Erquellewen – Chapter 4: Escape

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Erqullewen paced around the dungeon. She was so happy that someone had trusted her, but she forgot about the King, and how she should’ve been more careful. She smacked herself in the head.

Erquellewen coudn’t pace very far. She was chained to the wall. All she wanted to do was escape. When she looked to her side, she saw that there was no possible ways to get out. Now she knew her family was really worried.

Every night, Erquellewen would dream of her family and friends. Her mother would be sitting in a rocking chair by the fire, with pale skin, and a worried expression on her face. Her annoying brother would be looking out the window. Erquellewen thought that he’d be happy that she was missing. She was suprised to see that he was really worried, like her mother. Her father wouldn’t know a thing. He was out on a journey, to Rivendell. King Thranduil had sent him to Lord Elrond, to tell him some important message. He told Erquellewen it was “Top Secret.”

Every night it was the same dream. She would imagine her father, happy about how safe his family was back in Mirkwood, as he was out, fighting horrible beasts. She could see the orcs faces, and wargs. Sometimes she could picture her father, lying on the ground. But he wasn’t breathing. He was very still. This really worried Erquellewen. Every night she prayed that he was still alive.

The dungeon door slid open. A servant with food came through. He passed Erquellewen the food. Erquellewen thanked him, but he said nothing. He looked away, then left the dungeon.

The only thing on Erquellewen saw on her plate was slop. It wasn’t like the lembas that she had tried once. It looked like orc blood. It was a dark black. Erquellewen placed it aside to save for when she was really hungry.


About three hours later, the dungeon door slid open again. It wasn’t a servant who came in, but it was King Thranduil and Prince Legolas. Erquellewen heard them arguing. She pretended to sleep.

“Father,” said Legolas, “Father, we can trust her. She’s not a criminal. She would’ve killed me when we bumped into each other in the hall if she was. But she didn’t.”

“Did you run quickly?” asked the King.

“Well, I did speak for about, a second. Then I took off,” answered Legolas.

“Well,” replied the King, “she probably didn’t have enough time to take out her sword. Just promise you won’t leave this castle until she is killed. Either that, or I’ll have your head!”

The King left in an outrage. Legolas stayed behind though. He looked around the dungeon and spotted Erquellewen’s cell. He sprintted towards it.

“You can stop pretending now,” he whispered, “I know you’re not really asleep. You heard my Father and I, didn’t you?”

“Yes, I did. How did you know I wasn’t asleep. And why doesn’t your Father listen to you? Will you help me escape?”

“I’m afraid we’ll both have to escape from this castle. The problem is, guards walk through the castle day and night,” replied the Prince.

“I can find us a way out. Will you PLEASE let me out?!” exclaimed Erquellewen.

“First of all, answer this question for me. Ho did you get into the castle without the guards noticing you? Had anyone spotted you before you walked into the Breakfast Room?”

“Yes, one of the servants spotted me. I escaped narrowly,” Erquellewen answered, “And I’ll show you how I got into the castle. That’s where we will escape. Has anyone found a secret passage in the room on the left of the staircase that leads to the basement?”

“No,” replied Legolas, “no one.Why? Is there one there?”

“Yes,” said Erquellewen, “That’s where I got in. There’s a secret tunnel that leads to the road about five minutes from the castle gates. Do you think the guards would spot us there?”

“We’ll have to wait and see,” answered Legolas, “But right now, I have to help you get out of your chains. I can see the keys over there.” Legolas ran off and got the keys. He unlocked the door, unlocked Erquellewen’s chains, and at last, Erquellewen was free!


Erquellewen grabbed Legolas’s hand. She felt the warmth in his skin. Then she ran off, but snuck quietly. Legolas gripped onto her tightly.

“Don’t worry,” he said, “You’ll be safe with me.”

Erquellewen felt her heart beating. She knew that she’d be safe. She felt the love in her heart. She had known him for only fifteen minutes, and she had great feelings for him.


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