Ervinai’s Song – Two — A Mirror’s Secrets Revealed

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“Come child,” Celeborn, Lord of Lórien spoke kindly, “do not bow your head, you were placed here by Illuvitar and to Him we are equals.”

Illuvitar? I thought that was just a Middle Earthy term…hmm…maybe not. Maybe these people are from some kind of cult or something…

“You serve Him, do you not?” It was that voice again! She scanned the faces before her, relentlessly searching for the source. Galadriel, the lady, raised an eyebrow at Evelyn’s perusal then spoke, though her lips moved not, “Welcome to Lórien, Evelyn, Child of Illuvitar.”

Ah ha! It’s her! Well, I should’ve known…I mean, I’m the one who’s watched the Lord of the Rings movies…Evelyn chuckled at her own stupefied stupor. Wait, did she say “Lórien”? It couldn’t be! It couldn’t possibly be! Could it? Celeborn’s mouth moved, but Evelyn did not hear what it was he said. His apology for having to leave her company fell on deaf ears. Evelyn stood mute, her gaze fixed upon some far off point beyond the Wood where sea meets sky. Finally she whispered, “Middle Earth?” Then she saw Galadriel still stood silent before her.

When at last the Lady spoke aloud she held her hand out for Evelyn to take. Placing non-responsive fingers inside of Galadriel’s firm grasp, the Lady drew Evelyn toward the stairs. Is this a dream or reality?

The Lady answered her saying quietly, “This is not a dream, child, but reality indeed. Up until this morning there lived an elleth * in the talan you now occupy. She is there no more.” Galadriel’s steel eyes probed Evelyn sharply as she spoke, “She was my grandchild, but oh, how unhappy she was…” The Elven queen’s voice was calm and even, as if she were merely relating facts from a stranger’s life. Yet, as they descended towards the wood’s ground level Evelyn looked into the searing blue eyes beside her and saw the deep wells of age-old sorrow behind them. It hit her like a blow to the stomach. “Her parents died not more than a decade ago, ambushed by orcs and tortured. Soon after their rescue both traveled willingly to the Halls of Mandos *. `Twould not have been much longer before their daughter followed their fateful footsteps, wasted away by grief.”

“Turning aside, she led…[her] toward the southern slopes of the hill of Caras Galadhon, and passing through a high green hedge they came into an enclosed garden. No trees grew there, and it was open to the sky. The evening star had risen and was shining with white fire above the western woods. Down a long flight of steps the lady went into the deep green hollow, through which ran murmuring the silver stream that issued from the fountain on the hill. At the bottom, upon a low pedastal carved like a branching tree, stood a basin of silver, wide and shallow, and beside it stood a silver ewer.”

“With water from the stream Galadriel filled the basin to the brim, and breathed on it, and when the water was still again she spoke. `Here is the Mirror of Galadriel,’ she said. `I have brought you here so that you may look in it, if you will.'” *

Evelyn gulped back a sudden, repulsive fear and stepped onto the pedestal. Trying to ignore her clenching middle, her eyes fell from Galadriel’s expressionless face to the glassy water. Startled by a reflection unmarred by acne as it had been just twenty-four hours ago, and tiny, smooth ears curving upward into distinctive points, she gasped and felt a her heart flutter nervously. Involuntarily, she reached up a hand to feel the new peak at the top of her ear.

Yet ere as she looked, her reflection quickly faded into darkness. Twinkling stars appeared, still at first, then the stars began to swirl round and round upon the glass, making Evelyn dizzy. Just as suddenly, they stopped again and she saw the thousands of stars outlining the profile of a Shepherd and His small lamb. Giving a low gasp she leaned closer to the mirror as a whispered, “Yeshua.” * escaped from trembling lips.

“Do not touch the water.” Galadriel’s low voice cautioned.

The stars winked out and she saw her home. It was like a dream where she was observing the family, but they could not see her. Her mother was washing dishes in the kitchen, her father was reading the news, her brother rushed out the door to catch a ride with his friends, and there was a strange girl sitting behind the desk in Evelyn’s bedroom. The girl looked just like her, right down the small freckles sprinkling her nose and prettily dented lips. Yet when she peered into the other’s eyes she saw such a haunted look and such pain. Again the mirror went dark and Evelyn heard a voice coming out of the still water, crying out in pain. A trail of blood lead through the forest and an angry whip cracked. Even as she stood listening, Evelyn fancied she felt the whip’s jagged teeth sink into the flesh on her shoulders and rip mercilessly away. She saw herself, clothes in bloody tatters, kneeling at the foot of a great Warrior dressed in white. He bent to help her up with gentle hands. They were scarred. Evelyn watched the mirror go dark again, then her reflection came back into focus. Only now she saw fear and uncertainty mirrored in her expression. Running trembling hands over a white face, she stepped down from the basin, shaken.

