Erquellewen – Chapter 31 ~ A Preparation for Battle

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Japool smiled greedily, a servant pulling his armour on. The small, weak servant was not a Spider, but a Human. Shaking with fear, the Human servant dropped the siler brest plate, and it clattered to the ground.

Japool’s smile faded, as he realized that there was a large scratch running across the shining metal.

“Pick it up,” he said menacingly, pointing at the armour with his skinny, black claw.

The Human bent over, his spine tingling as Japool’s evil gaze followed his every move.

As the servant finished placing all the equipment pieces into their proper places, Japool smiled once again.

“Oh, servant,” he said, the fake smile growing wider, “I have a little… present for you…” The servant stopped, a small smile on his dirty, round face. Japool rose his claw, the poison barb raised high above the small servants head.

The Human closed his eyes, his happy grin turning into a frown. Japool brought the sharp tip down, already starting to squirt the green, foul smelling liquid out.

In seconds, the man was on the ground, his fingers twitching violently. Green ooze was dripping out of his nose and purple, cold lips.

Japool happily walked out of his bedchamber, as if nothing has happened.


“So we have to prepare. This Spider has a great malice inside of him,” Gandalf was explaining to his companions. “He can wage a war at any moment. So be prepared. Have your weapons at the ready at all times.”

Everyone nodded, Legolas’ hand on his bow. Aragorn’s brow creased. Gimil got his ax out. And the four Hobbit’s started searching for stones.

“Where is Erquellewen, Lief, and Mithwethiel?” Gimili asked.

“They are over there,” Legolas said, pointing to a large boulder where the three friends were chattering.

“LIEF!” Gandalf said loudly. Lief turned his head, a smile on his face. “BRING THE GIRLS OVER HERE!” Lief nodded and tapped the chattering girl on the shoulder.

“Yes?” Lief asked, a few seconds later. “You wanted something, right?”

Gandalf nodded. “First of all, Japool could be attacking at any moment, so please be alert. And second, has Kree come back yet?”

“I’m afraid not,” Lief said, a look of shock on his face. “He’s usually back by now!” And as Lief said those words, a black object came flying from the sky, a trail of blood falling with it.

“Is that…?” Mithwethiel began.

“Yes, it is,” Lief said. “Kree is somehow injured…” He pulled the small blackbirds talon up lightly. “Oh, he must have gotten caught on this thorn…” Lief pulled a small, red and brown thorn out of the birds foot.

“Poor little birdy,” Erquellewen said, a frown spreading over her face.

“We’re lucky that was the only thing that happened to this bird,” Gandalf said. “It could be worse. That thorn could be poison…”

“PLEASE, TELL ME IT’S NOT!” Lief screamed. “This bird has been with me for life! I couldn’t lose him now! Not before the war. We need him! You never know, he could end up saving our lives!”

“I understand,” Gandalf said, trying to calm Lief. “Let me see the thorn…” He took the thorn from the boys hand, and inspected it carefully, trying to see through the red, sticky blood.

“You’re bird will be okay,” he said, after a five minute inspection. “There is no trace of poison in this evil plant.”

Lief sighed, relief in his eyes. “This bird has saved my life more than once. It’s a good thing he hasn’t died.”

“You have a good friend, then,” Gandalf said, smiling.


“Ready, My Lord?” a Spider asked Japool a few moments later.

“Very,” Japool said, laughing menacingly. “Let’s go to this war…”


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