Erquellewen – Chapter 25- Saruman’s Secret

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Erquellwen squeezed Legolas’ hand. They were sneaking towards the voices they had heard a few moments earlier. The companions had split up in small groups. Gimili tralied behind Legolas and Erquellewen. Merry and Pippin snuck into Saruman’s pack to look for food. They were supposed to be looking for any trace of a betrayer. Frodo and Sam were doing Merry and Pippin’s job, investigating the area that Saruman and his crew had slept in. Mithwethiel and Lief were guarding one side of the camp while Gandalf and Aragorn guarded the other.

As Legolas, Gimili, and Erquellewen snuck forward, they could see a light ahead of them. Legolas told Gimili and Erquellewen to stay where they were, and he would sneak forward to investigate.

“Why should you go?” Erquellewen protesed. Gimili nodded in agreement.

“Because,” Legolas responded. “I’m the quietest. Gimili, you’re… a dwarf. And Erquellewen, whenever you walk, you tend to look at the ground. You never watch where you’re going. You could bump into whoever is out there.”

Erquellewen put her hands on her hips and pouted. “How would you know that?”

“When we bumped into each other on the road that one day a long time ago, you were singing and looking at the ground. That’s how we met. Remember?”

“Well what were you doing? You must’ve been looking at the ground too,” she said.

“Somebody was following me. I could feel it,” Legolas answered. “I was looking around for the spy.”

“Oh,” Erquellewen said. “I didn’t know, so don’t blame me.” Legolas and Gimili snickered.


Back at camp, Pippin and Merry had found something interesting in Saruman’s pack. It was some sort of liquid. They brought it over to Gandalf. He took it from them and looked it over carefully. Then his eyebrows raised and his eyes got wide.

“It looks like we have a traitor among us,” he said, looking around at everyone. “This is poison.” Mithwethiel and Lief looked at each other.

“We thought that we could’ve trusted Saruman,” Mithwethiel said.

“We?” Lief asked. “I’m the one that told you we couldn’t trust him until we found proof.”

“Are you sure that’s poison?” Mithwethiel asked, ignoring Lief’s remark.

“Positive,” Gandalf said. Aragorn grabbed the poison, and looked it over longer than Gandalf.

“He’s right.” Aragorn said. Mithwethiel held Lief’s hand, squeezing it as hard as she could.

“Who do you think he was going to use it on?” she asked.

“Erquellewen,” everyone replied, at the same time.

“She’s in danger!” Gandalf said.


P.S… Sorry this chapter took so long to come out. I’ve been busy with school.


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