Erquellewen – The Suprise

by May 26, 2003Stories

Erquellewen had lived in Mirkwood for 2,934 years. She had met every elf there. All exept two. For her whole life, Erquellewen had dreamed of meeting Prince Legolas and King Thranduil.

She knew that would never happen. Her family was very poor. The knights at the castle did not let anyone into the castle unless they were invited, or had orders from a king or queen from other lands. The only money her family had was all stashed away and used only for needed items.

One day, Erquellewen was strolling along, whistling a tune to herself. It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining, not a cloud in sight. Whenever Erquellewen saw another elf, she would stop walking and talk with them.

About a half hour after she started walking, a hooded elf strolled past her. The elf bumped into her.

“Sorry,” said the elf. Erquellewen had never heard that voice before. It was deep, but soft. The elf ran off before Erquellewen could remove the hood.


Erquellewen spent days thinking of the elf she had bumped into. She talked to every elf in Mirkwood, just to make sure she hadn’t heard the voice.

About five days after she discovered the voice, she went up to the knights at the castle.

“I’m here to ask King Thranduil if he is willing to send a messenger to Rivendell,” she said, trying to convince the knights to let her in.

“Go away fool,” replied one of the knights, ” You cannot trick us into letting you in. We have seen you walking on the road. You are not from Rivendell. You are just like us. A woodland elf.”

Erquellewen could not believe how stupid she had been. She didn’t realize that she walked on the same road in front of the castle every beautiful day. She walked away in disapointment.

She turned onto the road. All of a sudden, she fell down a hole. She could feel herself falling. After ten, long minutes of falling, she felt the ground beneath her. There was a long tunnel to her left. To her right was a huge mound of mud.

“Only one way to go,” she said to herself. She started walking down the tunnel.


Erquellewen felt herself raising. After a while, she bumped her head on a trap door. She opened it, and to her suprise, was right inside the castle!


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