Erquellewen – Chapter 3- The Hooded Elf

by Jun 4, 2003Stories

Erquellewen had spent three full days hiding from everyone in the castle. She was glad she hadn’t been caught yet, but she was worried about her family. She knew everyone was wondering where she was.

It was Tuesday night when everyone in the castle started searching for her. And now it was Thursday night. She could picture her family in the dark, searching high and low.

Erquellewen spotted a paper on the ground in front of her. She picked it up, and it had about two paragraphs on it. What she read made her even more worried:

“We have spotted her. She was on the second floor corridor. She looked like a begger. Probably a disguise. She’s probably as rich as chocolate. She had a knife with her.
But we didn’t have any time to catch up with her. She looked like she was on her way to the Prince’s room. We’ll send somebody up to look for her. It’ll probably be to late though. She probably already killed the Prince.”

Now Erquellewen figured that she would get caught soon. So she was even more careful of where she stepped, and where she slept.


About an our later, Erquellewen heard loud footsteps. She backed around the corner and leaned against the wall. She watched as she saw the King storming out of his room.


“Lord,” said a servant, “we’ll start searching outside, if you’d like us to.”


Then the king told the servant to gather half of the servants, and start searching for Erquellewen outside. This made Erquellewen even more worried. She must have dropped that note, just like the other elf who dropped it before her. Someone must have found it, and taken it to the King.

This didn’t suprise Erquellewen though. She was always dropping things back at home. One time she had to take an important glass item to her mother, and she dropped it, and watched it shatter.

She made sure the coast was clear, and broke into a run.
No one had seen her yet. She knew why, too. Every elf can walk around, without making a sound. That’s why her little brother was always scaring her.

Erquellewen figured that she’d never get caught, so she found a statue, and fell asleep behind it.


That night, while Erquellewen was asleep, the Prince came back to the castle. He snuck out of the castle that afternoon, for a walk. Once he was inside, he removed his hood. He went up a flight of stairs, and quietly went into his room. He lay on his bed, and fell asleep.

Suddenly, he woke up. He remembered seeing something in a shadow behind a statue. All of the servants slept in two large rooms, so it wasn’t a servant.

The Prince got out of bed, and sprinted down to the statue. There, in the shadows, was the elf he had bumped into on Tuesday. He picked her up, sprinted back up the stairs, and set her down in his bed.


The next morning, Erquellewen woke up in the bed, and had no clue as to where she was. She saw a gray cloak on a coat hanger. The cloak looked like the one that the hooded elf wore. She figured a lot of elves had a cloak like that, so she ignored the cloak, and hurried out the door.

A couple servants walked by, so she had to hide her face. The servants looked at her, and then started talking about Prince Legolas, and how he strangely came back to the castle.

“Some knights saw him roaming around in the castle last night,” Erquellewen heard, “They didn’t bother going up to them. They said they saw him holding a limp bod, but they couldn’t see very well in all the dark. They’re not elves. They’re just plain humans. They can’t see in the dark.

“Oh no!” thought Erquellewen, “That limp body must have been me. Now they probably think that I tricked the Prince into loving me!”

Then Erquellewen remembered that she had bumped into a hooded elf on Tuesday, then she bumped into somebody in the hall. Just now, she saw the same kind of cloak that the hooded elf wore. And now she heard that Legolas was carrying her to his room.

“I always was a deep sleeper,” Erquellewen thought,”No wonder I couldn’t feel him carrying me. It’s a good thing he didn’t take me to the dungeons. Maybe he knows that I wouldn’t try to kill him.”

Erquellewen had solved the riddle. She knew who the hooded elf was. The hooded elf was-


“Legolas,” said King Thranduil, “where were you last night? We were all worried. You had us scared half to death. You could have been killed by that elf we are looking for.”

“Father,” answered Legolas, ” for the hundreth time, I was exploring the castle a little more. I found some knew passages. And I know that the elf would not hurt us. I bumped into her out-“


“But Father, I-“


“Yes Father. It’s just that, I get bored in the castle all the time. I bumped into the girl, and she had a knife, but she didn’t try to kill me. I ran off just to make sure. I found her last night, sleeping behind a statue. So I picked her up, and carried her up the stairs into my room. I put her into my bed and fell asleep next to her. I’m not dead, am I?”

“Well, you do have a point. But it was probably because she was aleep.”

“When she bumped into me on the road, it was about eight in the morning. I came down here at eleven. Every elf in Middle-earth wakes up at the same time every day. She might have tried to kill me, but she was still sound asleep. She was probably up till two last night. No wonder she was still asleep. She was beautiful.”


Erquellewen turned into the breakfast room. Little did she know, everyone was there. When she banged the doors open everyone looked at her. Then the King spoke:

“After her.” And before she knew it, Erquellewen was taken to the dungeon, and thrown in a cellar.

P.S. sorry everyone. I acctually got Erquellewen from TheOne But it DOES mean Lee Ann.


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