Erraagor Part 1

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Part One
Life is the inspiration of our imagination where we live in a world entirely our own where we can love with our hearts sing with our voices Welcome To Erraagor

One Summer Morning A Giant Vessel Arrived In The Bay…
Albert The Great had been summoned by the superiors of Erraagor. Full of strong hope and fearless he marched off the enormous vessel docked into port he strode through the pier local citizens turned and smiled at him some women shyly waved and giggled with each other a small smile shone upon his war scarred face he headed for the local pub named The Golden Dock where he was to meet with his father as he was walking he had time to think about his past he had never seen his father since the war 10yrs ago where he lost his mother after she was taken away by the smoke of the battle.
As he reached the pub he saw through the tiny window in the door his father sitting at a table drinking a pint he ran through the wooden door and hugged his father tight. “Son I can’t believe it’s you at long last! “Shouted his father as he sat down and talked together “Son there is a big reason I have returned the superiors don’t know that I’m back but there is a slight problem a city above the great lake of Arramar is at war with the mist of Arramar forest they are attacking the city daily if that city falls the mist will head for the sea port in the north “said his father albert
replied “So what do you think we should do the situation at home is worse the southerners have taken the central fort” his father threw his head in his hands and took a big drink from his glass.
Later That Night…
“Albert! Shouted a voice “Get up we have to go its invasion! “Shouted Another Voice his eyes flung open he raced out of bed and raced to the window “Lord What Have We Done” He whispered fires rose from the buildings on the street. screams echoed from the streets he sprinted towards the front door he quickly ripped the door open and it flung off the hinges the heat from the fired melted his feelings in his face his father ran passed and grabbed his hand to pull him away from the house as it collapsed inwards crushing several people a huge explosion blew them both off their feet a man landed beside him his face sliced cut axed apart but he quickly got up his father yanked him to his feet and pulled him out of the way of the collapsing tower fire rained from the sky smoke choked their throats as they both ran through the city covering their mouths from the ashes Albert dragged his father out of the massive fired city

Part Two

Betrayal Is The Weak Mans Escape Faith Is The Strong Mans Victory

Father & Son Reach Armadi City
“Son we have made it Armadi City…” said Father as they climbed a last hill they both stood and stared at the massive city shining in the morning light.
As they reached the main gate they were stopped by a golden guard who demanded to see there passes into the city albert whispered to his father “We Forgot Them Didn’t We “seconds later a blond haired man ran up towards the guard from the gates and whispered in his ear “Sorry To Keep You Waiting You Are A Expected Party From Armadi Sea Port” Muttered the guard as he moved aside the massive gates inched open until they glimpsed a bright shiny road and smartly dressed men and women even children walked by the occasional horse and car strode by as they walked through the long crowded roads albert was looking at the houses and stores until they came across a pub named The Golden Globe he peered through the glistening window glass until he came across a familiar face his close friend that he left in Sarocani he rushed in to greet him when he saw four other men sit down with him but even still he ran and grabbed him by the shoulder “goodness me chap watch where ya going” Said Francis frozen in his steps his mouth dropped at the sight of his face immediacy he jumped up and grabbed him and said “Where have you been I was at the gate waitin for you and Samus “shouted Francis laughing at the window Samus fell over onto the rock floor as he recovered from the laughter he stared up at the sky and a nervous feeling rushed through him the clouds were covering the once bright sky thunders echoed through the city shocking many men and women walking in the street albert rushed outside to investigate only to find the street black as night barely able to see the house only a seconds walk across the street lightning strikes shocked the pub sign above albert’s head screams of panicking men and women alike they ran through the small paths of the city strange screams fired from the sky’s massive black clouds fire balls crashed into the surrounding buildings as albert ran out of the of a fire ball smashing into The Golden Globe behind Samus the falling rubble fell next to Francis almost touching his face.

All three of them ran through the fired streets small children were pulled out of the way of the flames by their mothers they ran through many scorched streets sweating burnt they ran out of the fortified walls before they were hit with lightning albert jumped of the bridge as it was pulled apart by the collapsing walls “where do we go now father we have been here for half an hour and it gets burned like armadi sea port “shouted Albert Francis pulled them both away from the city gates.
“LOOK THERE AT THAT HOUSE AT THE DOOR” screamed Samus Albert turned and looked “what where come on the fires messing with your mind “replied Albert.
They turned and walked into the distance away from the scorching city…

