Evenstar and Ithilian – A Single Star of Hope – Part 1

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“Easy there, Eladrion!” Eiliandel playfully scolded the year and a half old son of Arwen and Aragorn. Arwen laughed from her seat on the garden bench as Eladrion squirmed in Eiliandel’s grip. Eiliandel was eight months pregnant, and Eladrion had quite the comfortable seat, perched on her belly. Eladrion laughed as he got a good grip of Eiliandel’s hair and wouldn’t let go, “Arwen! I think you need to come get your son!” Eiliandel said, trying to gently pull the hair out of Eladrion’s grasp. Aragorn leaned over before Arwen could get up and he took his son, laughing at Eiliandel as he did so, “You’re going to have to get used to that, Eiliandel!” Arwen nodded, “It seems all children love long hair. Especially if it is their mother’s long hair……..” she smiled at Eiliandel who muttered something in elvish. Aragorn laughed as his son transferred his grip from Eiliandel’s hair to Aragorn’s. They all had been enjoying a time of peace after the battle that had ravaged the city. Arwen was enjoying watching Aragorn try to rebuild the palace, something she swore he should leave to Gimli and the other dwarves, as it was just about as entertaining as watching Eiliandel figure out how to adapt to motherhood. The gorgeous dark haired elf had finally been convinced that she could not climb over the garden walls like she used to, although the rest of her habits were still going strong, such as her love of sneaking out of the palace to the nearby woods via the pipelines. Novrion had caught her trying to scale the walls earlier that week, and he had been none too pleased. She had relented, but had resorted to swimming in the lake far more often than she’d used to. Arwen watched a look of sadness cross her friend’s face, “Eiliandel? Come on. We need to go clear out all the plants in that spare room in your quarters! You are going to need it!” Arwen tried to cheer up Eiliandel. Taking Eladrion from Aragorn, the two women left to go to Eiliandel and Novrion’s quarters.

Aragorn watched as they left, turning to Novrion, who had quietly walked up, he said, “Novrion, I must talk to you. This morning, one of the stewards of the palace was found in front of my chambers, dead. He’d been murdered,” Aragorn turned to the elf, “This is the second of such murders.” Novrion bowed his head slightly, “I am truly sorry to hear of this. What would you have me do?” Aragorn shook his head, “Nothing at the moment, except use your knowledge. I ask you to go and look at the poor man’s body. Something about the way he died does not fit.” Novrion inclined his head slowly, blonde hair falling over a shoulder, “Other than that he was murdered, what bothers you?” Aragorn stared off in the distance a moment, “It was as though he was killed as a warning. Please, go look at the corpse.” Novrion nodded and began to leave, but Aragorn stopped him, “Novrion? Do not say a word of this to Arwen or Eiliandel. Something tells me that they should not know of this.” Novrion grmly left to his task, and left Aragorn to worry over something only he knew.

Arwen stared at the tangled mass of plants, flowers and vines that clogged the spare room in Eiliandel’s chambers. This would be far more work than she’d thought. Eladrion gave a delighted laugh and grabbed a flower off a vine. Smiling, he offered it to his mother, “Oh that is lovely, Eladrion! Thank you!” Arwen willingly tucked the flower in her hair at Eladrion’s insistence, and then laughed as he repeated the gesture with Eiliandel. The women got to work, hauling out as many of the plants they could salvage and then allowing Eladrion to help them pull the rest out. Soon only the walls and ceiling were covered in ivy, but Eiliandel insisted that that be left. She wished her child to have a room much like hers had been in the River Realm where she’d lived. The women then moved in a crib and several elvish toys for the soon to arrive child. With Arwen’s help, Eiliandel hung veil-thin curtains over the window and then decided that she needed to call it a day. Leaving Eiliandel sleeping on her bed, Arwen and Eladrion snuck out.


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