Erquellewen – Chapter 6: East, to the Misty Mountains

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Legolas sighed as he breathed in the fresh air of Mirkwood. He new that since he was leaving, this would be one of his last chances to breath in the air. He and Erquellewen decided that they would have to go to the Misty Mountains. Nobody lived there, and Smaug had died 61 years before.

“Legolas,” Erquellewen said, “I know how you feel. I know that you don’t want to leave without saying good-bye to your Father, but you have no choice. You could possibly leave a note though. But don’t say that we’re headed to the Misty Mountains.

“I’m not like that you know,” Legolas said, “I wouldn’t do anything like that. I would just say that I have to leave. The problem is, I can’t see my Father again for a long time. At least you got to see you’re family before we left.”

“Legolas, this has nothing to do with my family. We just-“

“Be quiet!” Legolas hissed, “I can hear something.” Erquellewen could hear it to, now that they had quieted down. It didn’t sound like voices, but more like hisses. Legolas and grabbed Erquellewen’s hand and darted behing a large bush on the side of the road.

Something big and black emerged from the forest on the opposite side of the road. It was hairy, and it had eight long legs. Erquellewen knew what it was at once. She quietly drew her sword, but didn’t rush out to kill the beast.

“Quiet. Who knows what it could do,” whispered Legolas, “The Fellowship may have destroyed the One Ring, but evil still lurks in some parts of Mirkwood.”

“I could have sworn that I heard delicious, young elves out here!” hissed the creature, “Maybe I have made a mistake. I’ll just check this bush before I leave.”

At these words, Legolas drew his bow, grabbed an arrow, jumped up, and shot. It hit the giant spider in the chest. It shrieked and darted at Legolas. He ducked just in time, as the spider flew over the bush.

It jumped up and turned. Then it saw Erquellewen. Legolas shouted to her, but she couldn’t hear him. She could only hear the spider’s shrieks, as she cut of three of it’s legs. She knew this would make it hard for it to run away.

Legolas jumped behind the bush with her, shooting arrows as he landed. He had to be careful, so he wouldn’t hurt Erquellewen by mistake.

Then he heard Erquellewen scream. Had he shot her? Did the spider scratch her? As the spider struggled to dodge his arrows, he turned and saw why Erquellewen screamed. Seven more spiders scuttled out of the forest, and were coming towards them. They watched as the spider they fought died, and the others approached them.

“Ah, dinner AND dessert!” hissed one of the spiders, “I get the left arms of both!”

“I get the legs,” hissed another, “but we’ll fight over them later. Right now it is time for the kill.”

“Run, and leave me here to fight them!” Legolas shouted, “I can take them myself!”

“I won’t leave you here!” screamed Erquellewen, “I won’t let you get killed by these beasts!”

The spiders formed a circle around them. Erquellewen could feel her heart beat faster and faster. The spiders were closing in on them. Then Erquellewen had an idea.

“Legolas,” she said really fast, “You take three over there, I’ll take three over here, and we’ll share the last one!”

“Okay,” Legolas answered. It sounded as if he thought the plan wouldn’t work. He thought the last spider would help one of the groups fight. Erquellewen had high hopes though. She thought the same as Legolas, but she couldn’t give up. She hoped the last spider would advance on her. Not Legolas.


Erquellewen’s plan had worked! There was only one spider left. Legolas had put away his bow, and he had drawn his daggers. They both jumped in the air at the same time, their weapons raised above their heads. The spider had jumped too.

Legolas and Erquellewen both slashed their weapons at the spiders legs. Together, they took off all eight. As a last attack, they stabbed at the spider’s eyes. The creature fell to the ground. They had defeated it!

Legolas had a nasty gash on his arm, and Erquellewen was scratched all over. They were both breathing very hard, but they had smiles on their faces. Clouds passed above them and it started to rain. This washed most of the blood away.

“I’m happy that’s over!” Erquellewen sighed. Their clothes were stained with the black blood of the spiders. Erquellewen was glad she hadn’t left Legolas alone. He would have had more than one ingury. Legolas sighed in relief.

“Legolas, I have a confession to make,” Erquellewen said, “The only reason I didn’t leave you alone is because, well, I love you.”

Legolas looked shocked. “I don’t have anything to say! Well there is one thing. That day I bumped into you on the road, I looked into your eyes, and I knew I had to see you again. I love you too!”

Erquellewen laughed, “You looked into my eyes? I couldn’t tell. You had a hood on!”


That night, Erquellewen fell asleep with her head in Legolas’s lap. She dreamed of her marriage day, and the day she had children. She also dreamed about that same night. But it wasn’t exactly what happened. When Legolas told her to run, she did. When she returned an hour later, he was just lying there. He wasn’t breathing.

Erquellewen woke with a start. Legolas’s head was on his shoulder. The boulder they were against cast a shadow over them. This was good. It protected them from sight. Erquellewen smiled.

She got to her feet and looked around. They were on the border of the forest. She could just see the tip of the Misty Mountains. Then she heard Legolas awake.

He opened his eyes, and they filled Erquellewen with warmth. She would never forget the night before. It was her first battle, and she had won.But she also won Legolas’s heart.

Legolas got to his feet. He came over to Erquellewen. He wrapped his arms around her neck and squeezed her to his chest. “Thank you,” he said calmly, “Thank you for staying with me during the battle. I never would have run away if I knew this would happen. But now we have to go. The Misty Mountains await us.”

With that, they grabbed their sacks and took off down the road, holding hands tightly.


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