Part Three

Many Try To Fool Others But They Are Only Fooling Themselves

“Samus where are we going now both city’s we have been in have been burned down “asked Francis he turned and stared at Samus in his eyes Samus turned and faced his friend “I have seen this before it frightens me to the bone a cloud of mystery gathers over there victims and burns them to death i was at the conquest of immpario when a large cloud covered the sun all the men and women who are darkened by its shadows shall burn here i have a book about the first encounter” he passed Francis and albert the old torn book it read
“The Great Blackness 1666A.D
At the great age of conquest our ships exhausted war broken we took refuge in the old city of Solo north of The Forbidden Mountain the sun had shone on our faces as we docked at the port our captain James.S.Phonix pushed us aside as he marched of his magnificent vessel none dared to speak as he walked beside us for we would be reasoned with months had vanished before our very eyes the wonders of the land made the captain want to stay in Solo we argued with our captain weather to stay or not a week of argument had caused 5 executions because of it weeks of silence had covered the city as the snow fell on the grounds ice froze the ship in its place at the port we had to stay…
Our experience at the sea port affected our view of the world widely there are 5 signs of the blackness approaching…
It snows for weeks on end
The sheep and other cattle escape their fields
Fires start at local villages and they get closer and closer
Elders begin to die with hideous diseases
Plants die quickly in their patches
There is one more final warning watch for…
The remainder of the pages were burned and torn albert handed the old book to his father “This book belonged to my father which he passed down to me before he passed away before you were born “slowly said Samus as he climbed over a group of boulders “Samus look it’s the Ruins Of Armadi all my life I have wanted to witness this magnificent piece of great history “albert amazingly said Francis ran towards the humongous ruin “Father wait the goblin moors are behind the ruins should we proceed “said albert Samus turned and replied “we will proceed forward towards the Wolverine Woods and onward to Roky Mountains their we will sail across The Great Lake”…

Part Four

The Truth Shall Overpower The Lies In The End

Albert followed by his father Samus and best friend Francis Speed Their Way through Goblin Moors
Albert had witnessed the goblins here before they had dead colored skin and red piercing eyes that blind you on sight long thin fingers for grabbing their victim by surprise unarmed and alone that is when their most deadly albert knew never corner a goblin it will be the last thing you ever do.
Sunset came early that first night in the moors Samus was totally awake when he started to read Beasts And What They Look Like as it read…
1. Hear a small ticking sound from their teeth
2. See small moving objects far in the distance Don’t Ignore It Don’t Run Don’t Try and Fight It Keep Quiet in the Moors and take it slowly they will draw closer but then when they are close stair one in the eye and look very angry breath deep and stamp your foot down and look scary DON’T WHAT EVER YOU DO DON’T TALK…
Finally the most important of all
3. Watch Your Back They Will Attack When You Lose Your Light They Have A Psychic Effect On Candles And Other Light…
Francis insisted that we settle down near a large bolder Samus Refused to stay “No we must pass on our lives depend on it Albert you have seen what these creatures can do they will destroy us we must hurry and reach the Wolverine Woods” Insisted Samus Albert Replied “And then we must pass through the Wolverines Lair are you plainly idiotic we have been traveling for hours we can’t keep the fight up we escaped armadi only just now you want us to pass through the most forbidden woods on this land no I’m not going there are plenty of safer routes around the woods I actually want to see my wife and children again” Samus shocked by his sons judgment of him tired as he was he plowed on through the darkened moor hills “do you think he wanted to go through the forests the remaining safe routes are full of ghosts from the forest of Arramar you have been away things have changed more than we hoped would happen the city of fog has reclaimed the Roky mountains and its people the black mirror has passed a plague to the slate village which has poisoned more than you can say” Explained Francis albert could not sleep at all that cold night he was wanting his wife beside him and his children in his arms sleeping he staired at the sky looking for the stars there were none the darkness was deepening the stars had faded away.

In the morning he woke up early to find food for them both almost an hour had passed when he turned back and headed to the camp just as he passed over the last hill me saw the camp Francis was gone the camp was empty the fire had gone out small gusts of smoke still rose from the ashes albert raced to the camp there were no signs that they had been here at all no footprints no trampled grass just the scattered ashes of the fire albert turned from the fire and looked into the distance nothing no even a tree was in sight “Francis “he called no reply he fell to the ground sighing with his head in his hands
Never he felt so alone he stood up and grabbed his bag and took one last look at the camp wishing he would just appear and comfort him then he walked off into the distance with tears sliding down his face…
To Be Continued…
In Book Two
Erraagor: The Great Temptation.

To Conclude This Slice Of My Saga Erraagor Is Set Across The Barren Sea West Of Middle Earth


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