Evenstar and Ithilian – Chapter 2

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“Eiliandel? You are going to be late.” Elrond called through her door. “Not coming. “Eiliandel’s simple answer came.”Eiliandel! Open this door!” Elrond was getting angry. “She’s not going to you know, open her door, or anything.” Novrion said as he walked by. Elrond was getting red in the face. Arwen stepped in, unsure as to why her father would get so upset. Arwen had pulled this several times herself, and he’d never yelled at her.”Let me talk to her, Ada.” Arwen leaned towards the door, “Eiliandel? Please may I speak with you?” Arwen waited. There was a fumbling sound on the other side of the door. “Enter.” Eiliandel said. Arwen entered surprised at how dark it was in Eiliandel’s room. The moon shone through the open balcony doors and a light rustling of the breeze moved the gauze-like curtains. Eiliandel stood near her balcony railing, watching something in the distance. “Eiliandel? Please. Tell me what is wrong.” Arwen said softly, moving to the other woman’s side. Eiliandel pulled away, “I do not wish to bother you, Arwen.” Eiliandel turned, her pretty hazel eyes overcast with the knowledge of something. Arwen looked at her pityingly, “You do not bother me, please.” Eiliandel bowed her head “I will not say, please just understand me when I say it is too great a horror to say.” Arwen looked at her and then nodded sympathetically. “Please attend the banquet tonight, you are worrying my father greatly.” “Very well.” Eiliandel gave in. Arwen and Eiliandel made their way down to the banquet. Eiliandel was very quiet all evening, but she retained her politeness. Arwen and Aragorn spent the evening together, watching Eiliandel and dancing.

He was following her. No matter how hard she ran or how many turns she made, he was always behind her, and he was gaining. Arwen tried desperately to glance over her shoulder as she ran, trying to indentify her attacker, but she could only see his outline in the dark of the night. She ran faster. Then, as she turned, she fell, sprawling sideways upagainst a tree. He closed in, she could hear him. As he came into view, he stretched a hand down as to grab her. He positively reeked of evil. Arwen couldn’t take it anymore, throwing her arms in front of her face to protect herself, she screamed.

Elrond rocketed upright in his bed. Arwen had screamed. He ran down the hall, praying it was only a dream. He too had begun sensing evil, but he could not pinpoint it. He darted down the hall, bursting through her door. He grabbed his daughter’s shoulders as she woke up and struggled to get away from him. “Arwen!” Elrond said as he tried to calm his daughter. She looked at him, raw terror evident on her face. She stopped struggling and began crying. Elrong hugged her, “Arwen, it is alright.” he soothed. Elladan, Elrohir and Aragorn had appeared in her doorway. Elrond motioned for them to leave. Aragorn was last to obey his command. “Arwen?” Elrond asked, “What is it you dream of?” She shook her head. She did not want to answer him. Elrond sighed, he didn’t want to push her into telling him anything she was upset about. Arwen had drifted back off to sleep in the time Elrond had decided to leave her dreams to her. He gently eased her into her bed and waited several moments to make sure she was alright. He turned to leave, almost running over Eiliandel. “Is she alright?” Eiliandel was worried. Elrond ushered her out of the room, leaving Arwen to sleep. “She dreams. Of what I do not know, as she will not say.” Elrond shook his head. Eiliandel nodded and went back to her room. Elrond watched her go. She, for one, had seen enough in her life, she did not need to be worrying over Arwen’s dreams. Elrond was amazed that Eiliandel was still alive and still living in Middle Earth, she should have left centuries ago.

The next morning, Arwen slowly got up. She was still so tired. She pulled a robe on over her nightshift, and went down to the dining hall. Her brothers stared as she entered. Their sister never wore her nightclothes to breakfast – she just didn’t. Elladan was about to get up when Aragorn entered. “Arwen, are you feeling alright?” he asked, as shocked as the twins. “Hmmm? Yes, I am alright.” she sounded exhausted. “Very well.” Aragorn let it go at that. He was worried about her. Elrond had entered and did a double take. “Arwen, please come here.” She willingly went over to her father, “Arwen, would you like to spend the morning in the gardens?” Arwen thought about it. “Yes, yes, I believe I would like to.” Elrond unhesitatingly escorted her out to a gazebo in the gardens. A breakfast tray was already out in the gazebo. He helped her sit on the comfortable seat that was there. She was already falling asleep again. Elrond had figured that she would be able to sleep better outside, where she could feel nature. She sighed and fell asleep. “What is wrong with her?” Elrond turned to see Aragorn standing behind him, “She has been tired and jumpy for weeks.” Elrond nodded, and the two men moved farther away from the gazebo. “Arwen has had awful dreams. Of what she dreams, no one knows, but what the dreams are doing to her, the results are evident.” Elrond explained. “And you have let this go on? Why can’t we stop what is scaring her?” Aragorn was uspet, Arwen had said nothing of this. “She refuses to say what is wrong.” Elrond looked angry, “She has flat out refused to speak to me or her brothers of this matter.” Aragorn sighed, “She has said nothing to me either. What of Eiliandel and Novrion? Why are they here?” Elrond nodded. “I can not say why the lord of the River Realm sent his daughter and Novrion here, but I can say that Arwen’s dreams were accuring before they arrived.” Aragorn nodded and left to go discuss this issue with Elladan and Elrohir. Elrond glanced at Arwen, who was sleeping peacefully. Eiliandel was lurking in the background, just as she’d promised she would. Elrond has asked her if she didn’t mind watching to make sure no one bothered Arwen, Eiliandel’s response was a very curt nod and then she’d disappeared out into the gardens.

They waited. Their master wanted the two elven women in Rivendell. The Evenstar and another, rumoured to be a powerful magic user. He wanted to obtain entrance to the Crystal Cave, where a large crystal of the metal that the One Ring had been cast from, was supposed to be resting. They waited for his orders to go retrieve the women.


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