Evensat and Ithilian – Part 2

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“What troubles your mind, Enchantress?” Celeborn asked Eiliandel. He knew that if something had troubled his wife enough that she had actually sought out another, the situation must be far worse than anyone thought, “What evil do you know of?” Eiliandel looked up at him and Galadriel, “The orcs are only the beginning. There will be more horrors to follow,” she lowered her head, her dark hair falling over her face, “I thought I destroyed him. I was wrong.” Eiliandel ventured a look a Galadriel, expecting an angry response, but Galadriel merely inclined her head, indicating for her to continue. “The wizard I fought not so long ago was merely his apprentice. I do not think I carry the strength to fight one more powerful than the last.” Eiliandel referred to the wizard who had made her move water so that he could get to the mineral the One Ring had been created from. The experience had ended with Arwen being injured and Eiliandel left with nightmares that left her too terrified to speak of them. Galadriel nodded, “Yet you know what you must do. Only you can defeat this foe.” Galadriel looked sadly at the younger elf, “Whether or not you will suceed or survive, even I can not forsee.” Eiliandel nodded slowly, “What must I do?” she asked as she and Galadriel walked farther into the gardens, leaving Celeborn to ensure that no-one overheard their discussion.

Palin and Elrond had finally finished their preparations for the undoubted arrival of the orcs. Rivendell was hard to attack anyway, but the elf-lords had wasted no time setting up sentries, and allowing a handful of rangers and soldiers to form a perimeter around the city. “Where is Novrion?” Elrond asked, referring to the fact the the elf, who rarely was seen without Palin, was absent. Palin nodded, “He is with Eiliandel. She was extremely upset over the news of the orcs.” Elrond nodded, Arwen would no doubt be very upset when he finished speaking with her. “I intend to send Arwen to the Grey Havens,” Elrond informed Palin, “Perhaps your daughter should accompany her.” Palin looked surprised, but then thought for a moment, “Perhaps she should go. I intend to leave soon myself, once I have finished overseeing all the occupants of the Realm to the docks at the Havens. Eiliandel has seen too much in her time here, maybe she should leave before we can no longer heal the wounds she recieves.” Palin referred to Eiliandel’s seemingly uncanny ability to attract trouble anywhere in Middle Earth.”Uuma ma’ ten’ rashwe, ta tuluva a’ lle” (Don’t look for trouble, it will come to you) Elrond said, lightly smiling as he repeated a phrase that had come to be associated with Eiliandel. Palin laughed, “If I could remember how many times I have said that very thing to her!” The two elves set off in search of their daughters.

Celeborn extended his hand to Galadriel, assisting her up the stairs, “You told her didn’t you.” he said as she reached the top step, “Do you think she will carry this out?” Galadriel sighed and held a hand over her face, “Eiliandel knows her destiny, perhaps better than all I’ve met before. She will not hesitate to meet her fate head-on, I only hope it is a meeting she survives.” Galadriel sighed again, “I am quite tired. I will retire now.” Celeborn watched in concern as she went to their rooms. Galadriel had never said that before. Not to him, not to anyone. She must have gotten too tired when she and Eiliandel had discussed what Eiliandel must do to stop the evil she’d seen. He followed her into their rooms, in his mind, he had just felt the approach of something, something so dark, it threatened even the night.

“Arwen, please sit.” Elrond indicated to his daughter to sit in one of the large chairs in the library that they’d finally found the the women in. Palin looked up at his daughter, “Eiliandel, come down off that ladder and please sit down too.” Eiliandel slid down the ladder she’d been on, looking for a book on one of the highest shelves. She looked suspiciously at her father, but did what he’d asked. “Arwen, I have decided to send you to the Havens, “Elrond started holding up a hand as Arwen opened her mouth to protest, “You will be safer there from the orc threat.” Palin looked at his daughter, “I have decided that you shall join her.” he left no room for argument, if Eiliandel had been planning one. Arwen sprung to her feet, “No! Father, I will not……..” she was cut off as Elrond over-rode her argument, “Yes, you will. Now, go, pack your things.” Arwen shook her head, “No! Please listen, I….” Elrond glared at her, “NOW!” he did not have the patience to argue with her. Arwen ran from the room. Elrond and Palin turned to Eiliandel who was still sitting serenly where she had been before. “And you, young lady, are you going to protest too?” Palin said, putting an edge in his voice. Eiliandel merely looked at them, “No, Father, I will not. I believe it is my time to leave. I feel the call of the sea.” she got up and silently left both elf-lords standing in shock. “Has she ever…….?” Elrond began asking, puzzled. “No.” Palin answered, “She has never agreed with me. Perhaps she has seen too much in this life. Maybe her leaving will persude your daughter to leave also.” Palin suggested, trying to shake suspicion from his mind.. Elrond nodded and the two left to see if the guards had anything to report.

Arwen sat with her arms crossed over her chest on her bed. She flat out refused to go. There was a delicate knock on her door. Arwen turned around refusing to acknowledge anyone. “Arwen? Open the door.” Eiliandel’s voice came through the door. Arwen sighed and let her in, after all, she was being forced to leave too. Eiliandel, who was wearing a pair of breeches and a dark tunic, shut the door and pulled around over to the balcony, “Get dressed! Fast!” she hissed. Arwen pulled a pair of breeches and a tunic on, although not really wanting to know what Eiliandel was up to, she asked, “What we doing?” Eiliandel looked at her like she was mad, “Do you think I’ll willingly go to the Havens?” she snorted as she peered over the balcony, “Not likely!” Arwen smiled as she realized what Eiliandel was up to. “How do you plan on leaving?” Arwen asked as Eiliandel began to swing herself over the edge of the railing. “The hard way, of course.” Eiliandel grinned as she began easing herself down. It was a two story drop , but Eiliandel didn’t seem to care. “Eiliandel?” Arwen asked as Eiliandel dropped off the bottom of the balcony. “What?” Eiliandel asked as she hit the ground, “Come on, Arwen!” Arwen hauled herself over the railing and dropped. The landing didn’t feel so good, but she did not complain. Swiftly both ran for the forest, hugging the shadows. Suddenly, Eiliandel stopped, dropping low as a guard walked past. “How do we get past them?” Arwen whispered so quietly that even Eiliandel’s elf ears had trouble picking up on her. “Just wait.” Eiliandel muttered as she suddenly took off again. Arwen scrambled to keep up, why did Eiliandel seem to only have two speeds? It was either dead-stop or breakneck run with her, nothing inbetween! She stopped again near the edge of the forest, “I was beginning to worry you’d never show.” Novrion stepped out of the shadows, Aragorn and Legolas following closely behind him. Eiliandel hugged him, and Arwen darted into Aragorn’s arms. Their horses were waiting for them at the edge of the woods, just behind Elrond’s defensive perimeter. “Now what?” Legolas asked Eiliandel, as they stood no chance of sneaking past the guards with their horses, “They will hear us.” Eiliandel raised a delicate eyebrow at him, and murmured something into the breeze. They watched as she neatly gathered up a large amount of air and, directing it carefully, she made bushes several metres away rustle as though something was sneaking through them. Legolas smiled, “Clever!” he congratulated her. “Talk later, run now!” Eiliandel gasped as the strain of containing the wind started to catch her, she could only direct it for so long. The elves and their mounts quickly slipped past the guards as they searched for a foe they’d never be able to find.


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