Evenstar and Ithilian – Chapter 3

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Arwen sleepily opened her eyes. It was afternoon, judging by the sun. She rolled to her feet, smiling as she saw Aragorn coming towards her. “How are you feeling?” Aragorn asked, concerned. “I am fine, Aragorn, why do you ask?” Arwen watched his face closely. He sighed, “Elrond has told me that you have nightmares.” Aragorn began. Even as he said these words, he wished he could have taken them back instantly. Arwen’s face closed off, showing no more emotion. “Please tell me what troubles you.” Aragorn pleaded with her. “No.” Arwen turned around, facing the garden, pulling away from him. Aragorn was stunned, she had never behaved this way before. Not towards him. “Arwen, I do not mean to pry, but I am truly worried for you.” Aragorn tried placating her. Arwen shook her head, her father had no right to tell others of her nightmares. She did not appreciate this. She was too tired to even attempt being civil about this. She knew she was being irrational, but she did not care. “Leave me alone!” Arwen said still facing away from him, “Please.” Aragorn did not know what to think. Why was she pushing him away? Aragorn turned and began to walk away, leaving her standing at the railing of the gazebo. He looked back. There were tears streaming down her face. Aragorn was torn, go comfort her or respect her wishes? Elrond had also come to see Arwen and saw Aragorn’s indecision. He pushed past him, heading towards his upset daughter, “Arwen?” Elrond came towards her. “Why?” Arwen turned on him, tears pouring over her pretty face, “Why did you tell him?” “Tell him what?” Elrond was surprised, whatever he’d thought she was upset over, this was not it. “My dreams! I did not wish him to know!” Arwen practically shouted. Elrond shook his head, she was too tired. She wasn’t really angry. She was simply exhausted and had been pushed too hard too fast. “Amin hiraetha.” Elrond said simply. She looked at him, and then slowly nodded her head. “Why don’t you go to your chambers? Perhaps you have been in the sun too long.” Elrond suggested lightly. Arwen gave in, and left. “Estel, do not be worried.” Elrond said the second his daughter was out of ear-shot, “She is simply overtired. I had hoped that some undisturbed sleep would help, but I think she needs more.” Aragorn nodded, accepting the elf-lord’s reasoning. Arwen was known to have a temper when things became overwhelming for her.

Elrond made sure his daughter was given an early dinner and some tea that was known to promote sleep. He did not want her disturbed this night. She fell asleep while reading in one of the great halls. Elladan carried her to her room and then told everyone to be quiet as his sister was sleeping – although he and Elrohir found it amusing – they had spent much of their childhood trying to wake her up, not let her sleep. Everyone retired early, Elrond noted, as Novrion and Eiliandel retired soon after Arwen had fallen asleep.

The delicate breeze ruffled Arwen’s hair as she slept. The figure creeping closer snuck as close as he dared. He did not want to bother the elf-woman so much that she made a fuss. He needed to get her and the other elf and get back to his master. His five companions watched as their leader suddenly launched himself forward and grabbed the elf-woman. Arwen stiffed and began to struggle. She tried to scream, but could not get her face free of her attacker’s hand. He dragged her to his companions, she tried to grab the doorframe as she went past. She cut her hand, smearing blood on the door, dripping some onto the floor. The leader noticed that one of his companions had grabbed the other elf-woman. Arwen struggled harded as she saw Eiliandel pulled into view. One of their captors dealt Eiliandel a blow to the face, and her body went limp. Arwen remembered nothing more as the leader quieted her with a vicious blow. The dark attackers slipped quietly out of Elrond’s palace.

“Arwen?” Aragorn knocked on her door, “Wake up. The sun has almost reached it’s mid-point height. ” Aragorn knocked again. Arwen did not answer. Farther down the hall, Novrion knocked on Eiliandel’s door. More like banged on the door. “Eiliandel! Get up!” he hollered. “Arwen?” Aragorn asked. He braced himself to open her door. He had opened it once, and woken her up, she had been furious with him. He pushed her door open. Her bed was empty, the sheets thrown back, the curtains of her open window blowing in the breeze. Blood. There was blood on the wall near her room’s other doorway. Aragorn lunged forward, there were large drops of dried blood on the floor, near the blood on the wall. “ARWEN!!!!! Aragorn hollered, worried for her. Elrond showed up in her doorway, “Aragorn? What is going on?” he asked. “There’s blood! She’s gone! I……..” Aragorn shook his head. Elrond was there in a flash. Aragorn watched as the elf-lord’s face paled as he saw the blood. It was hard to elect any type of response from an elf, but Elrond’s worry clearly showed. “Elladan! Elrohir!” he shouted. The brothers showed up, seeing the blood and noting their sister’s absence. Elrond quickly filled them in just as Novrion came in. “Eiliandel is gone. I cannot find her anywhere.” the blonde elf’s face showed worry. “As is my daughter. ” Elrond stated, “We must find them! Elladan, Elrohir and Estel, go, see if you cannot track them! They can’t be more than a few hours out.” Elrond sighed as the men left, Novrion following. Legolas had heard the commotion and had joined their search party, especially after he’d heard Arwen was missing. The five elves saddled mounts and rode out, trying to track the women and their captors.


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