearing her night shift. “Pleasant evening to you, ladies. What can I do for you?” he asked still staring. “We wish a room.” Eiliandel said firmly. The inn owner nodded and lead the two women to a room, “Here you are ladies, let me know if you need anything.” he left. Eiliandel immediately went to check out the window. Arwen looked around the room, it was very dark, dank and Arwen was glad it was too dark for her elvish eyes to see much more than that. Eiliandel’s next stop was the closet, pulling open the door, she ruffled through, “No cloaks, these blankets will have to do.” She handed Arwen a dark grey blanket. Arwen pulled the blanket around her shoulders, Eiliandel doing the same. They curled up on the dank bed, deciding they needed some sleep.

Aragorn hauled himself over the rock ledge that he and Legolas were trying to scale. After the waterfall, there had been no trace of the women at all – save Novrion’s find of Eiliandel’s hair twist. Aragorn rubbed his hands together, he did not remember it being so cold in this area of Middle Earth. He looked at Legolas, who also was rubbing his hands together. Legolas shrugged, “It is much too cold here – even for us with elven blood.” he pointed to the other three elves waiting at the base of the rock ledge. They too were begining to shift uncomfortably in the coolness of the area. “Legolas, what do you know of Eiliandel?” Aragorn asked slowly. “I know she has great powers, but she does not use them unless provoked, at least, that she didn’t when I last met her. Why?” Legolas asked. “I am worried about Arwen. I know nothing, save what you’ve said, about this Eiliandel. I don’t know where she is, if she’s alright, who’s captured her………….I only know that he’s going to try to kill her.” Aragorn stared off in the distance, Legolas put a hand on his friend’s shoulder, “Arwen will be alright. She will hold out until we can save her. Eiliandel is trustworthy. No matter how much she may have changed since I saw her, she would never let harm occur to another for the benefit of evil.” Aragorn nodded. Legolas nodded to the other elves who began to scale the rock ledge, “We must continue our search.” The men continued their desparate search.

The inn owner awoke to see a glaring facing. “Where are they?” it hissed in a gravelly voice. “Where…..where are who?” the owner gasped, pulling away, his voice cracking. “Where are they?” the figure grabbed his shirt collar. “Please, sir, I don’t know who you are talking about!” the owner pleaded. “Where are the two pretty elves that walked through here?” the creature gnashed out the words. The owner pointed a shaking hand toward the women’s room.

Arwen awoke to the sight of Eiliandel deparately trying to figure out how to break open the window without hurting herself. “Eiliandel?” Arwen asked groggily. “The owner! He told them where we were!” Eiliandel gave up and, turning her face away, put a candle stand through the window. Arwen jumped up as the sound of pounding feet came closer to their room. “Hurry! Arwen!” Eiliandel ushered her to the now-open window. Arwen looked down, they were on the second story, the ground looked awfully far down. “Arwen, jump!” Eiliandel begged, as the pounding came closer. Arwen closed her eyes and swung herself out the window. She hit the ground, rolling, trying not to hurt herself. The landing hurt, but the adrenaline rushing through her veins kept her from noticing much. Eiliandel followed. The two scarmbled to their feet and took off running at break neck speed. Unfortunately, they were not fast enough. The two attackers that had been left to guard soon caught up to the women. Arwen and Eiliandel pushed themselves harder, trying to remain ahead of the horsemen. Elves had incredible endurance and speed, but they could not outrun a horse on foot. Arwen felt herself swept off her feet as her attacker literally plucked her from the ground. He held her tightly on his horse. She tried to break free as she heard Eiliandel curse loudly in Elvish, but she could not break his grasp. She stopped struggling, glancing over to Eiliandel, who has engaged in a vicious struggle for her freedom. She lost. With one quick motion, her attacker backhanded her, sending her sprawling to the forest floor. Arwen’s attacker got the message – silence the women. He knocked her out with a quick hit, but kept her on the horse. After Eiliandel had been placed on her attacker’s horse, the two dark riders turned back towards the inn. The other three met them half -way, their leader pleased to note the two were back in his custody. The horsemen reeled around and rode hard towards their master’s fortress.

Elrohir yelled something in Elvish to Elladan, who yelled at Novrion who came running towards Aragorn and Legolas, “We’ve reached a town. Do you want to be seen or not?” Aragorn and Legolas looked at each other, Legolas nodded, “We’ll go through the town, perhaps we can ask if anyone has seen Arwen or Eiliandel. We also need to get some food and drink.” The men collected themselves and then began walking through the town. They walked to the local inn, and ordered some drinks. The owner came over to bring them their order, and he stared at Legolas, and then at the other three elves behind him, “You look just like the pretty ladies that came through here.” “Pretty ladies?” Elrohir asked slowly. “Oh yes, gorgeous ladies they were too.” the owner nodded. “What did they look like?” Novrion asked. “One had hair as black as the night and these brilliant sapphire eyes. The other had brown hair, and mesmorizing hazel eyes, oh, yes, sirs, they were quite lovely. Awful cold to be wandering around in those silks the elves wear, but they seemed fine.” Legolas looked at him, “What did these women ask for?” The owner thought a minute, “They asked for a room, but they aren’t here now, sir. Oh no, these men came for them later in the night. Took them with them I should think.” Novrion nodded slowly, “Thank you sir.” The owner nodded and left. “Now what?” Elladan asked as soon as the man was out of ear shot, “We know Arwen and Eiliandel were around here as of last night, but now where do we look?” “We keep walking.” Aragorn said grimly, and they set back out.

Arwen groaned as she opened her eyes. She was lying on her side on a bed, her wrists tied behind her. She looked around, the room was dark, carved in stone. She twisted to look around. Eiliandel was lying behind her, glaring daggers at someone just out of Arwen’s sight. “Ah, my dear, you are awake.” a smooth voice said, and a man walked around into Arwen’s view. He was fairly short for a man, wearing the flowing robes of a wizard, with grey hair and grey bread, he had cold blue eyes and an evil look on his face. He leaned in close to Arwen, “Your little companion is quite the unfriendly lady isn’t she?” he looked at her, “I think you’re much sweeter, aren’t you?” Arwen clamped her mouth shut. “Are you the Evenstar or the Ithilian?” he asked. Arwen shook her head, knowing better to answer. “Answer me!” he exclaimed losing his temper, having already been dead-ended by Eiliandel. Arwen stared blankly off in the distance. He exclaimed in anger and burst out of the room. “Arwen?” Eiliandel’s soft voice asked, “Are you alright?” Arwen stretched her body, feeling the ache in her joints, her face hurt where she’d been backhanded. “Y-yes.” Arwen answered slowly, “Eiliandel, where are we? Who is that man?” Eiliandel thought a moment, “I do not know his name, I do not know where we are, I do know that we are not here to tell him elven mythology – he has an ulterior motive. He was yelling at me before you woke.” Arwen tried to get up, but she felt dizzier the farther she sat up. She changed her mind and laid back down. “Arwen?” Eiliandel’s voice seemed to come from a great distance. Arwen waited a minute and then answered, “I can not get up. I get dizzy.” “Try to get some sleep, maybe that will help.” Eiliandel suggested as she yawned, half asleep herself.


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