“I have also seen these things concerning you,” Galadriel said.

“Tell me, oh Lady,” pleaded Evelyn after a long pause, “who was the girl in my house?” Her eyes met Galadriel’s and the Lady spoke, though her lips never stirred,

“Does thy heart not tell you, o fair one? That was my grandchild you saw there.”

Evelyn let out a confused whisper, “But I do not understand.”

“Then you must seek the face of Illuvitar, Evelyn, for neither do I.” Galadriel replied thickly, her voice wistful.

Runando thought at first his ears were playing tricks on him when he heard his sister sing. She hadn’t sung in years! Yet there she was, just ahead of him on the stair to their grandparent’s talan, singing in a quiet, clear voice with as much eagerness as she used to croon out her first songs over a thousand years ago. His mind still could not grasp it, he was flabbergasted and giddy at the surprise and relief he felt hearing her even hum a tune! He could have sworn it would only be a matter of years until she joined their parents in the Halls of Mandos, much as he wished to deny it.

But now…maybe this was a sign from Illuvitar, would she would heal after all? Of course, it could just be that she would go out with a bang. But, none of that now, he wouldn’t be the pessimist just yet. He wanted to relish the tiny bud of hope he felt stirring deep within his breast, not dash it with realism before giving it a chance to grow. Was that joy he heard in her voice? Maybe a hint of wonder?

He hadn’t really understood what she was saying, hadn’t paid all that much attention to the words, but with each new note that fell from her lips he felt more and more like he was on top of the world. He didn’t even hear his grandparent’s greetings when they reached the top of the stair. The whole day out patrolling with the marchwardens he’d been half in a daze, cold one moment wondering if he had but imagined her singing, then hot with conviction the next that she had really and truly sung again at long last and was not going to die. By the time he’d headed home that evening, Runando was sure that he had put far too much hope into the whole thing and it had simply been a trick of his ears. Yet, when he climbed the stairway to the talan he shared with his sister, he met her sitting out on the landing. She looked up at him in surprise, but shining out of her dark eyes was a secret merriment of which he could not fathom the reason for. It gave him such unspeakable hope so laying his hands on her silky head, in an expression of overwhelming thanks, he gave praise to Illuvitar.

Evelyn tried for the umpteenth time in the last few days to piece together the bits of wisdom revealed to her through Galadriel’s Mirror. But, as usual, she arrived at no fantastic discovery of the “whys” and “hows” of her situation. So, once again, all she could do was turn it over to the Lord, Who knew better than she. Not long after she looked into the Mirror, she discovered she understood as well as spoke Elvish. Runando looked awed and teary eyed when he came up to their talan and found her praying on the landing. He placed his hand gently on top of her head and murmered,

“Oltho vae ne fuin hen, muinthel nín.” *

To which she replied without thinking, “Elei velui, muindor.” *


“My Lady, why does Runando keep calling me `Envinyanta’?” Evelyn inquired wonderingly of Galadriel.

“His sister’s name, was Envinyanta.”

“Then I’m to be called that as well?” an anxious Evelyn asked.

“No.” Galadriel answered with a slow smile, “No, you shall receive a name of your own. You must give me time to talk it over with Celeborn.” she instructed. “Illuvitar will provide us with a name. Trust in Him, Evelyn, for `…the joy of the Lord is your strength’.” *

“Yes, milady.” Evelyn answered with a heart full of submission.

* elleth- elf-maid (Sindarin, noun)
* Halls of Mandos- The Houses of the Dead
* Fellowship of the Ring, The Mirror of Galadriel
* Yeshua: the original Hebrew proper name for Jesus of Nazareth
* Oltho vae ne fuin hen, muinthel nín- May you dream well tonight, my sister
* Elei velui, muindor- Sweet dreams, my brother
* Nehemiah 8:10 (NIV Version)

Author’s note: I’m trying to use correct Elvish, but being one who really has no experience in this area it is all I can to try my best and hope you won’t be miffed by my limited knowledge. Inputs welcome. Hope you enjoyed it!

Ps. I realized I should post my chapters closer together so they come out in a more timely manner. Sorry about the wait, folks! Thanks for reading (and commenting).


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